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TPP Online Solution: 2011 November 30 (Team Club Play Enhancements)

2794: Add Customizable INC and CSS for Team Play Reports
The reports that are generated from TPP Team Club Play site can now be customized so that they can be easily embedded or incorporated into an association’s website.

2795: Advanced Schedule Mgmt – Highlight “bad” entries before saving
Under Divisions > Schedule (Advanced), Administrator-level users can modify the weekly schedule utilizing easy to use drop-down boxes.  Doing this manual process can lead to confusion, especially in a “home and away” Round Robin scenario. So, GHIN incorporated a highlighting technique where matches that are duplicated or cause an incomplete “home and away” scenario are highlighted and easily identified for the administrator to correct.

2832: Team Club Play – Allow teams to be created from Multiple Clubs
We allow for Team Captains to draw from multiple (up to 4) club numbers that can be used selecting players for the Team Roster.  Useful for when club(s) are not large enough to field a roster themselves and align themselves with other clubs wishing to participate in Inter-club matches.

2833: Team Club Play – Confirmation that Line Up has been submitted
A message is displayed at the bottom of the screen after the lineup has been submitted.  In addition, the Team Captain has the option of sending an email which notifies the appropriate people that the lineups have been setup.

2836: Team Club Play – Ability to pick Players from Entire Roster
Added the ability to list an entire club roster and select the players for the team from that club roster.

2843: Team Club Play – Modify Label on Team Course/Tee Select Page
To eliminate confusion as to where to enter the default tee, we have updated the label where to set the Tees for the individual matches to show it is optional.

2845: Team Club Play – Add the ability to Cap and/or Limit Handicaps for team members
We have added the ability to Limit or Cap Handicap for team members when adding them to a team. Limit Handicap will provide a “cutoff” handicap that all members must be under to be able to be added to the Weekly Roster.  Cap Handicap will provide an allowance that members  will play to, if their handicap is over the cap.  (For example, if Cap is 10.0 and player has a 16.0 HI, they will be capped at 10.0).

2846: Team Club Play – Posting of scores with Course Rating and Slope Manually Entered
When posting the scores after a match and the course rating and slope information is manually entered, the score posting process will use the manually entered information to post the scores.

2847: Add the ability where the “Finals” can be played at a Nuetral Site
At the Regional Level, you can choose to play the final match of a playoff at a neutral site.  Within the “Regional” Setup page, you can now check the option for “Finals played at Neutral Site”.  Then when setting the tees for the final the user can manually add in a site where the match will be contested.

2844: Team Club Play – Printer Friendly Final Score Sheet
We added the ability to print a final score and points report after a match is completed.  In addition to printing the report, the ability to export the report in multiple formats is available as well.

2012 Handicap Membership Card Orders

GHIN is in the process of taking orders for GHIN Handicap Membership Cards for the 2012 golf season. Under your current agreement, GHIN Handicap/Membership Cards are not included in the subscriber price and the cost will be directly charged to the association. Read the rest of this entry »

GHP Online Release Notification – 11/28/2011

This afternoon GHIN will be releasing an upgraded version of the GHP Online applications.  These enhancements will be available on both the “Association” and “Club” sites.  To date, there have been over 2300+ unique clubs that have accessed the new GHP Online – Club application and we have heard of basically no bugs  reported (fingers crossed).   The enhancements that were added relate to the Rapid Score Entry function and were based on the feedback we received from our GHIN Steering Committee.  We believe that these minor adjustments to this particular  piece of functionality will enhance the user experience and make your club officials more efficient in getting scores added quickly.

All Release Notes can be found on the Release Notes page or to get to the specific release notes for this release click here.

GHIN Development

GHP Online: 2011 November 29

2828: Rapid Score Entry: Results Grid – add Player Name as a column

GHP Online – Association & GHP Online – Club
The rapid score entry posting page now has an additional column in the “Last Scores Posted” grid that includes player name.  This column has been put in place on the both the Association and Club site and will help in identifying scores posted to a “Name” in addition to the already existing GHIN Number column.

2829: Rapid Score Entry Settings Page – Change Label to “Proceed to Rapid Score Entry”
GHP Online – Association & GHP Online – Club
The button on the Rapid Score Entry Settings page – change from “Save” to “Proceed to Rapid Score Entry”.

2830: “Tee” selection button – Change to “Select Tee”
GHP Online – Association & GHP Online – Club
The button used for “Selecting a Tee” has been changed from “Tee” to “Select Tee”.

2831: Tee Selection Page – Saves the selected Tee when clicked
GHP Online – Association & GHP Online – Club
The Tee Selection control has been modified to save the tee when a user selects the tee.  This will now allow the user to select a tee, without having to highlight the tee and then click on another button to save that selection.

2832: Local Number Added to Club Roster View
GHP Online – Club Only
If your club utilizes Local numbers, there will be an extra column in your club rosters grid that will display the local number of your golfers.  If your club does not use local numbers this column will not exist.

Changes to the “Your In-GHIN-Ious Ideas Site”

IdeaScale, the software solution that the "Your In-GHIN-eous Ideas Site" is using, is in the process of modifying their "voting" mechanism. The concept of each association having X amount of chips and being able to apply those chips to ideas they wish to see implemented does not seem to be making the cut. You may have noticed that there are new options showing "Vote Up" and "Vote Down" icons. Read the rest of this entry »

eNewsletter – Best Practices & Expectations

In response to a few questions that have come in from associations regarding the GHIN eNewsletter Manager, we thought it would be a good time post some helpful tips to keep in mind when designing a template as well as delivery/troubleshooting expectations.

When I preview my template, it looks fine, but when I get the email it doesn’t look the way I designed it.

This is probably the #1 phone call we get and it all comes down to how the content is placed into the eNewsletter Manager.  If you are creating content in Word and then copying and pasting it into the eNewsletter Manager, you are not only taking the text, but the source code as well.  The source code is in Microsoft’s Language while most Microsoft products understand it – other products don’t always translate it properly.  This is why most WYSIWYG editors have a “Paste from Word” option.

Having the MS code in your template has many side-effects like “display” issues and increased template “size”, which can lead to “delivery” issues due to email size restrictions and/or content.

Try This: When you copy content from an outside source, use the “Paste from Word” icon within the WYSIWYG editor rather than pasting it right in.  This will strip out all of the unnecessary code.   You may have to format the content again, but you will not have to recreate it.

We have identified a few associations who have “Word HTML” in their templates.  GHIN Technical Support will be contacting those associations shortly to assist in removing the code.

I am getting calls that members are not getting their revision email.

The most important message we need to communicate up front is that we can’t expect that every email is going to be delivered every time the revision is mailed.   It would be nice if that were the case, but the reality is that there are so many dynamic (ever changing) conditions out there – it makes this an unreachable goal.  However, this doesn’t mean we don’t try our hardest to identify the things we do have control over and fix them.  If GHIN finds something that can be modified in the manager to improve delivery rates, we do it.   We have also brought on an outside group that specializes in improving email delivery rates and any suggestions they gave us to improve the process were implemented.

In fact, aside from when we first began the GHIN eNewsletter project and a few issues we had here and there with specific ISP’s — 9 out of 10 times the non-delivery calls that we get can be easily explained with just a little effort.  I have included some steps that you can take to help identify why a golfer may not be getting their email.

Try This:

  1. Is there an Email address in GHP Online?
  2. Is the Email address correct in GHP Online?
  3. Is the “Email Status” above 3?  The Email Status field represents the number of failed eRevision delivery attempts (hard bounces). Delivery is discontinued after 3 failed attempts. Enter a 9 to stop eRevision reporting.  A 9 is used for those golfers who have requested that they be removed from the revision mailing among other reasons.  If you see an 8 in the field it means that the golfer reported the email as “SPAM” via their ISP provider.
  4. Can the golfer add to their safe-senders list?  We are also white-listing for future use. 
  5. Has the golfer contacted their ISP to determine if there is a reason why they are not able to receive emails from
  6. In the GHIN eNewsletter Manager, does the GHIN number show up on the “Not Sent” list?
  7. Verify in the “Bulk Mail Stats” that the golfer hasn’t opened the email by searching for the GHIN number or email address.  You can also use this feature to identify exactly when the golfer last opened a revision mailing email.
  8. Before reporting a widespread issue regarding a specific ISP, you can also use the Bulk Mail Stats feature to search for things like “” or “” to see if ANY golfers using these ISP’s have opened their emails.  If they have — more than likely the delivery issue is golfer related.
  9. Is the golfer a member of more than one association?  If so, they may be receiving one revision but not the other.  If this is the case, it may be an issue of the 2nd email being identified as SPAM.  The revisions are sent out in a particular order.  If Association A gets mailed out prior to B, then there is a chance that the email for Association B may be stopped due to suspected Spamming.

My revision mailing is going out with the subject line of “USGA eRevision”, how do I change this?

If the “subject” is left blank in the top-level properties of the GHIN eNewsletter Manager, the text “USGA eRevision” was being inserted as the default.  This default text has now been changed to “Revision Update for the XXXXX”, where XXXXX is the Association name.  If you want to customize the subject of emails going out from the eNewsletter Manager, you do this in the Document level “Properties” which is the link located in the blue header area on the “Manage eNewsletter Template” page.  Once on the properties screen, you will see a field named “Email Subject Line”.

eClubhouse DNS Issue Identified

The issue with DNS and name server errors has been identified and resolved. It may take a little while for the changes to propagate out to all of you - but you should be able to access your sites very soon. Read the rest of this entry »

eClubhouse Access – DNS Error

We have been getting reports from the Western United States (Colorado, California, Alaska) indicating that when trying to access their eClubhouse sites, they are getting a DNS Error. Read the rest of this entry »

Update on GHP Online – Clubs & Sunset date of

GHIN is the final stages of the process that will redirect all users to GHP Online – Clubs when a club official attempts to access the existing application. is the only remaining site that resides on the old AT&T servers that once housed, widgets and some other GHIN products. Since then GHIN has moved all content and websites off this server environment and with the removal of the platform, GHIN will complete a significant initiative to unify our product line and the server platform that houses all GHIN products. Read the rest of this entry »

GHP Online – Clubs: “Quick Start Guide”

There is now an additional menu item in the GHP Online - Club web application called "Quick Start Guide". Clicking this menu option will render a PDF document that explains many of the most frequently used tasks in GHP Online - Club that can be saved and/or printed out by a club official for continual reference. Read the rest of this entry »