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2011 Annual GHIN Association Survey

The 2011 GHIN Association Survey is now available. Read the rest of this entry »

eGolfer September 2011 : Release Notes

Please click here to review eGolfer items that have been resolved and pushed to production.

eGolfer – 2011 September

2501: Add ‘Mexico’ to Course/Tee Search

Mexico has been added to the Course/Tee Search.

2487: Hole Statistcs eGolfer report

A new Report has been added to the myReports section of eGolfer.  It allow the golfer to select a course, and see his HBH performance on each hole on the course.

It’s available on the reports page and it is called “Hole Statistics”.  It requires you to select a course before it will display.

2650: Score Entry and Posting Allowed Despite Error Message

The following item has been addressed.  When posting a score, and leaving “Date” “Score Type” or “Holes” at the default, you get the expected message letting you know you have to enter this information before entering the score, but you are still able to type in a score and post the score if you click on the Post button again.

2693: Editing HBH information for Combined Score- “Please Select a Score Type”

The “Edit” icon is now hidden for Combined scores.

2699: On eGolfer, the DIFFERENTIAL calculation is incorrect for only 9-Hole HBH Scores

eGolfer differential calculation on 9 hole scores has been corrected.

2723: Adding additional informaiton to Course while Posting or Editing Round

The bug which wasn’t allowing HBH score edits to be retained has been resolved.

2488: When running a report with a tee selected, tee does not remain selected

An issue has been resolved when running report from the myReports area.  The course and tee information was not being held as you reran the same report or chose to run a new report.  Now, once you select a course\tee the information will be kept so you can run as many reports you wish based on that course/tee combo.

2500: Edit Score – Advanced HBH Scoring not saving for “T” Score

DB issue with the tee Name has been fixed.    Regardless of the score type, when editing a score, if there was no tee name it caused DB issues for non-ACRDB courses.

2572: ESC score not calculated correctly for 9-hole golfers posting HBH

ESC Score calculation for 9-hole golfers posting Hole-by-Hole rounds in eGolfer has been fixed.

2610: The site is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later

The log-in issue for eGolfers belonging to a club that was set up with the “Club Type” as “Associate” on GHP Online has been resolved.

2433: Post a Score – Score out of Range – Selected Course is lost

When posting a score that was out of range for a golfer, the course selected from “myCourses” or “Course/Tee Search” was reverting back to the default, therefore, when the user pressed “Post” again to post the out of range score – it was failing.  This has been fixed.

2371: myGame (Recent Scores) does not display posted score

The IE8 caching issue which inhibited newly posted scores from displaying in the myGame “Score History” unless you closed and reopened a new browser instance has been resolved.

2424: Single Character Domain Name in Email Addresses Not Accepted

Single character domain names in Email addresses (ex: were not allowed.  This has been resolved.

GHIN® Launches New Mobile Site…

To all smart phone users, check out the new and improved mobile site. It has been optimized and enhanced to provide a streamlined experience for users of all types of mobile devices. Read the rest of this entry »

eClubhouse: PCI Documentation Expiration

We have been getting a few inquiries regarding emails that eClubhouse administrators are receiving from TrustWave and/or Cybersource concerning the expiration of PCI Documentation (Self-Assessment Questionnaire) that was filled out last year. Read the rest of this entry »