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GHP Development Release 9/26/14

9/26/14 8:45 pm

The updates outlined below were successfully released into production.


This evening GHIN will be releasing two updates to GHP Association and Club. The first piece will fix the filtering and golfer displays in Print Groups. When managing print groups and selecting filtering options (service, gender, active, inactive) the proper data was not presented to the club administrator.

The second piece will resolve the issue of GHP Settings not holding the required fields when adding or updating member information in GHP Association or Club. If the club is marked as GHP Golfer, in its GHP Settings under Required Fields, the association and or club can check the fields that must be entered by a club official when adding a new member or updating a current member’s golfer information. This feature mimics the capabilities in GHP Client.

GHP Settings

GHIN will notify you once the changes have been moved out to production.

If you have any questions about these changes please contact GHIN tech support, (800) 940-8535 x1 or

2014 GHIN Association Member Club Survey

The 2014 GHIN Association Member Club Survey will be posted online starting Friday, September 26 and run through Wednesday, October 15. A link to the survey will be available on GHP Club for any club official logging into the site. The survey will be conducted online and will take approximately 5-10 minutes to answer all questions, including comments.

Please Note: Postcards were NOT mailed out to clubs this year.

We ask your assistance in forwarding this information on to the appropriate officials at your golf clubs through your website or email blast. This survey enables your golf clubs to voice their opinions, ideas, and concerns not only about GHIN products but on your association service to them as well. Your clubs responses will be used to determine the GHIN Service Awards for 2014.

2014 Club Survey Image

Club officials will be directed to the link, to complete their responses. The survey will be open until Wednesday, October 15, 2014. You can view the survey questions here, 2014 Member Club Survey.

For those associations that do not have email blast capabilities, GHIN has created a news template which can be used to email club officials regarding the survey. Your association would simply have to supply an email address file of recipients. If you would like to send an email out to club officials, please contact Fran Nee for further details,  You may also find the template on the InfoPortal if you would like to use it to send an email on your own (GHIN–>General Information–>”Annual GHIN Club Survey Blog – 2014”).

Your association will be provided the results of the survey so you can assess your clubs wants and needs for future planning.

Together we can continue to provide the best service and GHIN products to your member clubs.

If you have any questions please contact Fran at (908) 326-1837 or

GHIN Development: eClubhouse/eGolfer “Manage Membership Periods & Levels” Release (9-19-2014)


Update to original post:

The deployment was a success!

The Association & Club User Guides have been posted to the USGA InfoPortal in the “Documents–>eGolfer/eClubhouse” folder.


On Friday morning, September 19th, 2014 at (1:00 a.m ET), GHIN will be deploying an important update to  “Manage Membership Periods and Levels” into production for eClubhouse/eGolfer.

As a result,, eClubhouse and eGolfer will be down for approximately 1 hour.  This will also impact widgets on association sites for Score Posting and Handicap Lookup.  We will post a message on during the downtime.

This release will provide users with a simpler, WAY more user-friendly interface that replaces the existing “Manage Membership Types” page. The new page will now be called “Manage Membership Periods & Levels”.  It will also simplify the renewal process from the “Manage Members” page.

Existing membership Seasons, Types, Levels and Fees have been converted into the new architecture/format.  Please make sure that your clubs have created a 2015 Membership Period in preparation for next years renewals.

In this release:

  • Manage Membership Periods & Levels Page (see image below)
    • Cleaner, user-friendly interface
    • Club admin can easily see and compare Membership Periods, Levels and Fees on one page
    • Membership Period Start and End dates only have to be entered 1 time – not on each level
    • “Registration Begins” field allows the admin to select from a drop-down list to determine how many days before the Membership Period start date golfers may begin to register for the next membership period. The options are “On Membership Start Date”, “15 Days Prior to Start Date”, “30 Days Prior to Start Date”, “60 Days Prior to Start Date” or “90 Days Prior to Start Date”.
      • Based on the selection, the date golfers may begin to register/renew is displayed below the Registration Begin selection box in red.
    • Club admin can copy a Previous Membership Period or build a new one from scratch
      • When copying, membership Levels are automatically related to each other and bring over the Level name and pricing for renewal purposes. 


  • Manage Members Page (see image below)
    • The “Membership Type (Click to Renew)” column has been split into two columns
      • Current Membership
        • Current Membership will display the current Period/Level the golfer is registered for.
        • Current Membership will be blank for non-eGolfers (Active Members who have not created an eGolfer profile) or an eGolfer that has not registered yet through eClubhouse.
      • Renewal Membership
        • Renewal Membership will display “Renew” for any eGolfer that has not renewed yet.
        • Renewal Membership will be blank once the golfer has renewed.




GHIN Users’ Meeting Update

As we announced in July, the 2014 GHIN Users’ Meeting will be held at the Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda following the IAGA conference. The opening session will take place on Thursday, November 6 and the meeting will conclude with our luncheon on Saturday, November 8.  For those arriving early, on Thursday afternoon we will conduct an overview session on GHIN and how its services support your golf association.

Again this year, Executive Director’s will be invited to attend a session on Thursday, November 6 in the morning. While the complete program has not been finalized we want to give you an idea on what the sessions will entail as it will be quite different from year’s past.

This is an exciting time at GHIN with the opportunity to replatform our products and capabilities working with our partners at Deloitte. With this in mind, half of the sessions on Friday and Saturday will allow a chance for you to validate functional requirements for GHIN products, and offer your insight and ideation on what is needed at the SRGA level for the future state landscape of GHIN. Deloitte will be moderating various sessions on specific topics which we will look for your endorsement on the material provided as well as your input on missing considerations.

Concurrently to the replatforming sessions, we will be conducting breakout classes including the following topics:

  • TPP Association
  • TPP Club
  • GHP Association
  • GHP Club
  • eRevision/eNewsletter

We are reaching out to SRGA staff now to ask for their involvement with conducting these sessions.

Some of you have already been or will be involved shortly in discussions with Deloitte on the replatforming. It is vital that we have as many representatives as possible at this year’s meeting so all can contribute. We strongly encourage your association to send a representative to this important meeting.

Reminders for the meeting:

  • Passports are required to travel to Bermuda
  • To receive complimentary WI-FI/Internet and Fitness Center privileges, you must enroll in the Fairmont President’s Club prior to arrival using the following website,

For details on lodging please review the previous blog post. Rooms can be booked online with the block code USGA1114 or by calling (800) 441-1414 and request the USGA GHIN Users’ Meeting block. Reminder: the reservation due date is October 5, 2014.

Registration for attendance will be posted on the blog in the next few weeks.

If you have any specific questions in the meantime please contact Fran Nee at or (908) 326-1837.

We hope to see many of you in November!


GHIN Development Report – September 9, 2014

The monthly GHIN Development Report provides a summary of recent activities which focuses on current projects, recaps development and provides information on resolution/prevention and “behind the scenes” initiatives.

Released in Last Week 

TPP Association Golfer

  • Address issue of golfers registering online for multiple events in one session
  • nLog implementation – additional monitoring tool for association sites

GHIN Mobile App (Released to iTunes 8/29)

  • Allow user to select a timeframe for recent scores on Scores-Recent page
  • Minor modifications to “Homepage” items
  • Reorganize “Drawer” items
  • Increase number of Partners
  • Graph rework – Flipping between Graphs and Scores List

Under Development – Near Release


  • Various bug fixes

eNewsletter Escalation issue

  • Course Handicap not displaying properly

 GHP Data Services

  • RetrieveSetInfo web method (GHP Golfer enhancement)

 GHP Web Reports

  • HI/CH Report – Add Player Default Tee field


  • Membership Management
  • Auto-renewals

 TPP Club Admin

  • Redo Add/Remove from Club List
  • Various bug fixes

 SQL Source Control

Under Development – Future Release

Custom Report Designer (PHASE I)

  • Database work to handle new searching and UI enhancements  (TPP Reports)
  • TPP Club menu/search feature UI enhancements

 GHP Dataservices

  • Faster method to replace FindGolferNameState in Add Player and Add Team for TPP Club

Future Development

GHP Online

  • High priority bug fixes

 Custom Report Designer (PHASE II)

  • TPP Club: Release of Report Designer application
  • TPP Club: Database work needed on current ReportTableViews
    • Optimize for performance
    • Add additional fields for new functionality

 TPP Club Admin

  • BootStrap re-facing
  • Module by module UI/UX re-working

 TPP OnCourse

  • Club Scoring enhancements

 TPP Clubhouse Viewer

  • Redesign for usability and performance

 TPP OnCourse – Pace of Play

  • Starter interface
  • Administrator Interface

 TPP Association UAT Sites for Regression Testing

  • Clubhouse
  • Club Official
  • Points
  • ResultsXML
  • Team Club Play

TPP Club Database Performance Enhancements

  • Continue monitoring and apply performance enhancements if indicated
  • No locks implementation

Widgets Performance Improvements


GHIN Development: eClubhouse/eGolfer Bug Fix Release 9-4-2014


The bug fix release was successfully pushed to the production environment in the early morning of 9/5/14. If you have any questions, please contact GHIN tech support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or


On Thursday morning, September 4th, 2014 at (1:00 a.m ET), GHIN will be deploying a bug fix release into production for eClubhouse/eGolfer.  As a result,, eClubhouse and eGolfer will be down for approximately 1 hour.  This will also impact widgets on association sites for Score Posting and Handicap Lookup.  We will post a message on during the downtime.

This release will include resolutions for the following bugs & improvements:

  1. Events – Admin can now add golfers to an event even when the deadline has passed
  2. Events – eClubhouse timeout issue accessing 2nd page of Events has been fixed
  3. Events – Issues with Event Title being allowed to be blank on Save has been fixed
  4. Events – Issue with Special Characters in the Event Title has been resolved
  5. Event & Registration Approval Sequence Logic was redesigned.  Due to the way the original logic was written, it was possible for a card to be charged prior to the golfer actually being added to an event or as a member.  A “Pre-Approval” step for payments with Credit Cards has been added.  Cards will now be validated when the user submits the Event/Membership Registration form.  When the admin approves the event registration or membership application and the transaction is successful, only then will the card will be charged.  Admin will now see a transaction titled “Authorized” listed in the Transaction History when the application is submitted.  When the admin approves the golfer and the transaction is successful, another transaction titled “Capture” will be listed.  Once the transaction is “Captured” the admin can perform a refund if necessary.
  6. Membership Approval – “Address Validation Exception” error has been fixed.
  7. Broadcast Email – Server Error searching previously sent emails has been fixed.
  8. Broadcast Email – To reduce delivery and blacklisting issues, the fields “Sender Name” and “Sender Email” have been removed from the Broadcast Email form.  The Sender Name and Sender Email will now default to “” .

GHIN will notify you once the release is completed. If you have any questions, please contact GHIN tech support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or

GHIN Development : GHIN Mobile App Update (iOS Enhancements)

We are happy to announce that an “Enhancement” version of the GHIN Mobile App (iOS Version) has been submitted to the iTunes store on Friday August 29th!  We will notify you once it is published by Apple.

Note: All of the modifications made in this iOS enhancement update will also be applied to the app for Android devices in a later release.

The new release will include the following:

1) Home Page Redesign

  • “Stats” is now on the home page
  • The “Golfer” area has been redesigned to keep key golfer functionality handy.


2) “Drawer” Reorganization

Many pieces of functionality were duplicated within the App and some key functionality like “Partners” was buried within sub-folders.  With the reorganization of the drawer, the duplicates were removed and golfer related functionality was moved to the forefront so it is more easily accessible to the golfer.

  • Post Score, Stats and C.H. Calculator were removed from the “Drawer”, as they already existed on the Home Page.
  • Favorite Course, Partners and Club Memberships were removed from the “Drawer–>Settings” page and moved up a level into the “Drawer”.
  • Log Out was removed from the “Drawer–>Settings” page and moved up a level to the bottom of the “Drawer”.
  • “Settings” was renamed to “Info & Feedback”


3) Stats: Additional Filters Added

Many Mobile App users have requested additional filter options on the stats page. You can now sort by “Scores – [Current Year]” and “Scores – Past 12 Months”.   In the image below “Scores – 2014” will display all scores for this calendar year.  On January 1, 2015, the filter will change to “Scores – 2015”.


Initially, the “Scores – 20 Most Recent” filter will be the default, but the app will remember the last filter that was chosen and display that view when the Stats page is viewed the next time.  This view will persist even if the golfer closes or logs out of the app.

4) Graph Improvements

  • Default Stats to table view & Add “Graph” icon:  Many users expressed that the graph took up too much room on the iPhone screen reducing their view of the scores table to only a few scores.  Since then, we submitted a follow up release to iTunes that reduced the height of the graphs to allow more scores to display on the iPhone until we could correct it permanently. The permanent solution was to remove the graph from the default view and add a “Graph” icon so the golfers could flip between the scores table and a graphical representation of the data.


  • Add more valuable data to Graph: Many users commented that if the graphs had some valuable data, they may be more useful.  This has been our plan all along, we just had the development broken down into stages.  The “score” and “date” have been added to the bars in the graph view.  In addition, if the user clicks on a specific round on the graph, a translucent overlay will appear with additional information about the round.


5) C.H. Calculator–> Partners: Increased Number of Partners Allowed to 20: 

Many users expressed that they would like to be able to add more than four (4) partners.  They can now add up to 20 partners.

6) Year on Handicap Card will now display with full year (4 digits instead of 2 digits) 

To reduce confusion regarding the date on the Handicap Card, the year will now display as a 4-digit number (YYYY)  instead of a 2-digit number (YY).

7) “GHIN” modal windows will display larger on the iPad: 

All places within the app that interface with GHIN services are presented with a common branding and UI design.  iPad users are complaining that the size of these modals is very small and they would like to see them larger. Page changes were applied to the Post Score, Handicap Lookup, Add Partner, Select Course and Handicap Card.

8) “State” will default to home state on the “Favorite Course” and “Partners” pages:  

This request came from associations and users of the mobile app that emailed the GHIN Mobile mailbox.