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TPP Online Solution: 29 – May 2012 (TPP Online Update)

2901: TPP Online Custom Player Entry
The Custom Player Entry screen provides options to add players to the tournament by inputting information based on what the user chooses.  This functionality gives the user flexibility and control over the data that a particular tournament uses, plus the ability to overwrite data in the Master Player List, should that option be used.  Players will be added to the tournament and if no record for this player exists in the master player list one will be created.
Upon accessing the Custom Player Entry function (via the Players > Other Add/Remove Player Options > Custom Player List), the user will need select the fields that they wish use in adding the golfers.  Once set this information is saved, so that the next time the user selects this option, it will retain the previous selection(s),  Once the fields are selected, the user clicks the “Next” button and is placed on the Data Entry page.  The Data Entry page is broken into 2 sections.  The top section is for the user to select a comparison method, displays a running total of the number of golfers to be added and then a the option to “Update Master Player List”.  When this option is checked, the information that is added for the selected fields will overwrite any existing data that may have been saved in the Master Player List, whether data is overwritten or not is based on a match indicated by the Comparison Method.
The second section is the data entry grid, which has many similarities to Excel, in that the user can navigate the grid by inputting data and then hitting the tab button to advance to the next cell. This grid is designed to eliminate the need to move from keyboard and mouse in an effort to make the process more rapid.  Any header field in red text indicates a required field.
In order to ensure that the golfer add process completes without incident the user is limited to adding 20 players at a time.  Once all rows in the data grid have been filled, the user will click “Save” and the golfers will be processed.
Lastly, the data grid contains a column with a “Clear” link associated with it.  This will clear all the information inputted for the player in that row.  The previous button on the bottom of the page, navigates the user back the “Select Fields” page.
Optional Fields 5-10 are also supported.

2940: TPP Online – Player Import
The Player Import function uses many of the existing functions that were built for custom player entry, so you will see many similarities between the two functions.  The user can access the “Player Import/Export Data” function via the Player > Other Tournament Player Options > Export Tournament Player Data \ Import Tournament Player Data. As with Custom Player List, the initial screen the user is presented is the Field selection page.  The upper section indicates an area where the user can select choose to an existing template to use or build from scratch.  If a template file is selected the select fields information will automatically be built, otherwise the user chooses the type of file they will be importing and then builds out the selected fields based on the layout of their import file.  The user then clicks Next.
The Data Comparison Portion and “Update Master Player List” is similar to the Custom Player options.  Including the option to overwrite the data where a comparison match is met.
The File Import Settings: has the following options:
Apply Handicap Index for Players Already in Tournament:  If HI is part of the import process, the user can choose to have the imported HI to be the HI that the golfer plays by. (see Round)
Save Template: – Once completed, does the user want to save the template for use later in importing players.
Round: – Indicates where the HI that is imported should be used (and any subsequent rounds)
File: select the file to be imported.
Once Saved, the user will be provided the number of golfers successfully added to the event.
At any point on the user can navigate the wizard, by using the Previous button, located on the bottom of each page.
Optional Fields 5-10 are also supported.

3089: Custom Player Entry/Player Import – Local Number Comparison
GHIN has added a new feature to Custom Player Data Entry and Player Import for Local Number comparison.  If multiple players with the same local number found, a grid will display for the user to select the player from the list.  Note, this functionality will only be seen if the user has defined the Comparison method as “GHIN Number, Local Number, Prompt on Name”. When grid displays, the user will have three options to choose from:
Select the player from the existing list
Add the player as new golfer, where a new master player list record will be created
Totally skip the record and continue on.

2946: New Menu Structure
All Pages: New Menu Structure – as we build out all functionality of TPP Online and the requirement to support display resolution of 1024, we have restructured the navigation menu slightly.  Scorecards and Reports under a single menu option and added the menu for “Other” which currently holds the “Chelsea” Import function and Club Officials, where enabled.

2921: Single-Click Tournament Selection:
The Tournament Selection page has been modified to include the ability to select a tournament by clicking on the tournament row in the selection grid.  The previous functionality required that you select the row, then click the Select Tournament button.

2947: Chelsea Import/Export
GHIN has added the Chelsea Import/Export functionality to TPP Online.  This function allows the user to import/export data that is specific to the Chelsea Tee Time system.

3001: Round Robin Scoring
Following the client’s lead the Round Robin / League Scoring page provides you with all the necessary components to get you started with round robin/ league play result entry.  There are two main options that are provided that allow for flexibility in how you determine results for Round Robin or League Play events.  To access the Round Robin / League Scoring page, go to Scoring > Round Robin / League Scoring.
The first option is a more manual and fl;flexible approach where you can select each match in each flight and enter in the winner of match or indicate a halved match.  This is where the user can also choose to manually enter in the points awarded to both the winner/loser of the match.
A more automatic approach can be set via the “Options” button on the main Scoring Page.  By clicking on the options function, the user can automatically assign point values for the winner and/or loser.  There is also an option whether you can define the point values for each team based on a “halved” match.
Either option that is used to assign point results, the user is still required to determine the match results per match, per flight in order to get a full result breakdown.

3039: Player Email
GHIN has now added the functionality to email players directly via TPP Online interface.  Since, the TPP Online databases are on a hosted site, the user no longer needs to use their existing email client, as the emails delivery system is shared with our other messaging options for TPP Online.
The interface allows a user to email players associated with a tournament, where emails can be sent to players in the tournament, wait list, qualifiers or to all.
You can access this functionality via the Players > Other Tournament Player Functions > Email Players.
The “From” address will be pre-populated with the email address, but this can be overwritten to an address that you prefer.  By changing the “From” address, if the email reception choose to reply, the “From” address will receive the email.
Lastly, the “To”, “CC” and “BCC” buttons when clicked will only allow selection of golfers that have an email address that is populated via Tournament Player Management.

3055: Tournament Removal – Remove Multiple Tournaments
Added the ability to “bulk” removed Tournaments from TPP Online.  Using the “Remove Tournaments” option, under the Tournaments menu option, you will check (via the check-box) as many tournaments as needed and click the “Remove Selected Tournaments” button.  A couple of items to note, you can filter your tournament list down using a season and/or member group.  The list will not be paged, allowing the selection and deletion as many events as defined by the user chooses.  Also, as part of this process, GHIN has added the functionality to remove players as well as the tournaments in an effort to keep your master player list as clean as possible.  This is functionality that we developed based on client’s current functionality.  So, when a user chooses to delete a tournament via “Remove Tournaments”, they will be prompted to “Remove Players and Tournaments” or “Remove Tournaments Only”.  Where selecting the option to remove both players and tournaments, players will be removed master player list if they are NOT currently in any other event or are in the process of registering for an event.  Obviously, selecting the option for removing tournaments only will keep the master player list intact and no golfers will be deleted.  Note, once completed this function cannot be UNDONE.

2814: Cup Match Setup causes Scoring for Cup Matches gives Server Error
An Server issue that was occurring when accessing the scoring page for a Cup Match event has been addressed.

2875: Added to Wait List, when Moved to Tournament – Not Charged full amount
An issue that affected only users of the vault has been addressed.  The issue was when the golfer registered for an event and was placed in the Wait List.  If there was a cart/caddie fee, the amount charged was not including the additional fee,  This has been addressed.

3083: Reassign Tee Repairs
Reassign Tees on Round Robin has been fixed to repair a bug that has existed from the TPP Client days.  On the current system, if you build RR pairings, and then moved a flight to another course, everything work as expected, however if you then moved that flight to yet another course, the pairings disappeared.
This was caused by a trigger/stored procedure bug that existed from when only TPP Client existed.  It’s now been repaired.

3021: TPP Online Scoring Site – Issue with Designate Amateurs with (a)
The following scoring display issue has been resolved:
If a player is marked as “Pro” in Tournament Player Management through TPP Online Admin, and then you use the option of “Designate Amateurs with (a)” via Scoring Website Setup > Display Settings – all “Pros” were designated as “a” amateurs.

2954: TPP Online Admin – Transaction History Error
The following IE8 bugs has been addressed: When clicking on a link for a Transaction History Record in TPP Online and the golfer did not pay by Credit Card (Paid by Check), no information displays and an “Error on Page” occurs.

2962: TPP Online Admin – Stroke Play Pairings Error in 9-hole Shotgun Round
An error was occurring in TPP Online pairings when creating a shotgun pairings for a 9-hole event.  This has been addressed.

2996: TPP Online Admin – Qualifier Issue with Creating Tournament
A timeout issue with creating a new tournament based on a qualifier has been addressed.  This process can vary based on volume of processing needed.  GHIN was able to address this issue by adjusting timeout values for certain operations.

2915: TPP Online Reports – Pairings, Multiple Round Issue
The following issue has been resolved in reports:
When running 2 of the Multiple Round Pairing Reports, specifically the Two Round (H.I. Only) and Two Round (Name Only), only the 1st column will properly display the Tee & Time, and 2nd column does not, just listing the player names.

2999: Import tournament failed – Constraint conflict
An issue when importing a tournament has been addressed.  The issue was limited to those associations that utilize Club Officials functionality.

2889: Team Management-Remove Teams wording issue
The messaging and display associated with removing a team in team management has been cleaned up.

3097: Allow Reassign Starting Times to update Group Number
The feature “Allows Reassign Starting Times to update Group Number” has been added under Pairings > Reassign Starting Times. The feature enhancements on this page include:
A column with current Group Number (Old #) which will display the current group number
A column with new Group Number with textboxes (New#) where you will able to enter new Group Number
A button “Set Group Numbers To Grid Order” which will allow to set all the group numbers with a single click and modified at the same time
Allow for sorting of the groups by existing Tee (Old Tee), Time (Old Time) or Group (Old#)

TPP Online Update: 5/29/2012 Client Replication Upgrade!!!

UPDATE: 5/29/2012 – 5:00pm EDT:  GHIN is pleased to announce that a release to our TPP Online environment was just pushed…  For latest version of release notes click here.

GHIN is finalizing some last items and are preparing for a software deployment to our TPP Online environment on Tuesday, May 29th, 2012.  This release will address some outstanding issues that have been reported as well as provide additional functionality that was only previously found in our TPP client application.  Since this release will only impact TPP Online – Admin pages, there will be no down-time required or disruption of services for you or your membership.

This is a significant release as GHIN will be working on completing, finalizing and deploying all remaining functional items needed so that TPP Online can run as a stand-alone system without compromising functions used by your or individual clubs.  For a full report of issues and the new functionality that will be available in this release, please see the Release Notes area of the GHIN Blog.

With the core functionality completed and solid architecture defined, GHIN will continue to focus on bringing this product to the club-level.  While most of TPP Online –Administration will be reused at the club-level environment, GHIN realizes there will be additional functionality and customizations that is required for club use and modify the application as necessary.  We will be looking for feedback and recommendations from our GHIN Steering Committee and our UserVoice site, so please use both of these resources to ensure that the TPP Online product meets your and club’s needs.

Thanks — GHIN

Memorial Day Holiday – 5/28/2012

The USGA will be closed on Monday, May 28, 2012 inobservance of the Memorial Day holiday.  We are pleased to inform you that GHIN will have a Technical Support representative available from 9:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M. EDT.  GHIN Production will be closed on this day.

Any requests received by GHIN Production after 5:00 P.M. (EDT) on Friday, May 25, 2012 will be processed in the order in which they were received starting at 9:30 A.M. (EDT) on Tuesday, May 29, 2012.

Any Technical Support issues that are received after 1:00 P.M. (EDT) on Monday, May 28, 2012 will be processed in the order in which they were received starting at 8:30 A.M. (EDT) on Tuesday, May 29, 2012. The on-line GHIN Help Desk and the Data on Demand Server will be available during this period, and they can be accessed at the following addresses:

Thank you and have a safe and happy holiday

Web Ed: TPP Online – Scoring Website Setup & Scoring Pages

GHIN is pleased to announce that the topic for the May Web Education (Web Ed) session will be TPP Online – Scoring Website Setup & Scoring Pages. The two sessions will be Monday, May 21, 2012 at 11 a.m. (Eastern) and 2 p.m. (Eastern). This session will provide an overview of the various scoring page setup items for Stroke Play (Player and Teams), Match Play and Cup Matches. Additionally, we will cover the style-sheet editor and how it can be used to better brand your scoring pages in both full and mobile browser views. Read the rest of this entry »

eClubhouse Update

The target date to get eClubhouse "Beta" from WebTeks was tentatively planned for May 14th. Due to unforeseen internal reorganization at Web Teks (the third-party vendor developing the site), that date will be delayed. As a result, the launch of eClubhouse tentatively scheduled for May 18th, will also be delayed. At this time we cannot provide an exact date, but will keep you informed during the next few weeks so that you have plenty of time to notify your clubs prior to the transition. Read the rest of this entry »

Revision Performance 6 p.m. Update – May 15, 2012

Revision Performance 6 p.m. Update - May 15, 2012 As reported this morning, we have been monitoring performance to determine the root cause of our network latency. Through a measured process beginning at 1:00 am this morning, we controlled processing, and then selectively suspended various services and operations which helped to isolate significant pieces of the network and GHIN functionality. Based on the gathered metrics, a configuration change was identified and put in place at approximately 10 a.m. EDT. Not only were eRevisions successfully distributed before 5:00 a.m. this morning, overall performance returned to normal levels after the configuration change and GHIN services were quickly reactivated. Read the rest of this entry »

GHP Client Golfer Status Issue

Within the last week, GHIN received several reports of member reactivations/inactivations that were transmitted from GHP Client and failed to register in the GHIN central database.  After extensive research, GHIN was able to determined that an intermittent issue with some transmissions occurred starting on Thursday, April 26th and was resolved when a stored procedure was updated on April 30th.

This issue did not impact all transmissions, but we have identified which clubs may have had failed transactions and we will confirm that these clubs’ member statuses are correct in the GHIN DB – there is nothing further that you or your clubs need to do to correct this error.  We are also taking steps to ensure that in the future, if a similar issue occurs GHP transmissions will return appropriate messaging and error response.  Once the status review is complete, we can provide a list of the clubs that had golfer statuses corrected.

Please contact technical support if you have any questions, or need additional information.