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GHIN Development Update – 5/23/2011

This development update includes a release of GHP Online™ - Associations that was put into production this afternoon (5/23/2011). Additionally, GHIN development has been consistently improving our back-end stored procedures that run on our DB2 server. Read the rest of this entry »

GHIN Development Update: 2011 May 23rd

1889: Optional Fields – Deleting Data via GHP 5

Addressed an issue when a club deletes optional field information for a golfer via GHP 5, DB2 and GHP Online – Association will reflect that change.

2520: Reactivate Index Setting – Mgt Options

Added a checkbox to GHP Settings that indicates whether a club is utilizing the automatic process of assigning a Modified Index to a golfer who is reinstated based on their trend handicap index.  You can find this setting under Management Panel – Global Tab.

2525: Rate Code add/changes (within service maintenance)

Added the ability to add/change as many rate codes as needed during one transaction.  This was previously limited to one add/change at a time.

2537: Change Email Address – Golfer’s “Email Status”

Added the functionality to GHP Online – Associations where if a user changes a golfer’s email address we are resetting the “Email Status” = 0.  This value represents to the number of “bounced” emails coming back from revision eNewsletter mailings.

2575: Additional Addreses – Change “Name on Manuals” to “Extra Golfers”

Made a change to the label in Additional Addresses in GHP online Associations, where we replaced “Name on Manuals” type to “Extra Golfers”.  This consisted of only changing the label, so no data was modified.

2384: Modified Index – not showing the M

An issue has been addressed regarding the automatic assignment of a Modified Index when a golfer is reactivated.  This was a display issue where the “M” was not displaying next the Handicap Index value.  This only affected golfers whose club was setup for this functionality.

2445: Changes to Inactive Services – Triggered add new service record

Changes that were made to inactive services were being routed down to the club PC.  This could have caused services that were not on the PC, to be added inadvertently.  This issue has been addressed and routing will not occur when changes are made to inactive services.

2482: Service Management “Save” produces page error

An issue when saving club/service changes has been addressed.  This only affected paper clubs that were using G12345 and service password = blank.

2517: Trend Display – Inactive Reduced Golfer

GHIN Addressed an issue where a golfer is inactive and trending towards a reduction.  The display for Trend will now display the 10-3 index value opposed to the 10-2 index value.  The Trend Index under the Handicap Area of Golfer Maintenance displays what a golfer’s Handicap Index would be if they were active at the current time.

2518: Golfer Modification = 0.0 – Does not Set

Addressed an issue with setting modified indexes.  Golfer’s can now be set to a modified index of 0.0 via GHP Online Management.

New Data on Demand Report available

Have you ever considered or been asked by a club, "How many rounds do my members actually post their scores at our posting terminals"? If so, you can now get this information via the GHIN Data on Demand product. Read the rest of this entry »

eRevision Final Notice : Do you have links going to iihbp81?

FINAL NOTICE: If you have any links in any of your newsletters (regardless if you are using the GHIN eNewsletter Manager to send them or an outside service) - the links will not work on the May 15th revision mailing. Read the rest of this entry »

GHP Service Inactivation

GHP Service Inactivation

Since the beginning of the year, GHIN has become aware that more and more individual services on PCs are being inactivated by golf associations without redownloading the club database.  Therefore, the club can continue to use the service, but the golfers and/or their proper status are not received by GHIN.  As a service is inactivated by an association, all golfers are marked as having been active, but then become inactive and a transaction is written to send to the club to inactive all golfers in the service.  To rectify some of the unsynchronized golfer statuses in services, GHIN has cycled the status of the service so that the golfers at the club would be again inactive.

To assist associations going forward, GHIN has devised a new option that will allow us to remove a service from the PC without requiring a download.  To request this going forward, please contact GHIN production.

Also note that if all services (in all clubs) on a PC are inactive at GHIN, the PC will not be able to communicate with GHIN.

Update: Still Using the old eRevision?

Just a reminder that the eRevision deadline of May 15th, 2011 is drawing near. All associations should be using the eNewsletter without any linking to the old eRevision by that date. GHIN Technical Support has been contacting each association, one by one and assisting with the conversion from the old eRevision to the new eNewlsetter format. Read the rest of this entry »

GHIN eNewsletter Manager Statistics

From January 1, 2011 through April 15, 2011, GHIN has sent 5,418,294 emails to GHIN members using the eNewsletter Manager – yes, that is over 5 Million eNewsletters! Read the rest of this entry »