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Thanksgiving Holiday Coverage

The USGA will be closed on Thursday, November 28, 2013 in observance of Thanksgiving Day. If you encounter any issues that need immediate attention, please contact one of the following for assistance:

  • Fran Nee – (908) 947-6110
  • Brian Bennicas – (610) 657-9123
  • Kevin Hartigan – (908) 655-7427

GHIN Technical Support will be on call from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm ET, Friday, November 29, Saturday, November 30 and Sunday, December 1. Please contact Tech Support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or

Any requests received by GHIN Production after 5:00 P.M. (ET) on Wednesday, November 27, 2013 will be processed in the order in which they were received starting at 9:30 A.M. (ET) on Monday, December 2, 2013.

The online GHIN Help Desk and Data on Demand Server are always available and can be accessed at the following addresses:

Have a safe and happy holiday.

eClubhouse – Manual Renewals & More

GHIN will soon be releasing “eClubhouse Manual Renewals”.   The release will occur overnight and will not interfere with site usage. We will notify you when the modifications have been implemented.

The highlight of this release is that it will provide a way for active and inactive members  to renew through the interface.  This and other items in the release are noted below. Updated user manuals for the association and club will be posted to the InfoPortal site shortly.

Reminder: You can use the Broadcast Email feature within your association eClubhouse site to send this update and the user manual to your club administrators so they are prepared for the updates!

  • Manual Renews (Existing Golfers will be able to renew through their eGolfer Widget).  When an inactive eGolfer logs into their account and they choose a club from the drop-down that they are inactive in, they will be notified that the account is inactive (image below). To renew, they will simply need to click on the link “Click Here to Renew your membership” and follow the instructions.


When an active eGolfer logs in they can renew their membership by pressing the “Renew Membership” button.


  • Admin will be able to renew golfers in “Admin–>Manage Members”  If an administrator submits the renewal application for the member, they can choose “cash, check or bypass” payment options.  Prior to approving the golfer, they can use the “edit” functionality and change the payment type.  For instance, if the golfer wants to pay by credit card, but the admin doesn’t have the card at that moment, he can submit it as a “cash” payment and then change the payment type later prior to approving the application.


  • Modified Commerce Setup in “Admin–>Manage Commerce Gateway” Manage Commerce Gateway will allow an admin to setup a gateway provider and configure payment options (Credit cards, cash, check, etc.) as it did before.  The membership setup has been moved to its own section.
  • New section has been added; “Admin–>Manage Membership Types”.  This area will allow administrators to manage membership types, membership levels, multiple seasons and pricing.


  • Ability for golfer to edit CC information for each club they belong to:


  • Site Setup & Event Performance Issues will also be resolved in this release.

Please Note: GHIN will notify you when these changes and enhancements are moved to the production site.

Jack Looby & Ann Riveiro

It is with mixed emotions we inform you that Jack Looby and Ann Riveiro will be leaving GHIN after numerous years of service to the organization. We are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work alongside them for so many years and thank them for the outstanding job they have done. Ann’s last day will be Monday, November 25, 2013 and Jack’s last day will be Friday, January 3, 2014. We know that many of you want to reach out personally to Jack and Ann and send them off with some farewell thoughts.

Current staff will be absorbing Ann’s responsibilities while we begin a search for Jack’s replacement.

Access to GHIN Mobile Google Analytics

Since the latest version of the GHIN Mobile app hit the market (Android on 10/27/2013 & iOS on 11/4/2013) we have begun the process of collecting usage statistics, user behaviors and a plethora of other useful metrics on your membership who has been utilizing the GHIN Mobile app.  GHIN is now prepared to provide access to all this data for those associations that have customized the GHIN Mobile app.   Based on research and input from our vendor, GHIN has chosen the Google Analytics platform for this purpose for the following reasons:

  • Within the last three months Google announced that its analytic platform will start tracking “real-time” mobile app usage giving you the ability to see how your membership is utilizing the GHIN Mobile app at any given time.
  • GHIN could leverage the abundance of existing training and user guide documentation that is available online to help minimize the learning curve and the eliminate the need for our Technical Support Team in having to support you in regards to understanding these metrics.
  • For those that are already tracking data via Google Analytics, using your existing “Google” account provides the convenience of reviewing all your Association’s analytics from one single account.
  • Lastly, a useful tool in your association toolbox that can be used to build sponsorship or other revenue generating relationships.

GHIN recommends using a single association-wide account for accessing your mobile app usage, instead of each staff member creating a new account strictly for this purpose.  Our recommendation is if you are already using Google Analytics, use that account as it will link the account(s) as described above, or if you use another tool or are just starting this practice of analyzing membership usage and do not have an account setup, create a generic SRGA-related account (does not have to be a “Gmail” account) that can be used by multiple users as a single entry point.

Once you have this “account” identified, please forward all requests to GHIN Technical Support,

Note:  any previous requests sent prior to this posting do not need to be resent.

GHIN is excited about offering this service and hope that you can all use it a positive and meaningful way to enhance your service and create revenue generating opportunities.

Please see the following site and start exploring Google Analytics on your own?

GHIN Mobile – Service Availability Improvements

Over the past month there are been several occasions where users have been unable to login to the GHIN Mobile app due to the unavailability of the “CMS” server.  This is the server that provides the RGA custom background images and banners to the app.  While these outages have been quickly addressed, due to the growing popularity of GHIN Mobile and the desire to offer your members the best experience we will be implementing several improvements.  These improvements will involve server redundancies and better management and monitoring processes to assure a greater likelihood of continuous uptime.

These first of these improvements will occur tonight, Fri Nov 15, at 9pm Eastern time.  The CMS server will be unavailable for about 5 minutes and during this time golfers will not be able to login to GHIN Mobile.  Immediately following the completion of this work, GHIN Mobile will be accessible again.   GHIN will post a notice when this work is completed.

With the exception of this brief outage, the end user will not notice changes to the operation of GHIN Mobile.  These improvements will not impact any saved user data associated with GHIN Mobile.

We expect these server improvements will enhance the end users’ confidence in and use of GHIN Mobile.


GHP & TPP Client Installs on Windows 8.1 Operating Systems

As new versions of Windows operating systems become available (including upgrade options), GHIN continues to monitor the compatibility with GHP and TPP Client products. With the recently released Windows 8.1 there are a few items you will need to be mindful of when performing an installation.


  1. Make sure that SQL 2005 is uninstalled
  2. Perform the GHP/TPP installation
  3. After rebooting the computer, check the Data Path Changer to make sure it is setup correctly
  4. Restore the blank database
  5. Continue with normal initial setup instructions



  1. If the club has not upgraded the operating system yet, have them back up the GHP/TPP database, then upgrade the computer
  2. Make sure that SQL 2005 is uninstalled
  3. Uninstall GHP/TPP
  4. Reboot the computer
  5. Perform the GHP/TPP installation
  6. After rebooting the computer, check the Data Path Changer to make sure it is setup correctly
  7. If the club was able to back up the database, restore it using the Copy Database Files program.  Otherwise restore the blank database
  8. Continue with normal initial setup instructions

If you have any questions please contact GHIN tech support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or