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GHIN Mobile App Launch Plan

GHIN is finalizing the process for the official launch of our mobile application in both the Android Market and iTunes Store, We have submitted both applications for review and are in the "approval" process. Once approved (which may take several days to over a week to complete) we will notify you when each is available for download. Typically, Android is much quicker with approval, so that app will most likely be available first. Read the rest of this entry »

eNewsletter Schedule set for 2012!!!

GHIN has set the schedule for 2012 based on what we had setup for 2011, so you should expect your eNewsletter deliveries occurring during a similar time-frame in which they were received in the past. Below is a list of associations including the sub-association that are set to go on 1/1/2012. For those on the list, please make sure that you have identified an active template prior to the eNewsletters starting to run at around 1:00am EST on 1/1/2012. If you are scheduled and do wish to not be included in this revision, please let us know ASAP. Additionally, if you are not on the scheduled list and should be, let us know and we will get you on the schedule. As always, test your templates to ensure content, links and other interactive widgets are working as you wish... "Happy eNewslettering" in 2012: Read the rest of this entry »

GHIN Mobile App – New Image Requirements for Android

The GHIN Mobile App documentation has been updated to include the graphical requirements for Android devices. Read the rest of this entry »

Your in-GHIN-ious Ideas Site = Disabled (Replacement on its way…)

As we reported on November 22nd, in a Blog Post entitled, "Changes to the “Your In-GHIN-ious Ideas Site”, the company that provides our "crowd-sourcing" product has changed their "voting" methodology and no longer supports the "chips" concept. We tried diligently to work with them, so that we could continue to use their site, but ultimately it proved unsuccessful. Since GHIN can no longer manage the product in the manner in which we could previously, we have disable the site as of 4pm, 12/7/2011 EST. Read the rest of this entry »

GHIN Mobile App Update

As announced at the 2011 GHIN Users’ Meeting, GHIN has developed the GHIN Mobile App, which is a FREE value added service to all associations using the GHIN service. Building on top of the Metropolitan Golf Association’s “myMGA” app allowed GHIN to move quickly in getting this product onto your member’s mobile phones. Read the rest of this entry »