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GHIN Mobile App Video’s – Now on YouTube

Quite a few associations reported having issues viewing the GHIN Mobile App Videos within the InfoPortal.  We have created a sub-channel on the USGA YouTube site to make viewing these videos much easier.

This sub-channel is not public, so you will need to use the link below to access.  There are 4 videos in this sub-channel.

One additional video is available on DropBox.  Here is the link to view that video.

If you have any questions please contact GHIN support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or

Club Lists & Updated Pricing: GHIN Mobile App

Based upon feedback regarding the adoption of the Club Functionality option in the GHIN App, we have decoupled the association club list from the new Club Functionality.

We are happy to announce that association club lists may now be uploaded to the GHIN Mobile App without any charge. Please send your association club list to GHIN Services (, using the following format as outlined in the GHIN Mobile App Association User Guide.

Club List Requirements (File Type: Excel xlsx only)

As a reminder, once club data has been populated the association can edit the information below for a specific club or a club can be removed from the list. However, if a club newly joins the association an entire new club list (with edits) must be supplied to GHIN for uploading. A header row with the field name is required but if no data is available you may leave the column empty.


  • Club Name
  • GHIN Association ID (no leading zeros)
  • GHIN Club ID (no leading zeros)
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip


  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website URL

Click Here for Example Format

Updated Fees

Additionally, the club functionality fees have been restructured so that there is not such a high annual minimum charge.

  1. Annual Association charge: $0 (former $1,500)
  2. Per club set-up/on-boarding fee – $250
  3. Annual per active club charge: $150  (Note: Does not apply in initial year.)

If you have any questions, please contact GHIN Services or (800) 940-8535 x2.