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2016 USGA Handicap System Changes

As you are aware, the USGA Handicap System has made a few changes which will go into effect on January 1, 2016. In order to comply with the changes which relate to Internet score type and Modified Handicap Index, GHIN will be making the following updates to its products.

Internet Score Type

The definition of a score type has been amended by removing Internet (I) designation as internet score posting is a means of posting and not a type.

To comply with this, all scores posted through the internet (mobile app,, GHIN widgets, eGolfer) in a golfers scoring record (including previously posted scores) currently identified by scores type I, AI, TI and CI will be changed to display as H, A, T or C only.

The display will change on GHP Association, GHP Club, GHP Golfer,, mobile app, GHIN widgets, eGolfer and any VASP retrieving score data.

The display change will be moved into production tomorrow 12/17/15. A notification will be sent once this is completed.

On GHP Client, any scores previously posted as Internet (I, AI, TI, CI) and are a part of the scoring record on client, will remain unchanged and display as an I score type. Any new scores posted via the internet and routed to the client will not have an internet (I) designation. If the client club performs a new database download, all previously posted I score types will display as H, A, T or C.

The change to client will be moved into production at a later date. A notification will be sent once this is completed.

Since reporting is a tool used for informational purposes, we have left some ability in place to allow club and SRGA officials to search for and sort scores posted via the internet. This includes both Web Reports and Data on Demand.

Modified Handicap Index

Decision 8-4c/1 Treatment of Player with Temporary Disability – allows the modified Handicap Index to be used outside the player’s home club (i.e., no longer a local handicap).

Decision 8-4c/2, Treatment of Player with Permanent Disability – A player with fewer than 5 scores in their scoring record may be issued a Modified Handicap Index.

Follow the instructions on issuing a Modified Index in the GHP Club Quick Start Guide found on the Info Portal.

If you have any questions please contact GHIN support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or