2017 Score Posting Season

As the score posting season begins for many of you, we want to take a moment to assure you the USGA understands the importance of providing a reliable service to your golf clubs and golfers alike. Throughout the off season (for most of you) we have continued our regular maintenance schedule as best practices dictates.

We do recognize there are some constraints within our current technologies and find it necessary to take action to prevent the core of our services from being impacted. The procedure to place GHP Golfer (kiosk) into offline mode will continue this year. For the remainder of 2017 if necessary, GHP Golfer (kiosk) will be placed offline (cache) which means members will still be able to post scores at their home course and the scores will be held until the evening when we put the service back online. Any guests attempting to post a score at the club will be directed to post via the GHIN mobile app or GHIN.com. Should other actions become necessary, we will communicate that out to the SRGAs.

The message a member will receive when posting in offline mode is:

Your score has been saved.

The GHIN score posting kiosk is now in offline mode. During this time, member scores can still be posted, and will transmit to the GHIN server tonight.

We thank you for your understanding as we focus our efforts on updating and improving our technology services. A similar message has already been shared with the Executive Director’s at your associations.

If you have any questions, please contact Fran Nee fnee@usga.org or 908.326.1837.

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