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4th of July Holiday – Thursday, July 4, 2013

The USGA will be closed on Thursday, July 4, 2013 in observance of Independence Day.

Any requests received by GHIN Production after 5:00 P.M. (ET) on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 will be processed in the order in which they were received starting at 9:30 A.M. (ET) on Friday, July 5, 2013.

Any Technical Support issues that are received after 7:00 P.M. (ET) on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 will be processed in the order in which they were received starting at 8:30 A.M. (ET) on Friday, July 5, 2013. The online GHIN Help Desk and Data on Demand Server will be available during this period, and can be accessed at the following addresses:

If you encounter any issues that need immediate attention, please contact one of the following for assistance:

Fran Nee – (908) 947-6110
Brian Bennicas – (610) 657-9123
Kevin Hartigan – (908) 655-7427

Have a safe and happy holiday.

TPP Club v1.1

GHIN is pleased to announce the release of TPP Club v1.1. This release includes new features, enhancements to functionality, improvements to the user interface based on feedback received and identified errors fixed.


The highlight of this release is the ability for a club official to identify a default tee per player, per golf course in the club’s TPP instance. Default tees can be set for any player in the master player list with filtering options to set selected players at a given time. Webinars to review the functionality have been scheduled for Tuesday, July 2 and Wednesday, July 3. (Please click here for information and webinar registration)

Default tees will be accessed through the menu Players, Player Default Tee Assignments.

Default Tee Menu


Default Tee Management

Other key functionality includes:

  • Ability to create a Season on the basic tournament setup page
  • Added search by name feature to assist quickly finding golfers
  • Rapid Team Entry will now prompt for information if no Team Group has been created
  • Default value for flights has been reduced to 2
  • Added ability to return to TPP Club home splash page
  • Ability to import players has been restored

For a complete list of items addressed in this version, you can review the release notes here.

TPP Club v1.1 Release Notes

Move Add/Remove from Club List to first item under Players Menu

Moved the menu item “Add Players from Club List” to the first menu item in the “Players” drop down menu.


Make the number of players in tournament stand out more

In an effort to make the number of players in a tournament stand out more, we have added a “Players XX” under the name of the event. This makes it easier to see how many players are entered in an event.


Clicking anywhere on Menu item activates the menu item

Clicking anywhere on the menu now activates that item. You no longer have to be on the “words” of the menu item. Clicking anywhere on the menu item will activate that menu.


Allow Players to have a default tee assignment per course

Allows each player in the master player list to have a default tee assigned for each course in their course management system


Allow 9 hole rounds to ignore Default Side

Added a check box to both the Tournament Setup and the Course Reassign tees to tell the system to apply the default tee, but ignore the default side. This will assist Round Robin events, allowing users to put players on their default tees, while allowing them to put the players on the side of their choice.


Allow Add Player from Club List to get Default Tees

Check box added to allow or not allow Add Player from Club List to pull in the players default tee from GHP if the golfer is not in the master player list already.


Filter option: Add player from club 

Added a search by name feature to find golfers using Starts With filter option.


Service filter/ Local Number display: Add from Club List

Local number added as a display option. Entering a service number will keep combined clubs from loading the combined player database.


Basic Setup – Add Create Season Button

Create Season Button has been added on the Basic Setup screen allowing for quick placement of event into desired season.


Team Rapid Entry Defaults

The default fields when accessing Rapid Team Entry are now First Name, Last Name, Gender, and Handicap Index.


Change Defaults when Assign Teams/Players to Skins

Warning message has been updated to reduce confusion as to which round is being viewed.


Default Value for Number of Flights from 6 to 2

When creating flights for a new event, the number of flights will now default to 2.


Course Import from CRP – Matching by name

If a course is entered manually and then try to import the same course with the identical name the values from CRP will override. If the check box is unmarked “match by name” the course will display as “Course Name (2)”. When the club name matches identically — it will not create a second instance of the course.


Pairings Management – Relabeled button

“Change Criteria” button has been relabeled to say “Select Pairings” offering a better descriptive of functionality.


Create Team from Rapid Team Entry

Team Group info will be prompted for if going to Rapid Team Entry without a team.


Scorecard Defaults to Blank Cards when Pairing Don’t Exist

Warning message displays when accessing the scorecard menu when pairings have not been created.


Provide ability to return to TPP Club home splash page

Home menu added which will return to the TPP Club home splash page,


Substitute Players – Rename button

When “Club Roster List” is selected as the source for substitute players, the “Get Club Roster” button was renamed to “View Available Players”


Scorecards for Team Event default to Team Group

Team group now populates in the Scorecard Menu when teams exist.


Losing Focus when selecting a report in a Report Group with a scroll bar

Report Menu no longer loses focus when selecting a report at the bottom of the group. Selected report will be highlighted and visible.


Error Message doesn’t accurately display the number of players selected

Error Message has been updated and is more descriptive as to the number of players selected on the page.


Golfer Shown Season Information for all Clubs

If a golfer is associated with a club that is not in TPP Online Clubs, then they no longer see all of the seasons/events/member programs for all the other clubs within that association. They only see association level seasons/events/member programs.


Unable to import players via Tournament Player Import

Resolved an issue when trying to import players through Tournament Player Import.


Shotgun Allocation not allocating to holes when pairings already exist

Resolved an issue displaying the Shotgun Allocation whether pairings exist or not.


Server Error when withdrawing from Golfer Registration and on Pre Approval List

Resolved an issue when trying to withdraw from an event through Golfer Registration.


TPP Club – Player Default Tee Settings

With GHIN’s ongoing training for TPP Club, we will present two webinars on the soon to be released feature, Player Default Tee Settings. These sessions will focus on how a club official can identify a default tee per player for each golf course used in their TPP Club instance. The training session on this new feature, will demonstrate how the selected default can be set on an individual player basis, by selecting a group of golfers at a time, by selecting all golfers at a time and even using the GHP Club golfer profile default tee settings.

In order to participate you must register for the session of your choice. If you are unable to attend either of the sessions, one will be recorded and posted on the Info Portal for viewing at your convenience.

Webinar Schedule

Tuesday, July 2               11:00 am – 12:00 pm ET    

Wednesday, July 3         2:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET         


As a reminder, all previous TPP Club webinars have been recorded and are available for viewing on the USGA Info Portal.

Web Reports v2.1 – New Reports

GHIN plans to release Web Reports v2.1 next week which will contain new reports that have been highly requested to help meet the reporting needs of the many clubs who have transitioned to GHP Golfer.  GHIN is continuing to build out Web Reports based on feedback from clubs as they realize their reporting requirements. Web Reports v2.0 focused on enhancements and v2.1 is more about the addition of new reports.  See below for highlights of the upcoming reports.

Please Note: GHIN will notify you when these changes and enhancements are moved to the production site.

Revision Golfers returns active golfers based on a defined revision date and any other filtering options selected

  • Available revision dates will be on a rolling calendar and selectable back one year
  • Choose to have the number of active golfer records returned displayed in the page header
  • Useful report for assisting with your club billing

Address Labels – allows the club official the ability to print address labels for their membership

  • Supports the most widely used Avery labels sizes
  • Choose to print labels for Active or Inactive golfers, based on needs or intention of the mailing
  • Supports the multiple address functionality that exists for those golfers that have several addresses defined
  • User can define number of labels to print or to be skipped

Course Handicap Tables – allows club official the ability to print Course Handicap Tables for easy Handicap Index to Course Handicap conversion

  • Supports printing of Home Courses or any course/tee that is available via the USGA CRP data
  • Supports the printing of multiple tees in one report

The last item that should be mentioned is we have now added the ability to include the current Handicap Index on the Club Roster report, which will really make this a useful report for your clubs.

We hope you enjoy these reports and look forward to hearing your feedback:

For complete details on the all of the web report changes, please click here.

GHIN is planning a v2.2 of Web Reports and will communicate a timeline when development completion is expected.


Release Notes: Web Reports v2.1

Web Reports (v2.1)

Club Roster Report – optional field’s columns widen to handle phone number

GHIN has improved the optional field displays to better accommodate such data as telephone number.  While there is a balance on the amount of space you want to define each field, GHIN was able to ensure that telephone numbers do not cause the field to wrap.

Revision Golfers Report – New Report Creation

GHIN has added a brand new report that originated via UserVoice entitled Revision Golfers Report.  This report provides a club roster of “active” golfers from a given revision date.  Since many SRGAs utilize revision dates for their club billing, they would like to use this report as a resource that can be provided to the club official with the number of active golfer and a listing of those members per a given revision date.  We will provide the latest 26 revisions dates as possible filtering options.  This will be a rolling 26 revision periods which gives the SRGA and club official access to an active roster from the past year.

Club Roster Reports – Add Data Field: Handicap Index

The Club Roster report has been enhanced to include the Handicap Index field.  This field will be a available for selection and will display the golfer’s current Handicap Index as of the most recent revision.
Inactive golfers as well as active golfers who have not established a valid Handicap Index as of the last revision will display as an “NH”.

Address Labels – New Report Creation

GHIN has adde3d Address label reports that will allow a club administrator to produce mailing labels for defined members.  These labels support the multiple address functionality, so the user will be able to select the “Address Type” they wish to print. GHIN has chosen the following most popular Avery label sizes to print mailing labels:
Avery 5262 – 1 1/3  X 4 – This is two column label sheet that supports 7 rows of data or 14 labels.
Avery 5161 – 1 X 4 – This is two column label sheet that supports 10 rows of data or 20 labels
Avery 5160 – 1 X 2 5/8 – This is three column label sheet that supports 10 rows of data or 30 labels

Course Handicap Table Report – New Report Creation

GHIN has add the “Course Handicap Table” report for club officials to run so they can provide Course Handicap values based on an upper and lower range of Handicap Indexes.
This report will closely replicate the report that is available in the USGA CRP program as far as layout and data displayed.
Users have the ability to print multiple tables at once by ensuring the tees they want printed are in the available list.
Additionally, users will be able to print the tables based on gender and the holes filtering option.
The report will default to print a club’s “Home Course”, but the user will have the ability to select tee(s) that are supported by the data from the USGA CRP Data.

Server Error running Handicap Index/CH report

Fixed a Server Error relating to a scenario where the club user logs in after setting up the Course Handicap/HI report with no course/tee selected.

Handicap Index/CH Report: Club selection doesn’t display Course name

GHIN fixed an issue as in related to the display of ‘Course Name’ when selecting a club other than your “Home Courses” for the Handicap Index/CH Report.  Course Name now displays as expected when the selected facility has more than one course associated with it.

Web Ed: Setting Up Hole by Hole Scoring for GHP Golfer

GHIN is pleased to announce the topic for the June Web Education session will cover setting up Hole by Hole scoring for GHP Golfer.

Two sessions will be held Monday, June 24, at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. (ET). With the recently released export file of hole by hole scores for use with the GHIN Handicap Allocation Utility, we want to make sure associations understand how to properly enter scorecard information and offer recommendations on who should be entering the scorecard data. A look at GHP Golfer will provide a visual on what the golfer can expect when posting a hole by hole score at the golf course posting computer.

See the information below on how to login and attend either of the two sessions.

11 a.m. (ET) Session Link and conference call information:

Go to:

Join the conference call: (877) 309-2073 or (224) 649-0001

Access Code: 332-300-319


2 p.m. (ET) Session Link and conference call information:

Go to:

Join the conference call: (877) 309-2073 or (224) 649-0001

Access Code: 585-591-711

Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

For those unable to participate, the session will be recorded and posted to the USGA Info Portal for review.

eClubhouse (Runtime Server) Down Temporarily Due to Web Crawler

Runtime has notified us that they have temporarily brought down eClubhouse due to excessive load on the server caused by a Russian Web Crawler (AKA “Bot” or “Spider”).  They are currently implementing a block to keep it out.  Access will be restored shortly.  This does not impact the NEW eClubhouse users.

These “spiders” are programs that “crawl” through website pages and follow every link and download every page or file which can sometimes create quite a load on the server and even bring it down.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. We will inform you when the fix has been implemented and access has been restored.

GHP Golfer & Handicap Stroke Allocation

Based on feedback received from golf associations, GHIN is pleased to announce that clubs now have the ability to export Hole By Hole scores to be used with the GHIN Handicap Allocation Utility. A new menu item has been added to GHP Club and GHP Association to extract the data.

In GHP Club, from the menu across the top select “Club Settings–>Get Handicap Allocation File”.

GHP Club ViewAllocation Club

In GHP Association, from the menu across the top select “Clubs/Services–>Get Handicap Allocation File”. In GHP Association you will be asked an association and club number to work with before proceeding.

 GHP Association View Allocation Association

A user’s guide has been created for you and your clubs. A PDF version of the document can be downloaded by clicking this link, Handicap Stroke Allocation Users Guide.  A word document version can be found on the USGA Info Portal in the documents section under GHP Online Club. This word document can be used to add your association branding for distribution to clubs.

The GHIN Handicap Allocation Utility can be downloaded through the GHIN Software cd or from the GHIN FTP site. The executable program file is located in the Other GHIN Software folder.

If you have any questions, please contact support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or

GHIN Mobile App – New Release for Android

GHIN is pleased to announce that the latest version of the GHIN Mobile App for Android has moved out of the testing phase and will be posted to the Google Play Store today.  While the functionality of the application mirrors the iOS version released in late April, the most noticeable changes come in the more standardized and streamlined user interface.

The GHIN Mobile app now utilizes the standard Android Action Bar and uses swipe-able tab views to navigate the app.  We believe that the user experience will be greatly enhanced with these changes as it now functions like many other leading apps in the marketplace.  We hope you and your membership enjoy the updated and more streamlined look and feel of the GHIN Mobile app!

Below is a list of the available functionality that accommodates this release:

  • The look and feel is improved with updated controls and smoother page transitions.
  • Users can set up and manage a list of Favorite Courses via the Settings page.  Favorite Courses can be selected during score posting and course handicap calculations.
  • Users can set up and manage a list of playing Partners via the Settings page.  Users select from Partners when calculating partner handicaps and can also select a Partner when viewing scoring stats.  On the Stats page tap on the golfer’s name to select a Partner and see stats for that Partner.
  • The Partner Handicaps page has been redesigned and is much simpler.  Course handicaps can now be calculated for up to 5 partners and the app remembers those partners from session to session.  The entire process of adding partners for a match and selecting a course and tee is now managed from one page.
  • Tournament registration now passes username and password on to TPP Online, so that an app user is logged in to the tournament registration site.
  • The app is Trend Handicap-enabled.  Both the Android and iOS app display properly the golfer’s Trend Index in addition to their Handicap Index on each Stats page.

Please encourage your members to post their reviews of the GHIN Mobile App at the Google Play Store.  We, of course, particularly appreciate glowing reviews!  Complaints or requests for new features can be sent to