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GPAR to USGA InfoPortal Transition Complete

We are pleased to announce that association reports are now being updated on the USGA InfoPortal.

Association reports was the last piece of the transition from GPAR to the InfoPortal, so we are now ready to say goodbye  to the GHIN Portal of Association Resources!  The sunset date for GPAR is scheduled for Friday, March 15th, 2013.

Accessing Association Reports:

Once you log into the InfoPortal ( please follow the steps below to access association reports:

  • Click the GHIN tab (last tab in the navigation bar on top)
  • Hover your mouse pointer over the “GHIN Associations” link in the left navigation section
  • Move your mouse over your association name and click on it
  • Your Association Reports will be in that folder

Requesting Archived Association Reports:

Reports uploaded to the InfoPortal will be purged on a revolving 12 month schedule, which means a document added on 02-27-2013 will be purged 02-27-2014.  The good news is that GHIN has made a complete backup of all association reports that were housed in GPAR and moving forward will continue to archive the reports uploaded to the InfoPortal.

To request archived reports, please send an email to



New eClubhouse Tools

To assist the golf associations with their implementation of the new eClubhouse platform, GHIN has created some educational tools. In addition to the eClubhouse Association Users Guide previously distributed, the following documentation has been created:

  • eClubhouse Club Users Guide
  • Creating an eGolfer Account
  • Registering for an Event

These documents are posted in the USGA info portal, under the GHIN tab, Documents, eClubhouse – eGolfer, 2013 folder. Each of the documents are in Word and PDF format to allow the association to include any additional contact information or association branding.

For additional support, please contact GHIN tech support (800) 940-8535 x1

Mandatory Service Maintenance – Monday February 25, 2013

Monday morning, February 25th, the GHIN hosting facility will be performing hardware upgrades. The servers will be taken offline from 2:00 am – 6:00 am EDT Monday for this mandatory service maintenance. Services impacted for this downtime will be limited to (Post Scores, Handicap Lookup, eGolfer and eClubhouse), GHIN widgets, and TPP Online.

Thank you for your cooperation during this maintenance period.

eClubhouse v1.0 – The Next Generation of eClubhouse has arrived…

With completion of our scheduled maintenance this morning, GHIN is excited and pleased to announce that the much anticipated eClubhouse v1.0 has been released to production. GHIN has completed our final review of the eGolfer/eClubhouse deployment and determined that we can start the process of building out the eClubhouse hierarchy. With this release of eClubhouse, we have also rolled out the latest version of eGolfer, which will be the most immediate and noticeable change to

Click HERE to see all the new functionality and release notes for eClubhouse and eGolfer.

We know that many associations are anxious to start utilizing the product as an additional service offering to their member clubs. However, GHIN wants this process to follow our normal communication flow which will allow us to provide consistent support to ensure that your site is properly setup and that you have the information and tools that will meet your needs.  So, we are asking that each association that wants to set up an Association Site, (which in turn allows you to set up your club sites) to contact GHIN Technical Support when you are ready.  There is no deadline on this, so do not feel pressured to contact us today to get this setup.  If you do want to get started, in order to best serve you, please be prepared to provide the following information when contacting GHIN Technical Support:

  • Association Number
  • Association Name
  • Association Admin user account preferences
    • Existing eGolfer account
    • Create generic association admin

Additionally, to help our association admin users, the GHIN Association Services team has put together documentation that will be a user’s manual aimed at assisting you through most of the functionality of the site.  This document will be sent to you when you request that your site be created. It is also available on the USGA Infoportal.

Lastly, GHIN is preparing documentation to assist club admins on functionality needed to maximize their ability in administering their club site.  We will provide that documentation when it is complete.  As usual our GHIN Technical Support group will continue to be your primary and sole resource for questions regarding the application functionality and to report any issues.  They can be reached via our toll-free phone number (800) 940-8535 x1 or by emailing

Thank You for your support and we hope that you enjoy the new eClubhouse experience.

eClubhouse: v1.0 Feature and Release Notes (2/20/2013)

Administrative Features:

Member Registration Management

  • Ability to “Add” and “Approve” new members with or without a GHIN Number.  Part of this process also automatically creates an eGolfer profile for the member
  • Review membership lists which will display your entire member roster including the column identifying if the golfer has an eGolfer account or not
  • Ability to send an invitation to non-members or inactive members to join a club.  This funtionality uses a default email message template that can be customized at the club-level as a mechanism for growing membership.

News Management:

  • Create News articles that can include images, attachments and interactive links
  • Customize the number of News articles that display at both the association and club level
  • Manage existing news articles (modify or remove)

Manage Events

  • Create Events, including Tournaments, Meetings and Third-party events
  • Flexibility across all event types where the user can include, logos, images, interactive links or other related documents
  • Using the eClubhouse Registration option you can configure Tournament Event Registration and define the collection methods for registrants information, define eligibility criteria and customize and configure various email notifications depending on how the registration process is implemented
  • Ability to export registrants to file so they can be imported into our TPP product lines

Photo Management

  • Create and manage photo galleries
  • Photo galleries can be configured to be private or public

About Us

  • Add and Manage information about the club and any other key information that will be avialable to members and non-members.
  • Admin can use logo, images or interactive links to enhance the user experience

Create and Manage Club Settings

  • Create your own clubs quickly with just a few steps and then allow your club admin to setup the site according to their style and needs
  • Ability to manage news and events for your club admins
  • Ability to customize the club’s URL
  • Create and manage registration questions that allows the club admin to collect additional information about the member during the registration process
  • Add and manage the club’s Membership Benefits and Club Contact Information
  • Define Terms and Conditions that can either be specific to the individual club or choose to  utilize the Association’s or GHIN Terms and Conditions
  • Add and define club admin roles – flexible permissions allows users to be define based on the role that they serve at the club.  (e.g. Communications staff – can be limited to manage just the news and photo sections)

Create and Manage Association Settings

  • Ability to manage news and events for your own association site
  • Ability to customize the Association’s URL
  • Add and manage the Membership Benefits and Association Contact Information
  • Define association’s Terms and Conditions
  • Add and define Association admin roles – same flexible permissions that exist at the club-level apply to the association site as well

Note:  Association Admins can access all clubs that are members of their association via a single login. This allows easy and efficient movement between club sites without having to log out and then relogin to each individual club site.

Misc other Information regarding eClubhouse:

  • Rosters no longer have to be loaded into eClubhouse as it is tied directly into GHP information. Any file maintenance done in GHP Association or Club will automatically transfer to eClubhouse
  • Golfers will access the eClubhouse site by creating an eGolfer account. One account will provide them access to all eClubhouse sites to which they are a member.

Misc other Information eGolfer:

  • Forgot Password Functionality now allows the user to enter in either there <username> or <GHIN Number>.  Additionally if the eGolfer account is locked this procedure will email the user a temporary password and unlock the user account.
  • Enhanced visual representation of the MyGame area on eGolfer
  • Much improved “Edit Profile” Page
  • An issue where golfers were being prompted to log in after navigating from page to page within eGolfer has been resolved.  The issue was inconsistent and had to do with the server environment that resides.
  • The issue with C.H. Calculator not working in Firefox 10.0 and above has been resolved. The issue was when golfer clicks on “C.H. Calculator” button and enters all necessary value; it was not calculating Course Handicap value. Now the C.H. Calculator works in all browsers.
  • A report was added to allow users to compare their stats against those with like handicap indexes.


eClubhouse Launch 2/20/13

On Wednesday, February 20th GHIN will perform maintenance on the website to incorporate the new eClubhouse platform. The process will begin approximately 7:30 am ET and is estimated to last 4 hours. During this time, golfers may experience intermittent service on the site. The GHIN score posting and handicap lookup widgets will also experience intermittent service. Messaging will be posted on the site starting today to alert golfers of the scheduled maintenance.

Once completed, eClubhouse will be ready for your association and its member clubs to utilize! We are thrilled to present this comprehensive tool for your member clubs to organize and manage their events, have a central location for members to go for club information and also offer the opportunity for players to join a club.

The new site features:

  • Administrative Features:
    • Member Registration Management
          This includes adding members, inviting members and managing membership lists
    • Create and Manage News Items
    • Create and Manage Events
          This will include the ability to export registrants to file so they can be imported into TPP
    • Create and Manage Club Settings
    • Create and Manage Association Settings
    • Associations will be able to access all the clubs they are administering with 1 account.
    • Ability to Customize Emails that are sent to golfers when registering for events
  • Rosters no longer have to be loaded into eClubhouse as it is tied directly into GHP information. Any file maintenance done in GHP Association or Club will automatically transfer to eClubhouse.
  • Golfers will access the eClubhouse site by creating an eGolfer account. One account will provide them access to all eClubhouse sites to which they are a member.


As a reminder, the following functionality will be added in phases in future updates of the new eClubhouse platform:

  • eCommerce is not available but there are payment options the clubs can identify along with instructions (i.e., payment by check or credit card pay in the golf shop)
  • Broadcast email to the entire membership
  • The ability for an eGolfer to edit their courses
  • Find a Golfer
  • Association Customization
  • Ability to Customize Emails that are sent to golfers when registering for membership
  • Ability to Setup Email Notifications to Administrators when news and events are added, members register or other system wide events

If your association is interested in creating a brand new eClubhouse site for a member club, please coordinate and designate one association representative to contact GHIN tech support to create an admin account. Once created, that individual can create additional admin accounts for association representatives. This will allow the associations to use a custom naming convention if desired. If you have an eGolfer account already established, please be prepared to provide either your GHIN number or eGolfer user name to tech support.

For those associations that have existing eClubhouse sites, GHIN will be contacting the association directly to work out a custom migration strategy. All associations will be contacted by Friday, March 1st. More detailed instructions and information will be provided to the association once a plan has been determined.

It is not required that all eClubhouse sites move immediately to the new platform. We will continue to support the existing platform at a minimum until eCommerce and broadcast email capability are incorporated into the new platform.



GHP Golfer Installation Tools

In preparation for the fast-approaching busy season, we have refined the installation instructions for GHP Golfer and put together some best practices. As you know, association staff has been out in the field performing installations and migrating clubs from GHP client to GHP Golfer. They have provided valuable feedback on how to improve the process for the rest of you.

The updated documents are located on the association GHIN FTP site as well as the USGA Info Portal.

On the association FTP site, in the GHIN software folder you will find a GHP Online Golfer folder. Within the folder are instructions on the following procedures:

  • Installing GHP Golfer
  • How to auto launch GHP Golfer when the computer is rebooted
  • Creating shortcuts on the desk top for  GHP Golfer and GHP Club (icons are available for your use in the folder)
  • How to map your tees and set up tee scorecard for hole by hole posting
  • Installing the Dymo label to work with GHP Golfer
  • Setting up GHP Golfer to run in full screen mode
  • Setting up Firefox as the default browser (recommended)
  • Setting up GHP Golfer preferences and home courses
  • Setting up GHP Golfer in kiosk mode to prevent internet surfing
  • Disabling kiosk mode

Included in the folder are executable files that might be needed to get the computer ready for GHP Golfer. We would recommend that you copy these files to a flash drive so they are accessible to you during the installation process.

  • Firefox (recommended browser)
  • .Net Framework 3.5 (required for the Dymo label)
  • Adobe Reader (required to run web reports)
  • Windows Service Pack 2 (required to run GHP Golfer)
  • GHINcreatepapersize (required for Dymo label installation)
  • Log Me In (optional remote support tool)
  • Blue, White, Grey GHIN icons (can be used as desk top shortcuts)
  • A text file with important URL addresses that can be quickly copied and pasted

We believe these tools will be beneficial to those out in the field performing the installations. If you have any questions on the instructions or need assistance please contact GHIN tech support at (800) 940-8535 x 1.


Web Ed: Mapping Tees in GHP Association

Following up on the recent BLOG post regarding the final phase of course rating integration, GHIN is pleased to announce the topic for the February Web Education (Web Ed) session will cover mapping tees in GHP Association.

Two sessions will be held Wednesday, February 20, at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. (ET). The presentation will cover the functionality of the “CRP to GHP Course Mapping Management” feature and how the association can utilize it to complete their tee mappings.

See the information below on how to login and attend either of the two sessions.


11 a.m. (ET) Session Link and conference call information:

Go to:

Join the conference call: (877) 309-2073 or (224) 649-0001

Access Code: 522-656-551

Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

Meeting ID: 522-656-551


2 p.m. (ET) Session Link and conference call information:

Go to:

Join the conference call: (877) 309-2073 or (224) 649-0001

Access Code: 644-686-543

Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

Meeting ID: 644-686-543


For those unable to participate, the session will be recorded and posted to the infoportal for review.

President’s Day Holiday – 2/18/13

The USGA will be closed on Monday, February 18, 2013 in observance of the President’s Day holiday.

Any requests received by GHIN Production after 5:00 P.M. (ET) on Friday, February 15, 2013 will be processed in the order in which they were received starting at 9:30 A.M. (ET) on Tuesday, February 19, 2013.

Any Technical Support issues that are received after 7:00 P.M. (ET) on Friday, February 15, 2013 will be processed in the order in which they were received starting at 8:30 A.M. (EDT) on Tuesday,  February 19, 2013. The online GHIN Help Desk and Data on Demand Server will be available during this period, and can be accessed at the following addresses:

Have a safe and happy holiday.

New USGA Branding Available for GHP Client

As was discussed and shown at the Users’ Meeting in October, GHIN is pleased to offer the opportunity for associations to update their GHP Client software with the new USGA branding standards. This software update is strictly a design enhancement and has no impact on client functionality.  The branding allows for a cohesive look between GHP Golfer and Client providing USGA brand recognition to the golfers.

                                    GHP Client                                                                       GHP Golfer










If you are interested in releasing this software update to your clubs please email GHIN tech support at with your association number and the date that you would like the software deployed to your clubs. Once deployed, the clubs will pick up the software on its next normal transmission.

Please be aware, the image files are large and will take additional time for any dial-up club to receive the update.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact GHIN tech support at (800) 940-8535 x1.