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UPDATE 5/26/16: TPP Association Points Widgets and Reports

The report and widget generation tools in all TPP Association sites have been fixed and are now operating as expected. At your convenience, please log into your TPP Points site and verify the information and check your website to verify the widget is displaying properly.

If you did not remove the widgets from your website there is nothing further that needs to be done. If you removed the widgets while the error was occurring, you will need to rebuild the widgets for your website.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or


Mobile App – Scoring Filters Released

GHIN has reactivated the two scoring filters: “Scores – Past 12 Months” and “Scores – 2016” which can be found by selecting Stats on the home page of the mobile app and choosing the desired filter.

The USGA will continue to monitor all processes to ensure the integrity of the core GHIN system. If we find and confirm that the mobile app is impacting core GHIN functionality, the first remediation will be to turn these two scoring filters off. This action would NOT have any impact on any other mobile app functionality.

We ask that you not promote the release of the filters to your membership until early next week so that we may carefully monitor GHIN this weekend.

The release of the scoring filters does not require any type of update or download of the mobile app. The normal refresh of data will include the scoring filters.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Support at (800) 940-8535 x 1 or

TPP Association Points Widget and Reports

The reports and widget generation tools in your TPP Association sites are currently not functioning properly. The team is aware of the issue and working towards a resolution.

If you are currently using the widget on your website the user will see a server error. We would ask your assistance in disabling the widgets from your individual websites (i.e., comment out the code, remove the link) while this is being worked on.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will report back when this has been resolved.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or

GHP Golfer and Dymo Labels

With the most recent update to the Firefox browser, version 46.0.1, released on May 3, 2016 it appears the paper size selection of the label gets reset to the default. When this happens the Dymo label will print out a blank label.

In order to print the handicap label properly, the GHPOnlineGolferLabel will need to be reselected as the paper size. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to Devices and Printers in the Control Panel
  • Find the Dymo Label Writer Printer and right click on it
  • Click on Printer Properties>Advanced (tab at top)>Printing Defaults (bottom left)>Advanced
  • Set Paper Size to GHPOnlineGolferLabel and click Ok
  • Go back to the Dymo Label Writer Printer and right click on it
  • Click on Printing Preferences>Advanced
  • Set Paper Size to GHPOnlineGolferLabel and click Ok

Please click HERE for a visual guide to make these changes.

Note: If you have suppressed the print dialogue box you MUST release that first before doing the steps above. After resetting the paper size selection you can then suppress the dialogue box again.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or

GHIN Mobile App Association Console Update

With the release of the GHIN Mobile app this morning, there was also an update to the association console page. Please delete the old link ( and replace it with the following URL,

Please keep in mind, if any of your member clubs have chosen to customize the club features and you have provided access to the console, you will want to share this new URL with them.

Your existing user name and password should allow you to access the new site.

If you have any questions, please contact GHIN support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or


Mobile App Released 5/5/16

The GHIN Mobile app has been successfully deployed to the Apple and Android stores and is now ready for updating or downloading by your members.

The app version that golfers should be using are v2.2.7 for Android and v2.2.3 for Apple.  If the golfer is performing a simple update they will not lose any stored partners or favorite course data. However, if the golfer performs and uninstall and then reinstall of the app they will need to select any favorite courses and/or add partners.

Messaging on has been updated to alert golfers of GHIN Mobile availability.

For those of you who have contacted us regarding the use of the template for sending out an eNewsletter blast on the mobile app, please send an email to letting us know what TIME you want the newsletter to be sent and the name of the template (if this has been changed).

If you would like to request the template be sent to your membership, please email We can send the basic template (with your association name added) or you may create your own message for distribution. If you have created your own message, please list the name of the template in your request.

The USGA will continue to monitor all processes to ensure integrity of the core GHIN system.

Again, we thank you for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience the outage of the mobile app has caused.

As always, if you have questions or need assistance, please contact Support at (800) 940-8535 x 1 or

GHIN Services Update 5/3/16

As you saw in our post last week, the team has been diligently working to get the GHIN Mobile app back up and running. We recognize that the outage has been a significant inconvenience and has taken up considerable staffing and time resources during a particularly busy time of year.

The technical steps being taken to restore service to the GHIN Mobile app includes a release to our data services first. This will occur tonight (Tuesday, May 3) at 10:00 pm ET lasting approximately 15 minutes. Our data services are used by all GHIN products and third-party vendors (VASPs) to add, modify and retrieve data from GHIN. There may be brief and intermittent disruption to these services during this time.

It is important for us to release the data services change, monitor the system for 24 hours, as we do with all of our releases, and then release the app. With that in mind, we are targeting release of GHIN Mobile for Thursday morning, May 5.

In preparation for the app going live, we have put together some basic messaging that can be used to send to your membership via the eNewsletter program. If you would like to send the message out to your golfers when appropriate, please send the request to If you would like to customize the message for your membership, we can load the template, seen in the example below, into your folder for editing. As you’ll see in the template, when the mobile app is released the scores filter within stats no longer has the option for “Scores – Past 12 Months” and “Scores – 2016”. We made this change to minimize the burden on the core GHIN system.

Mobile App Restored 2016

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Support at or (800) 940-8535 x1.