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GHP Online Release – Rapid Score Entry Enhanced…

Update – November 18, 2013

The enhancements to Rapid Score Entry for both GHP Association and Club have been released into production and are available for immediate use.


Based on feedback from many SRGAs via UsersVoice and the approval of the GHIN Steering Committee, GHIN is pleased to announce that we will be releasing an enhanced version of Rapid Score Entry for both our Association and Clubs site.  The goal of this release was to create a way that would allow our club officials to add scores in bulk for their membership that were played by both genders on various tees.  So the highlights of this release include:

  • Ability to Post Scores for Male and Females  – the settings page now includes the option of “All” when defining Gender.
  • Ability to Change Tees on the fly from the Score Entry Page – Added the “Select Tee” button to Score Entry Page
  • Select Tee Button on Score Entry Page defaults to Course defined in Setup – Modal will now show the appropriate tees for the gender/holes
  • Dynamic HBH scoring option – the ability to rapidly enter HBH scores will be available only when the tee selected has HBH information entered through the scorecard
  • Manual Course option – the ability to manually add a tee that does not exist in the CRP has also been added to the Score Entry Page


Rapid Score Entry display after clicking the "Select Tee" button.

Rapid Score Entry display after clicking the “Select Tee” button.

To see the full list of items included in this release please see the Release Notes Area or click here.

GHIN will send a follow up email when this is released into production.

Release Notes: GHP Online – Rapid Score Entry (10/2013)

Changed verbiage of the “Transfer” functionality to “Add to Club”:
GHP Online Association & Club
As part an on-going request to clear-up the “transfer” button confusion — GHIN has changed the “Transfer” button on the Golfer Maintenance (Association) and the Golfer View (Club) pages to read “Add to Club”.

Add ability to use Golfer Default Tees:
GHP Online Club Only
GHIN has added the function of using a golfer’s default tee to the main setting page.  If this function is checked, any golfer that is brought up in RSE will automatically populate the tee with the golfer’s default tee as opposed the tee defined on the settings page.

Add ability to post scores for either gender
GHP Online Club & Association
The Rapid Score Entry settings page has added the ability to select “All” for the Gender setting.  This will allow the club official to add scores for both Men and Women without having to return to the settings page.

Add ability to change tees on the fly from Score Entry screen:
GHP Online Club & Association
Users can easily switch tees from the Rapid Score Entry input page without having to return to the settings page.  Next to the “Tee” display box we have added the ability to “Select Tees”.  If the user clicks the Select Tee button, the appropriate Tee listing will display.  This Tee Listing will be based on the tees from the course which was selected on the settings page and gender defined.

Add ability to post Internet Scores:
GHP Online Club & Association
Added the ability to define at the settings level that all the scores being posted will be “I” scores.

Default the “Select Tee” box on the Settings page
GHP Online Club Only
With the understanding that a majority of the club officials using the rapid score entry option will be posting scores to “Home” course, we have made that the default listing of course to select from via the settings page.  The user still has the option to search for courses and enter courses manually, but the default list of tees to select from will be based on the a club’s “Home” courses.

Enhance the flow of Entering Scores
GHP Online Club & Association
If the user chooses to change the tee on the fly during the posting process once they complete selecting a tee the cursor will default to the score entry box.

Add the Gender to Tee Listed box
GHP Online Association & Club
The Tee listing box now displays an “M” and “F” to help the user indicate the gender of the tee that is selected.

Add Default filter for State parameter when searching Courses:
GHP Online Club Only
The course search screen that is called from both the Rapid Score Entry settings page and the Score Input page now defaults to the “State” in which the club has defined in Club Service Maintenance.  Now the user can quickly search for clubs without having the manually set the State parameter.

Add Manual Course Entry
Manual Course Entry can now be done via the main score posting page.

GHIN Mobile Apps – Releases Pending (Android & iOS)

GHIN is pleased to announce that we are submitting new versions of the GHIN Mobile app today to both the Google Play and iTunes App Stores.  The most noticeable change to the app for the end user will be the changes in navigation, specifically the inclusion of the “app Navigation Drawer”.  As development of mobile apps continues to evolve, GHIN believes it is necessary that our mobile application always should be on the cutting edge of design and user experience.  By introducing the app drawer, GHIN has been able to move many options and information from the Home Screen to app drawer leading to a cleaner/sleeker looking interface.

app-DrawerHowever, the more exciting piece of this release is what is occurring in the background and unseen to the end user.  The GHIN Mobile app will now be gathering and delivering information regarding the actions, durations, pages, devices, operating systems, etc. to the Google Analytic platform.  Additionally, the app will be segregating this data by SRGA customizations which will give associations the ability to view and report on specific areas of use or see in real-time how many users are actively using the app.  Each SRGA who uses the GHIN Mobile app and has a customization will be given access to this data once GHIN is comfortable with the configuration and setup of this new and exciting opportunity for reporting and analysis.

Stayed tuned for more information coming in the upcoming weeks regarding access to your specific Google Analytic account.

Lastly, since we will most likely be submitting the apps to the store this afternoon/evening, our Android users maybe receiving this update quickly after submission.

TPP Association Points Widget

UPDATED 10/25/13 11:30 am

The issue causing the TPP Association Points leaderboard not to display on web browsers has been resolved. Any widgets embedded in your websites should be functioning properly.


It has come to our attention the widget that is used for the TPP Points leaderboard is not functioning properly. If currently being used, the widget is not displaying within the web browser. This is not impacting the Points Standings listing only the leaderboard widget.

The development team is working on this to get rectified as quickly as possible and we will notify you once resolved. If you have any questions, please contact GHIN Tech Support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or

Course Rating Data Issues

Update 10/23/13 5:57 pm

Access to CRP data through the various GHIN products and CRM has been restored. If you are seeing anything different please contact GHIN tech support immediately, or (800) 940-8535 x1.


Original Post 10/23/13 4:45 pm

Since the update to the Course Rating Program on Monday, we have seen some issues with GHIN products accessing data.

  • When using the Copy Tee from CRP  function in GHP Association or Club on the scorecard an error message appears.
  • When importing tee information in TPP Club, currently only one tee can be downloaded at a time. When tee information is downloaded it does not include any scorecard information (yardage or par), only Course Rating information.
  • When accessing the National Course Rating Database on the USGA website a server error appears.
  • When performing the CRP update procedure in CRM a server error appears.

Our development team is working on resolving this issue as quickly as possible and we will inform you once completed.



GHIN Web Services

2:45pm 10/22/2013

UPDATED – GHIN Web Services – Restored

We are currently experiencing issues related to the GHIN web services. This is impacting the GHIN mobile app, including any associations that have created their own mobile app that uses web services to populate data. Potentially authorized VASP users may be experiencing difficulties as well and have been notified.

Our development team is working to rectify the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will update you further as information becomes available.

Open GHIN Discussion

Our next bimonthly discussion has been scheduled for Thursday, October 24 at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm ET. Join me to learn what GHIN has accomplished since our last discussion and what is on the horizon. This is also your opportunity to ask any questions, offer suggestions or get clarification on something you may have missed.

For those that will not be able to attend the GHIN Users’ Meeting next month in Florida, we will schedule a meeting to review the highlights shortly thereafter.

There is no need to register for the meeting just click on the link below for the session time you would like to attend.

I look forward to visiting with you!


For the 11:00 am ET meeting

Log on to:

Call in to: (224) 649-0001 or (877) 568-4106

Access Code: 662-956-223

Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting


For the 2:00 pm ET meeting

Log on to:

Call in to: (626) 521-0017 or (877) 309-2070

Access Code: 709-808-943

Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

2013 Annual GHIN Association Survey

The 2013 GHIN Association survey is now open for comments. The survey will be open until Friday, October 18 for your input. Your participation is a critical element to the future development and direction of GHIN’s products and services.

The survey may be filled out by multiple staff members at the association or under one collective set of responses for the association. Please ensure the individuals that have the most interaction with GHIN products or staff have the opportunity to share their thoughts on the 2013 year.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. You may review the questions HERE prior to going online and filling out the survey.

Your comments will be addressed at the GHIN Users’ Meeting in Florida next month. Thank you for your time and participation in this important project.