USGA Tournament Management Resource Material

As a follow up to the GHIN Users’ Meeting and subsequent training sessions, we have posted some information on the USGA Info Portal relating to the USGA Tournament Management program. You can find these documents at and selecting the menu item USGA Tournament Management on the left hand column within the GHIN tab.

Beyond the original FAQ sheet we provided with the announcement of USGA Tournament Management back in August, we have compiled a new list of FAQs which came out of the GHIN Users’ meeting. Please take a moment to review the information found HERE.

Available documents on the Info Portal:

  • FAQ Set 2
  • Quick Start Guide
  • USGA Tournament Management logo
  • 2016 GHIN Users’ Meeting binder

We have further broken down the GUM binder into separate documents to be able to easily digest this information section by section. These sections include:

  • Coverage Map and Contact List
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Fundamentals and Terminology
  • List of Guides
  • Product Matrix
  • Spotlight on Common Club Tournament Formats
  • SRGA Support Guide
  • Technical Requirements
  • USGA Tournament Management
  • USGA Tournament Management PREMIUM

We will continue to add material and information which will inform, enable and support the SRGAs as they adopt USGA TM for their own use and roll out to their member clubs.

If you have any questions, please contact Support at or (800) 940-8535 x1.

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