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TPP Viewer – Enhancement Release IV

Good Evening,
Tonight GHIN successfully deployed to production our fourth and final iteration of the TPP Viewer application for both SRGA and Club usage. This release builds off our existing match play support by adding the ability for the Viewer to display results for multiple flights of match play. (This includes both individual and team match play.)
If an event is setup with multiple flights each running match play the user has the ability on the configuration page (step 2) to choose a Flight Display Mode:

  1. Show Single Flight – this defaults to what the user has defined as the “match group” in the scoring website setup via the Administration module.
  2. Show All Flights – this will disregard the “match group” setting and instead display the results for all match groups that have been created.

Other highlights include – theme enhancements:

  1. Added new match play themes that mimic the original “white theme” for stroke play
  2. New display for identifying winners of matches – added a check-mark next to a match winner’s name so the end user can easily see who won a given match.

Issues Addressed:
The issue regarding the ability to select both stroke and match play when running a stroke to match play event has been addressed.

Lastly, as resources are now being allocated to work on the next generation of products/services for you and your member clubs, the TPP Viewer product will be placed into maintenance mode.
If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact myself or our GHIN support group at

Thank you for your support.