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USGA TM Association Features Released

As many of you saw this morning, key player profile, event registration, season points and team matches features were released this morning to your USGA Tournament Management Association sites.

While we recognize this does not included all of the needed functionality, we do believe this is a great step forward to prepare for the complete transition from TPP Association to USGA TM Association.

We strongly encourage you to begin reviewing and testing these features and provide feedback to your account managers if the features are not operating as expected.

To better assist you with validating and using the new features, a test environment is now available for your use. Any staff members with a login account on the production site will be able to log in to the test site,, with the same credentials.

Your association test club on GHP has been loaded with various golfers to aid in your testing and evaluation process. The golfers are a mix of men, women, juniors, low Handicap Index, higher Handicap Index and seniors. These golfers can be used to simulate the golfer experience when creating a profile and registering for an event.

A few items of note on the test site:

The following information can be used to simulate the credit card process.

  • Set up the following AFS credentials on your Test Account:
    • API Key       3fbD6U9732T9kqUWg2rM4QFJ8WuBF76T
    • Username   GolfGeniusTEST
    • Password    ggsusga1
  • Test Credit Card information to process transactions:
    • Visa                           4111111111111111
    • MasterCard             5431111111111111
    • Discover                   6011601160116611
    • American Express  341111111111111
    • Expiration Date      Any Future Date
    • CVV                           Any 3 Numbers (4 Digits for American Express)
    • Billing Address       Any Address
  • All email settings have been disabled.
  • Score posting has been disabled
  • The test environment will be accessible until January 12, 2018.

The test environment is a copy of your production site from the mid-November time frame. Any activities done in the test site do not impact your production association site.

For detailed information on the features released today, please refer to the product email release sent this morning or log into USGA Tournament Management,, and view the release notes.

Over the next 8 weeks, additional features and functionality will be released to the USGA TM Association site. Be on the lookout for the following releases:

  • January – Text messaging
  • February – Multi-Event Registration, Membership Programs, Donations, Invitation Lists and Team Match Playoffs

We are excited to have you start implementing these features as we continue the process to phase out TPP.

If you have any questions, please contact your account managers or the GHIN support team.


Weekend Support Contact Information

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