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Update – TPP Online Release: (Multiple commerce accounts support)

GHIN is pleased to announce that we published an update to TPP Online this afternoon which includes the ability to support multiple commerce accounts for TPP Online.  (Note: the commerce accounts must be setup through our current gateway provider – NMI)   This will allow you to set a commerce gateway per event, or per season. Additionally, you will have the ability to set a commerce account for Donations or for Member Programs.
Within the TPP Online Administration site, you will have the ability to setup a commerce gateway for:

  • A Season
  • An Event
  • Member Programs

Commerce Gateways will continue to be setup by GHIN staff as part of your site’s configuration settings.  If you would like multiple commerce accounts for TPP Online, please contact GHIN Technical Support and they will work with you to get them established.

GHIN is continuing to build out its TPP Online Admin application to include all needed functionality as we prepare for TPP Online use at the club-level.  There is still some more functionality to go, but not much, so as we near the end of this development initiative, you may see a couple more releases that contain the final pieces of client replication.  In addition to supporting multiple commerce accounts, this release also contains 5 features that relate to client replication and 5 issues that have been addressed.  To see a complete listing of the release notes click here.

Thanks – GHIN Development

TPP Online Solution: 2012 January 26

2774: Cup Matches – Select Teams / Setup Rounds

Replicate Client Functionality:
GHIN has combined the two functions of selecting a Team Group that will define the sides in Cup play with the function of defining the setup for each round.  These function are now located under Tournament > Cup Matches > Select Team Groups for “Sides” / Round Setup.


2813: Cup Match – Setup Matches

Replicate Client Functionality:
The “Setup Matches” page found under Tournament > Cup Matches > Setup Cup Matches.  This page is used by the tournament administrator to identify the players (or players that define a team) that will compete in the selected round’s matches.


2815: Reassign Starting Times

Replicate Client Functionality:
This feature allows you to make starting time and tee changes to existing pairings without having to re-make pairings. To change the starting time of a group you can easily type over the existing time and use drop-down boxes to assign new tees.  As with the client the modal window displays the individuals that make up the pairing group as well as the original starting time and tee.

2816: TPP Online Cup Match Scoring – Display Player Names as Team Name when scoring

A check box has been added to the match play scoring screen so that a user who is scoring a team cup match event can toggle between display Players or Team Name in the scoring grid.  By checking or unchecking the  “Always use Player Names to display team:” a user can toggle between the two views.


2849: Need ability to reactivate a deleted Club Official

For those associations that are using the club officials site for TPP Online a new feature has been added to the Club Officials Management page.  For club officials who were deleted, you can now reactivate them.  To do so, filter your club official list by showing “Deleted Club Officials”, selecting the club official(s) and clicking on the new reactivate button.


2869: Team Club Play Email Templates has blank Data Value Tokens

For the associations that are using the Team Club Play module for TPP Online, GHIN has addressed an issue with data value token in the email templates.  The following data value tokens are now working as expected:
{League Sponsor}
{Round Number}
{Round Dates}
{Round Description}
{Round Description/Dates}
Additionally, the {Email Address} data token will be taken from the logged in user, so that players having questions send their questions/inquiries to the appropriate Team Captains.


2870: Team Club Play League Email Template

An issue with league specific email templates has been addressed.  The issue was once you checked the option that you wanted to create a league specific email template there was no way to defer back to the using the “Global” email template. This has been addressed and you can now easily toggle between using either template.


2799: Generating Scorecards gives Server Error when using Wheel Method

GHIN development has addressed a Server Error issue that was occurring when pairings had been setup using the “Wheel” method.  You can now run scorecards from “Wheel” events run through TPP Online without issue.


2806: Team Creation Method – Member/Guest is not creating teams properly

The option to create teams using the Member/Guest method was not working as expected.  The issue was that the teams were created, but any golfer in the list who was marked “member” was not teamed, leaving them in the Available List.  This issue has been addressed and the create teams using the Member/Guest method is working as intended.

2851: Embedded Scorecard not displaying correctly in IE9

That was an issue with how embedded scorecards were displaying on our scoring sites if the user was utilizing IE9.  This has been addressed and the scoring pages should now display as expected in IE9.

Announcement – GHIN Mobile App v1.0

We are excited to announce the arrival of the official GHIN mobile app. GHIN Mobile is now available for your review via the Android Market. Click here to go directly to the landing page of the GHIN Mobile app where you can install it onto your Android enabled device. GHIN Mobile for iOS will be available for download via the iTunes store soon, as Apple has an approval process that takes a few days to navigate. We will be notifying you as soon as Apple has finalized the approved process and the app is published to the iTunes Store. Read the rest of this entry »

Web Ed: TPP Online Clubhouse Viewer

GHIN is pleased to announce the topic for the January Web Education (Web Ed) session will be TPP Online Clubhouse Viewer.  The two sessions will be Monday, January 30, 2012 at 11 a.m. (Eastern) and 2 p.m. (Eastern).  This session will cover the new browser-based viewer to present live scoring on displays.  This session will be presented by John Stern, Assistant Manager, GHIN Technical Support.  The session will run approximately 30 minutes as an online meeting using Microsoft Office Live Meeting.

11 a.m. (EST) Session Link


2 p.m. (EST) Session Link


Live Meeting Information

– Computer Audio (To use computer audio, you need speakers or a headset.)

To save time before the meeting, check your system to make sure it is ready to use Microsoft Office Live Meeting.

Unable to join the meeting?  Follow these steps:
1. Copy this address and paste it into your web browser:
2. Copy and paste the required information:

Meeting ID: 9R9DZF (MNCT3B for the 2 p.m. EST Session)

Entry Code: S3{|d’?-F


If you still cannot enter the meeting, contact support:

Microsoft Office Live Meeting can be used to record meetings.  By participating in this meeting, you agree that your communications may be monitored or recorded at any time during the meeting.

Monthly GHIN Education for 2012

GHIN is pleased to announce monthly education for GHIN association representatives.  Topics will generally be new GHIN products or features, but may also cover topics related to providing member services.  From time to time we may ask association representatives to assist in the preparation and presentation, so that an expert peer perspective can be presented.  We have scheduled the 2012 sessions to be one of the last Mondays of each month.  There will be two live sessions on each topic.  One will be conducted at 11 a.m. (Eastern) and the other at 2 p.m. (Eastern).  Sessions will generally run 15 to 45 minutes.  Each session will be recorded and the better of the two will be posted on our info portal later in the week.  We will be conducting these sessions as Web broadcasts that will be hosted on Live Meeting but will not require a phone connection.  The one-way audio will be provided through the Web connection.

The schedule is as follows:


January 30


February 27


March 26


April 30


May 21 *


June 25


July 30


August 27


September 24


October 29


November 26


December 17 *

*  Earlier due to holiday conflicts.

Additional session dates may be added as product and feature releases warrant.  Please watch the GHIN Blog for future announcements.

2012 Handicap Membership Card Orders – Follow Up

This is a follow up notice to all associations who might still want to take advantage of the bulk order discount for GHIN Handicap Membership Cards. This order will be submitted to our vendor Drew & Rogers, Inc. early next week in order to meet the end of January deadline. Any association who has not contacted me yet and wishing to take advantage of the volume discount must submit their order by January 13th with any artwork they wish to use on their card. Read the rest of this entry »

List of eClubs (XLS) Sent to Associations Today

Associations that have clubs using the existing eClubhouse platform should have received an email containing a list of eClubhouse sites (Excel Spreadsheet) today. As noted in the email - please review and let us know if there are any clubs that you know have stopped using it, or have disbanded etc. We can remove them from the equation when transitioning to the new platform. Read the rest of this entry »

New TPP Online Feature – Unlocked…

There have been countless inquires regarding the availability to import a tournament directly into TPP Online and we are happy to announce that this feature is now available as a menu option.  Last night we made the functionality public and accessible via the Tournament Menu. So to import a tournament that was exported via TPP Online ONLY, select a tournament and then via the Tournament menu, select Import Tournament.  You can then browse for the tournament that was exported and select it.  You also have access to the other functions available during the tournament import process:

Player Comparison: Displays a list of Comparison options. The Comparison option is a procedure used to assist you in building and maintaining your Master Player List while you are adding or importing players into a tournament. The Comparison options include: GHIN Number Only; GHIN Number and/or Name; GHIN Number and/or Local Number Only; GHIN Number, Local Number, Name.
Overwrite Information In Master Player Database (if applicable): Displays an option to update the player information in your Master Player List while you are Importing Players.

One very important note, since the TPP client and TPP Online version have significant differences in the amount of data stored and well as the way it is stored; GHIN will only support the cases where tournaments that are exported from one platform are imported into back into that platform.  The general rule is if your export from the client, import via the client and if you export via TPP Online, import via TPP Online, otherwise GHIN Support may not be able to assist you with errors that may arise due to data conflicts.

GHIN Development

eClubhouse – Document for Associations to Share with Clubs

We have been asked by a few associations to prepare a document that will introduce club administrators to the new eClubhouse, prepare them for what is coming and provide some guidance as to what to expect once the transition occurs. Read the rest of this entry »