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4th of July Holiday – Friday, July 4, 2014

The USGA will be closed on Friday, July 4, 2014 in observance of Independence Day, however GHIN Technical Support will be on call from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm ET. Please contact Tech Support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or

NOTE: GHIN Tech Support will be available during normal support hours 9 am – 5 pm ET, Saturday and Sunday, July 5-6.

Any requests received by GHIN Production after 5:00 pm (ET) on Thursday, July 3, 2014 will be processed in the order in which they were received starting at 9:30 am (ET) on Monday, July 7, 2014.

The online GHIN Help Desk, Data on Demand and USGA Info Portal will be available outside of the support hours, and can be accessed at the following addresses:

Have a safe and happy holiday.

GHIN Development: eClubhouse/eGolfer Bug Fix Release 06-30-2014

On Monday, June 30th, 2014 at (5:00 a.m ET.), GHIN will be deploying some back-end changes and bug fixes into production for eClubhouse/eGolfer.  As a result,, eClubhouse and eGolfer will be down for approximately 1 hour.  This will also impact widgets on association sites for Score Posting and Handicap Lookup.  We will post a message on during the downtime.

eClubhouse has gone through a major source tree reorganization which now allows development and maintenance of the product to move along at a much quicker rate.  

In addition to the source tree improvements, this release will also include resolutions for the following bugs:

  1. The Username entered on the profile already exists within eClubhouse”.
  2. Server Error *(Exception of type ‘GHIN.GHPOnline.BusinessLayer.Golfer+GolferUpdateException’ was thrown.) when approving golfers.
  3. “Display Name” will be used instead of “Club Name” on the “Find a Club” search and the “Manage Clubs” page. 
  4. Broadcast Email “Status = error” issue.
  5. Invalid Zip Code issue when using “Find a Club”.
  6. Event Title changes will now be reflected in the calendar view.
  7. Invitation Email issue which copied content from one club to others with the same club # will no longer happen.
  8. “An Error has occurred while processing this request” when running the “Find a Round” report due to Penalty Scores.
  9. The logged in golfers contact information no longer displays in the modal window when viewing information for non-eGolfers.
  10. Permission issues with Club Admin user.
  11. Added validation to birth date field to ensure birth date is not a future date.
  12. Other minor bug fixes.

GHIN will notify you once the release is completed. If you have any questions, please contact GHIN tech support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or



Open GHIN Discussion

Our next bimonthly discussion has been scheduled for Friday, June 27 at 2:00 pm ET. Along with reviewing current development initiatives this will be your opportunity for open dialogue with GHIN for any questions you may have.

There is no need to register for the meeting just click on the link below for the session.

We look forward to visiting with you!

Log on to:

Call in to: (224) 649-0001 or (877) 568-4106

Access Code: 420-867-351

GHIN Development : GHIN Mobile App Update (Includes iPad!)



The new iPad version of the GHIN Mobile App was submitted to iTunes the

afternoon of June 26th, 2014.  We will let you know when Apple has accepted

and posted the update.


We are happy to announce that the next version of the GHIN Mobile App will be a universal app for both the iPhone and the iPad!

The new functionality is currently under final QA and will be signed off on within the next few days. We will send out another blog notice to let you know when it has been submitted to iTunes.


The new release centers around five main objectives:

1. One code base for both devices: The GHIN Mobile App was redesigned as a universal application (a single app that will run on iPhones and iPads) with different presentations depending on the screen size.  iPad users will no longer have to change the filter in the App Store to include iPhone apps in order to find GHIN Mobile App.

2. Improved golfer stats: The Stats page will now display graphs along with the data table for all existing stat views (Handicap History, Recent Scores, etc.).  Partner stats can be viewed by adding a Partner tab at the top of the page.  When viewing a partner graph, the primary golfer’s data will be overlaid to provide a head-to-head comparison to the partner. Future releases may add details to the graphs, such as an overlay of additional score detail.

iPad - Stats (Head-to-Head)

iPad – Stats (Head-to-Head)

3. Dynamic home page: The new home page has been redesigned with the end-user in mind.  The new vertically-scrolling grid of shortcuts and dynamic content focuses on functionality the golfers use most. The primary golfer’s Handicap Index is displayed, along with quick buttons for all GHIN functions.  The latest news items from USGA, SRGA News, and SRGA Results will be shown, as well as other SRGA page shortcuts.  The USGA news can be turned on or off by sending a request to GHIN Technical Support.  These changes simplify the overall app navigation and make the home page more exciting, informative and useful to the golfer, while still providing room for growth.


iPad – Home Page


iPhone – Home Page

4. Improved and branded GHIN service interactions: Post Score, Handicap Lookup, and the Handicap Card will be presented with a common branding and UI design;  a hovering white card with rounded corners and the GHIN logo in the upper-right corner.

iPad - Post a Score

iPad – Post a Score

5. Bug fixes & Other Improvements: A few bug fixes will be included in this release, most notably the Handicap Card issue where the information on the top of the card wasn’t displaying for golfers with GHIN numbers <7.  In addition, based on golfer feedback “C.H. Calculator” will be returned to the Home Page.


New Image / Branding Requirements:

Due to the larger iPad screen size, there are new image requirements that will ensure your branding looks as good as it can on either device.  The good news is that until new images are provided, the app will use the existing images.  Please note that they may appear pixelated on the iPad due to stretching to fit the larger screen size.  New image requirements that will support both the iPhone and iPad can be found below.

1. Large Logo:

  • Height: 600 px
  • Width:  1500 px
  • Transparent background
  • PNG preferred

2. Small Logo:

  • Height:  96 px
  • Width:  no requirement
  • Transparent background (image will be displayed on very dark background)
  • “Flat” style preferred
  • All white logo preferred
  • PNG preferred

3. Background Color:

  • Background color in hexadecimal or RGB format

4. Banner Ads

  • Height: 100 px
  • Width: 640 px
  • PNG preferred


To insure the quality of your association branding, please forward new images for your association to at your convenience.




TPP Association – Enhancements to Optional Fields & Questionnaires


Based on your feedback from the enhancement release on June 19th, GHIN has made the following changes to Optional Fields and Questionnaires:

  • Users can now export all answers to tournament questionnaires to an Excel file.
  • Admins can define an end date for editing a questionnaire. This will allow for a time limit on the ability to edit questionnaire data for a registered golfer.
  • Formatted the birth date field in TPP Golfer.
  • There is now a Warning message when an admin requests to Delete Previous answers in the Optional Field setup page.
  • In TPP Admin on the tournament signup page, the ability to set optional field collection has been removed.



The enhancements were successfully released to all TPP Association sites.


In an effort to better utilize Optional Fields and tournament Questionnaires in TPP Association, GHIN will be making some improvements to these features.  On Thursday, June 19 at 4:00 am ET, GHIN will be applying the changes below to all TPP Association sites. This release will require approximately  one hour of downtime to the TPP Association sites. We anticipate completion on or before 5:00 am ET and will notify you once the production environment has been updated.

Optional Fields, if used by the association will now become part of golfer’s player profile page. The fields will be available to the golfer for entering/updating during event registration or any other time via the player profile page in TPP Golfer. The fields now allow for various entry types: text, numeric, list of values, date (single value) and date (range value) . The association will determine whether or not it will require the golfer to fill out the data. For those associations who are currently using optional fields the software release will not effect your current situation, as we are automatically setting any active Optional Fields that are being used to:

Data Type Mode = “Text”
Display Mode = “Capture Only” mode

The association will have the ability to CLEAR all data currently stored in the optional fields if they wish to have golfers re-enter desired data. Another possibility for the association would be to delete previous answers at the beginning of each season to capture the most up to date information for the players.

Lastly the layout of Optional Fields have been redesigned for both the Master Player List Management and Tournament Player Management pages so that the label information does not wrap incorrectly causing unreadable text and also to account for the new controls.

Optional Fields

GHIN is reinforcing the design concept that Questionnaires are used for gathering tournament specific information.  While we intend to enhance the administration portion of Questionnaires in the future, this release focuses on the enhancement within TPP Golfer.  In the past a golfer registering for an event would get one opportunity to answer information in the questionnaire, but now a registered user can access their responses to questions via the “Events Registered For” link.  In addition to viewing tournaments registered for, there is an additional Edit link the user can click to directly access the questionnaire form for a given event.  Events where no Questionnaires were setup will not display the Edit link.

Questions can be set up as text, numeric, list of values, yes/no check box or date. Questionnaire answers can be viewed by going to Tournament, Edit Tournament, Questionnaire Answers. Currently the only way to export questionnaire answers is to capture a screen shot of the page or to highlight the text on the page and paste to a Word or Excel document.


If you have any questions about these new enhancements please contact GHIN tech support, (800) 940-8535 x1 or

GHIN Development Update: GHIN Mobile App (Android)

The next set of enhancements to the GHIN Mobile App are now available on Google Play.

As noted in the recent iOS release notice, this round of enhancements will include:

1)      Display of the golfers GHIN Number under their name.  (Ability to see and edit certain contact information will be coming in a later version).

2)      Golfer’s most recent handicap card is accessible via a new button on the homepage.  The idea is to use it like a boarding pass on a smartphone for occasions when the golfer is required to show a card (e.g., for tournament entry). In addition to score, score type and the “*” ( if it is used for the current USGA Handicap Index® Calculation), the month & year that the score was posted will also display.   Lastly, columns and rows with shading have been added to improve readability for the end-user.

3)      The “Handicap Calculator” label has been changed to a more appropriate label “Calculator”.

4)      Improved messaging to alert user that a task can’t be performed when an internet connection is not available has been added. “No internet connection.  Task cannot be completed at this time.  Please try again later.”  The original message was, “Network Error – Unable to connect to GHIN.”

5)      Other minor bug fixes.

GHIN Service Maintenance 6/4/14

On Wednesday, June 4 GHIN will be performing a controlled database failover test. The test will take place starting at 5:30 am ET with an anticipated completion within an hour. A notice will be sent out upon completion.

As a test of our procedures, we will be moving from the current DB2 server to the standby server. This will allow us to validate not only procedures but the responsiveness of the standby server. During this time golfers, clubs and associations will see intermittent service interruptions.