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TPP Association Golfer Registration with Google Chrome

UPDATE May, 24, 2014 10:00 am

GHIN has completed testing TPP Association golfer registration with Google Chrome and has released the update to the production environment.


TPP Association Golfer registration has recently been experiencing an issue with golfers not being able to successfully register for an event using Google Chrome. The cause of the issue was how Chrome was rendering secure and non-secure items on the same page.

The GHIN team has addressed the issue and the solution is now being tested in QA. Once testing is completed, the production site will be updated. We will notify you as soon as this takes place.

If you have any questions please contact GHIN tech support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or

GHP Golfer Performance Improvements

UPDATE May 28, 2014

The changes outlined below have been moved to the production environment. GHP Golfer will update automatically.


The GHIN team has been making small incremental changes to the data services used by GHP Golfer over the past month which has had a positive impact on performance. Next week GHIN will push to production some additional changes which should have a greater impact on the response time to the golfer when posting a score.

GHIN will notify you once the changes have been moved out to production. GHP Golfer will pick up these changes automatically.

The modifications will impact the display of information when a golfer posts a score or when a Handicap Lookup is performed.

After completion of posting a score the golfer will be presented with their Most Recent Scores, GHIN Number, Local Number, Handicap Index, Effective Date of Index, and Trend. The golfer can choose to view their Revision Scores at the bottom which will display the scores used to calculate the Handicap Index as well as the two eligible tournament scores.

Note: If the golfer does not have a local number “0” will be displayed. If the club does not use local numbers the field can be removed from the display by unchecking Show Local Number under Global Settings in GHP Settings.

Score Posted


The golfer can view additional statistical information by using the Handicap Lookup feature from the home page. The club can elect to display up to three different fields on the Course Handicap page.

Lookup Display


By selecting Score History from the Course Handicap page, the golfer will be presented with their Most Recent Scores, Handicap Index, Effective Date of the Index, Scoring Average, Trend, Round Count for the calendar year, and the Low H.I.

Note: the Local Number will also be displayed only if the option is selected in Global Settings in GHP Settings.

Score History

If you have any questions please contact GHIN tech support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or

GHIN Development : GHIN Mobile App Update (iPhone)

UPDATE May 27, 2014

Apple has approved the latest release of the GHIN mobile app and is now available for download or updating (if already installed).

Note: Golfers who have a GHIN number that is less than 7 digits are not able to view their personal information on the top part of the membership card. This is being addressed now and will be pushed to Apple for approval once completed. We will notify you when the update is available in the iTunes store.


The next set of enhancements to the GHIN Mobile App have been submitted to the iTunes store and will be available as soon as Apple approves them. These updates were put into place based on association and steering committee feedback.  These are the first in a series of modifications that will take place over the spring and summer months to improve the user interface and provide additional golfer focused functionality to the app.

The same enhancements will be available for Android devices shortly. GHIN will notify you once the app has been moved to the Google Play Store.

This round of enhancements will include:

1)      Display of the golfers GHIN Number under their name.  (Ability to see and edit certain contact information will be coming in a later version).

GHIN Number Displayed Under Golfer Name

GHIN Number Displayed Under Golfer Name

2)      Golfer’s most recent handicap card is accessible via a new button on the homepage.  The idea is to use it like a boarding pass on a smartphone for occasions when the golfer is required to show a card (e.g., for tournament entry). In addition to score, score type and the “*” ( if it is used for the current USGA Handicap Index® Calculation), the month & year that the score was posted will also display.   Lastly, columns and rows with shading have been added to improve readability for the end-user.

New Handicap Card Button on Home Page

New Handicap Card Button on Home Page

New Handicap Card Available on the GHIN Mobile App
New Handicap Card Available on the GHIN Mobile App

3)      Logic connected to posting a score that is outside the normal range has been corrected.   With this release, if a score outside the normal range is posted the user will now receive the standard message, “The score posted is outside the golfer’s usual range.”  They will then be able to tap the “Post Anyway” button and submit the score as expected.

4)      The “Handicap Calculator” label has been changed to a more appropriate label “Calculator”.

5)      Improved messaging to alert user that a task can’t be performed when an internet connection is not available has been added. “No internet connection.  Task cannot be completed at this time.  Please try again later.”  The original message was, “Network Error – Unable to connect to GHIN.”

6)      Other minor bug fixes.


TPP Online Association – Import Report Issue Fixed

This afternoon GHIN deployed a fix to our production environment that addresses the issue with importing custom reports into our TPP Online Association Admin web application. Users should now be able to design custom reports via the TPP Client application, export, then import into their instance of TPP Online without issue.
We apologize for introducing this last week and any inconvenience it may have caused, however, we want to communicate that we have resolved the issue.

If anyone experiences any issues with importing reports or reporting in general, please contact our GHIN Technical Support team as quickly as possible.
Thank You

TPP Association – Update to Admin & Golfer

While performance is our number one priority, not all resources can work on a resolution concurrently. It is imperative that we continue with our development planning and prioritization so that other products and services can continue to move forward in a positive direction.

To that end, GHIN will be releasing an update to TPP Association this evening, May 6th at 10:00 pm ET.

GHIN will be adding an improvement for TPP Association to properly handle international addresses.  From a users’ perspective this affects the ‘Country’ field which will be changed from a free form text box to a drop-down list of IOC (International Olympic Committee) recognized countries. GHIN has prepared a mapping file where if data existed in the country field for a player, we mapped that information to the IOC recognized country. In cases where there was no match the field will be left blank.

In Association Golfer Registration those SRGA’s who have configured their site level settings for “Profile” data to include the ‘Country’ field this change affects golfers registering for the first time or if an existing golfer wishes to edit their profile.

In Association Admin we have updated both the Master Player List and Tournament Player management pages to use the newly added drop-down control.

In addition to these enhancements the following items have been corrected:

  • Removed the Advanced button from reports. The advanced features functionality will be addressed in a future release.
  • Resolved the issue when running a 9-hole event and entering player HBH scores, the Net HBH Report did not properly calculate the hole handicaps for the net scores.
  • Resolved the issue when running the Team HBH – Gross or Net Scoring Report, the report produced a “0″ for each team hole score when entering team HBH, and did not display a team hole score, if the scores were entered player HBH.
  • Resolved the issue on standard template scorecards (ex. Laser Type 4) or one that has been customized, where the Team Course Handicap did not display in the Team Hcp field on the card.
  • Resolved the error when running a scoring report when the back-9 is scored (HBH) for a 9-hole round.
  • Resolved the messaging when removing a player from the waitlist. Message now reads: Would you like to remove the selected players from the waiting list/pending queue?
  • Resolved the labeling issue when creating matches for a match play event. When you get to the Final Match the buttons at the bottom are listed “Previous”, “Finish” and “Cancel”.  Now when you are on the Final Match, if you click “Previous” to go back to the Semi Final Round, then continue to the Semi Final round, the buttons say “Previous”, “Next” and “Cancel”.
  • Resolved the server error received when copying shotgun group assignments from another round when working in a Round Robin Team Event.
  • Resolved the error in the Team HBH – Net Scoring Report. If scores were entered via Player HBH – the report did not display the Team Hole Scores per hole except for the last one. Hole 18 only displayed the Team Hole Score.