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Web Ed: Print Groups in GHP Online

GHIN is pleased to announce the topic for the December Web Education (Web Ed) session will cover the newly released Print Group function for GHP Association and Club.

Two sessions will be held Monday, December 10, 2012, at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. (ET). The presentation will cover creating and managing Print Groups, naming Print Groups and running reports with Print Groups.

See the information below on how to login and attend either of the two sessions.


11 a.m. (ET) Session Link and conference call information:

Go to:

Join the conference call: (877) 510-7841 or (626) 521-0017

Access Code: 119-313-823

Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

Meeting ID: 119-313-823


2 p.m. (ET) Session Link and conference call information:

Go to:

Join the conference call: (877) 510-7841 or (626) 521-0017

Access Code: 824-605-359

Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

Meeting ID: 824-605-359


For those unable to participate, the session will be recorded and posted to the infoportal for review.

GHIN Server Maintenance – November 29, 2012

In a continuing effort to service our associations more efficiently it will be necessary for GHIN to take down the GHIN servers tomorrow morning, Thursday, November 29 at 7:00 am ET for approximately 30 minutes. This will enable us to perform important updates to the servers.

Thank you for your support and patience during this maintenance period.

USGA Closing Early – November 27, 2012

Due to the continuous snowfall today, the USGA has decided to close the offices early at 4:00 pm ET. GHIN staff will be monitoring the system as well any significant issues that may come through our email account.

Otherwise, any Technical Support issues or Production requests that are received this evening will be processed in the order in which they were received after the staff has returned to work tomorrow. The online GHIN Help Desk and the Data On Demand Server will be available during this period, and they can be accessed at the following addresses:

We apologize for the inconvenience.

TPP Online Admin – Login Issues

UPDATED – 10:30am (11/27/2012)

This issue has been resolved, user should have no issue logging into TPP Online Admin.


After our roll-out this morning of TPP Online, we are experiencing an issue with users not being able to login to Association Admin sites only.  This only affects association users, as golfer’s can still login through the Golfer Registration site and register for events.  We working to address this issue and will notify you when this has been fixed.  We apologize for this inconvenience and will have issue remedied as quickly as possible.

NOTE:  Only TPP Online Admin is affected, all other TPP Online sites, including Golfer Registration, Scoring, Points, Clubhouse Viewer, etc are working as expected.

TPP Online Update – November 2012

In observance of cyber-Monday GHIN is offering a two for one deal on product updates.  In addition to this morning’s upgrade of GHP Online and Web Reports, GHIN will be deploying an update to our TPP Online product line as well.  This update to TPP Online is significant in a couple of ways.  First, is the new functionality and issues that are addressed across TPP Online Admin, Golfer Registration, Clubhouse Viewer and the Points modules.  The entire list of features and bug fixes can be found by clicking HERE.  However, here are some of the highlights, feature-wise:

  • Gift Certificate Management
  • Rapid Team Entry
  • Player Substitute
  • Merchandise/Point Distribution and Reporting

Secondly, that it is the final major release before we introduce “Clubs” to TPP Online, meaning after this update is pushed, GHIN will begin integrating existing TPP Online “Clubs” development into our existing TPP Online environment.  While development for TPP Online for “Clubs” has been underway for a couple of months, GHIN will now focus on integrating the database and architecture designs needed for TPP Online to be a product to be used by both associations and their member clubs.  While the first roll-out of the “Clubs” version is still quite a few months out, our development group will be hard at work making the existing TPP Online product(s) suitable for club usage.
There were quite a few changes in this update, so if you experiences any issues, please contact GHIN Technical Support immediately.

NOTE:  actual release will most likely occur tomorrow, Tuesday, November 27, 2012 and will NOT affect your usage of the product as no downtime is required.

TPP Online Solution: November 2012 (TPP Online)


Rapid Team Entry
GHIN has added the Rapid Team Entry Functionality to TPP Online.  Rapid Team Entry is a feature that allows player entry and team creation at the same time. Whether you need to add teams of players at the last minute or would like to rapidly add players and create your teams at the same time, Rapid Team Entry is your solution.

Player Import – Skip Fields
GHIN has added a new feature to the Player Import process on TPP Online to allow “skipping” certain fields in the import file.

Player Substitute
GHIN has added the ability for Player Substitutions to TPP Online.  Player substitutions can be added from the Master Player List, Club Roster or Wait List.
When a player is selected from the master player list a look up is done from GHP Online to get the selected player’s handicap index. Once the player has been substituted into the tournament his/her HI is then updated.
When a player is selected from the club roster an entry is made to the master player list if the player does not exist.  If the player exists the information is either updated or replaced from GHP depending on the “Save Changes to Master Player” checkbox selection.

Merchandise/Points Distribution
GHIN has added Merchandise/Points Distribution functionality to TPP Online.  The main function of Build Merchandise/Points Management is to provide limitless flexibility for you to design and edit your own Merchandise/Points distributions. Once you design your own Merchandise/Points distribution, it will be an available format during reporting.

TPP Online – Review Merchandise/Points Results
A feature has been added to Merchandise Reports and Gift Certificate Management where you will have the ability to Review Merchandise and Points results prior to the reports or gift certificates are generated.
The ability to add, delete or modify positions is available prior to generating the report or gift certificates.

TPP Online Scoring Reports – Merchandise
GHIN has added the functionality of Merchandise Reports to TPP Online.  The reports are available under the Scoring section of the Reporting Module.

Gift Certificate Management
GHIN has implemented Gift Certificate Management for TPP Online.  The Gift Certificate Management feature allows you to keep track of the gift certificates that have been issued through the TPP Online. The Gift Certificate Management page displays a listing of players who have been issued a gift certificate as a prize for an event they have entered or have received by way of a gift. The gift certificate number, the gift certificate award, the date issued, the date expired and the event name will also be displayed. At this page, you can Add, Edit or Delete the gift certificates your club has issued.

OnCourse Leaderboard Display
GHIN has implemented the OnCourse Leaderboard functionality to TPP Online.  You are able to set the order in which players/matches are displayed on the leaderboard for either stroke play or match play tournaments.

Courses “Used” in tournaments
A feature has been added in Course Management which allows you to see events a course is assigned too.  If a course is tied to an event, it cannot be removed.  If a course is not tied to an event, you will have the ability to remove the course.

Display counts when adding players from Club List
When adding players from a club list, GHIN has added the ability to display the count of players that have been added.

“Default Tees” changed Alert added
When editing a tournament and the default tees are changed, a prompt has been added which will ask if you would like to go to reassign tee.

Setup Net Information Prompt
When creating a tournament in TPP Online, GHIN has added a link on the tournament creation page for the user to go to the Net Information page is so desired.

ISSUES Resolved:

Hole Location Report – Displaying Depth Location Locations whether turned on or off
Resolved an issue with the Hole Location Report on TPP Online where it was displaying labels when the option was not selected.  This has now be corrected.

TPP Online – Points issue, when awarding less than 1 point
An issue has been resolved with TPP Online Points when awarding less than 1 point; typically this occurs in the case of a tie.

Server Error:  When running Scoring Newspaper Report
A server issue that was occurring when running a Scoring Newspaper Report has been addressed.

Net Scoring Reports not handling + HI/CH properly
Resolved an issue in TPP Online where Net Scoring reports were not handling + HI/CH properly.

Tie Breaker Methods for Pairings when using Sum Gross Score
When creating Pairings based off of Sum of Gross Score (or Sum of Net Score), Pairing Position and Return Sequence has been added to the Tie Breaker Method.

Input String was not in correct format when trying to access Pairings Management
A server issue that was occurring when accessing pairings management has been addressed.

Player Import – Username and Birth Date
An issue that was occurring when importing players if the “birth date” was blank or if the same username already existed in the database has been addressed.

TPP Online Admin – Pairings Issue with College Format
An issue has been resolved when the Pairing Method is set to college and the distribution did not adjust properly when the group is set to a number greater than 1.

Tournament Creation – Give Confirmation Msg
When adding a tournament to TPP Online a confirmation message will be displayed when the tournament is created.

TPP Online Clubhouse View-Multiple Course Issue w/Teams
An issue has been resolved when using TPP Online Clubhouse Viewer for tournaments with multiple courses.  The course short name now displays on the results page for the team groups.  This was only a Team display issue.

TPP Online New User Registration-Old Deleted User Name, Error On Page
An issue has been resolved regarding golfer registration when the golfer is trying to use a username that was previously used and in the Deleted List.
The registration will now check the deleted golfers list when validating usernames for newly registered golfers.

TPP Clubhouse Viewer Not pulling School Name to the Leaderboard Display
Resolved an issue where a player’s school name was not displaying in TPP Online Clubhouse Viewer.

Print Groups – GHP Online & Web Reports Integration

After communications and discussions with many SRGAs, including a recommendation by our GHIN Steering Committee, GHIN is pleased to announce that "Print Groups" are now supported within GHP Online and our existing Web Reports products. Upon our successful and highly acclaimed release of the GHP Online - Golfer application, we are seeing our associations and their member clubs moving platforms from the existing client application to our GHP Online Products. Though this migration is still in its infancy, it has already become clear that the need for centrally housing Print Group data has made this request one of most backed items on our User Voice site for functionality enhancements. GHIN plans to release this update on ​Monday, November 26th, 2012. Read the rest of this entry »

2012 November 26 (Print Groups)

Print Groups – Management Page
A new feature has been added to both GHP Online Association and Club sites. The ability to add, modify and delete Print Groups can be found under Club Settings > Print Groups.
Functionality includes the ability to Create a New Print Group and added an applicable label.  Modify the Name of the Print Group’s Label, and remove the Print Group.

Print Groups – Manage Members Page
From the Print Groups Management page, once you click the “Edit Members” link will bring you to the page where you can select the golfers for the assignment to applicable Print Group.  The page defaults to a listing of all active golfers.  While this list may  be long for larger clubs, we have added several filters and sorting options for easier identification of golfers that you want to select and add to the Print Group.
Filtering Options include Service, Status, Gender and “Selected Only”.  By using a combination of the filters the user can zero in on the golfers that they want to add to the print group., For example, by filtering all male golfers in Service 1 that are active.  Then using the sorting options you can sort by name and find the golfers easily.
One of the other filters added was “Show Selected Only” allows the user to display only the golfers that have been assigned to applicable print group.  This gives the user a snapshot of who is a member of that print group.
There are two options for selecting/deselecting for assignment to a Print Group that is controlled via check-box located above the player list.
The “Use “Selection/Listbox” Selection Mode” controls the selection process.
If the check-box is unchecked the user can just click on golfers to select and deselect players.  This option is best for users who have a small subset of players to select and just want to click on the applicable golfers.
If the check-box is checked the user then uses the Shift Key to highlight a group of golfers listed in an order defined by filtering and sorting.  You can also use the Control Key to pick individual golfers in addition to the groups that have been highlighted.  Best used when the user will be picking many golfers that can be listed or grouped in a way that makes it more efficient to select groups and few “one-off” golfers.
Lastly the page has buttons below the listing of golfers that allow the user to “Select All”, “Clear Selected” and Save.  Once you have selected the golfers for the the Print Group, use the “Print Group Maintenance” link at the top of the page to navigate back to the main management page.

Print Groups – Web Reports Integration
Since Print Group Management has developed for GHP Online, the next integration piece was for Web Reports to use these print groups for a club’s printing needs.  You will see that once a club is defined in Web Reports there is a new filter for Print Groups underneath the service filter. If the club is not utilizing print groups, then the option with be set to “None”.  However, for those clubs that have Print Groups defined in GHP Online, this filter option will contain the print groups created by the club.
The Print Group filter is below the service filter, so if you have golfers in a print group that span services, make sure that your service filter = All and then select the Print Group.

GHIN Mobile App – New Release for Android

GHIN is pleased to announce that a new release of the GHIN Mobile App for Android devices has been published to the Google Play Store and is now available for downloading.  This is the same release that was demoed at the GHIN Users’ Meeting last month.

This release includes the following enhancements:

  • Course and Tee information now comes from the USGA’s Course Rating Program, which means courses are no longer limited to states using the GHIN service.  Golfers can select a course from anywhere in the USA.
  • The My Game page now presents more views of a golfer’s scores and handicap history.  In addition to the original Recent Scores page, the App now includes pages for Handicap History, Revision Scores, Tournament Scores, Scores by Course and Tee, and Nine Hole/Combined Scores.
  • All scoring pages in My Game now show Differential as a column.
  • All scoring pages in My Game now show the full course name played by wrapping the name to a new line rather than truncating the name so it fits on one line.
  • All pages in My Game now include basic calculated statistics in the page footer.  For example, scoring pages show number of scores, high score, low score, and average score.  The Handicap History page shows high handicap index and low handicap index for the past year’s worth of revisions.
  • The data on all My Game pages can be sorted by tapping on any column label.  Tapping on a column label once sorts the data in ascending order; tapping again on the same label sorts the data in descending order.
  • Score posting no longer allowed for courses that are in the off-season.
  • Performance improvements to shorten launch and page load times.
  • Error messages have been reworded to provide clearer indication of the problem encountered.

Please encourage your members to post their reviews of the GHIN Mobile App at the Google Play Store.  We, of course, particularly appreciate glowing reviews!  Complaints or requests for new features can be sent to

The iOS version of the GHIN Mobile App is in the final stages of testing and will be released soon.


Mandatory USGA Email Maintenance – November 15, 2012

We have just been informed there will be mandatory USGA email maintenance performed this evening from 5:30 – 9:30 pm ET. Please send any email support questions to during this time. You may also contact a tech support person via phone at (800) 940-8535 x1.