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eGolfer Login Form for Association Websites

The New eGolfer Login form for association websites can be found in the following location within GPAR. This form will allow your golfers to log into the new eGolfer from your website instead of accessing via The code for the form is customizable to conform to existing association branding - with just a little HTML knowledge. Read the rest of this entry »

Still using the old “eRevision”?

If so, you will want to read the following very closely. One of our goals this year was to consolidate services wherever possible and avoid having two methods for getting the same job done. The eRevision and the new GHIN eNewsletter Manager are two such GHIN services that perform the same task. We are now beginning the process of phasing out the eRevision. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips for using GHP Online™ – Association

GHIN understands the “growing pains” associated with learning new applications and hopefully some of the tips outlined below will help you get the most out of this powerful application. Confused about the Golfer Search Function? Where's my Association Roster of clubs/services? How do you trouble-shoot issues when a analyzing a large list? These are just a few of the topics covered in our initial "tips" post. We hope that these “tips” help you along as you are learning the new platform. Read the rest of this entry »

GHP Online™ Association: 2011 April 13 Update

A new version of GHP Online™ Association is being put into production this afternoon. There were significant enhancements made in this release concerning the “grids” that display search results and the security involved with managing CRDB information.  Click Here to read the release notes.


Reminder, the GSI will be inaccessible on Friday, April 15th, users attempting to login will be redirected to GHP Online™ Association.

GHP Online™ Association: 2011 April 13th Update

2459: Add Club/Service – Change Menu label

The last option under the Club/Services menu option has changed from “Add Club/Service” to “Add Club”.  This will eliminate confusion on where a user adds a “New Club” compared with adding a “New Service” to an existing club.
Use the “Add Club” under the Club/Services menu option to add a new club to your association.
Use “Add a Another Service”, which is a button in Service Maintenance to add a new service to an existing club.

2452: GHIN CRDB – Allow 2 associations to manage CR/Slope data

GHIN has implemented the methodology of allowing 2 associations in managing CR/slope data for a single course.  While the existing GSI supported this process to a degree, GHIN is preparing for integration with the CRP, where only 2 associations are allowed to manage a facilities course rating information.  Additionally, you can search for CRDB course by either using their primary or alternate CRDB club number.

2453: Grid Control – Number or items to Display

A feature has been added to the Grid control used throughout GHP Online.  The grids that display search results can now set (and retain) the number of rows returned when viewing and working with specific grid views.  For example, when doing a golfer search, the user can define the number of items to return (25, 50, 100, 250 or 500).  This setting will hold so that the next time the golfer runs a golfer search it will automatically return the number of items the user selected during the previous search.

2442: Golfers – 10-3 override not working as expected

When a golfer is reduced and the association clicks on the button that overrides the 10-3 reduction, the golfer’s 10-2 index is being set immediately at the working club who requested the override.

2460: Edit Messages – returns a Server Error

An issue where a particular edit message for a golfer would return an “server error” has been corrected and is now being handled and displayed properly.

2461: Entry of 00000 of ZIP for State selection Mexico & Unknown

When entering the zip code when the state field equals Mexico or Unknown, 00000 will be the only supported input.  Mexico has also been added to the State drop-down list, so users can that selection, instead of putting it elsewhere in the address information.

2473: Score Modifications – Same Date Played

An issue changing or modifying existing scores through score maintenance has been addressed.  The issue was limited to scores that were posted on the same date.

eGolfer Updated (April 12th, 2011)

This afternoon the following eGolfer items will be pushed to production.

2447: Update “Quick Post” tool tip

Quick Post Tool Tip now displays “Post a score to this course” instead of the existing “Post Score” message.

2448: myGame (Current Revision) – Two Lowest Eligible T-Scores Display

Under the myGame area when viewing “Current Revision” scores, the 2 lowest eligible Tournament Scores are now listed in the proper order.

If you use the “Quick Post” function on one of your 2 lowest eligible Tournament Scores, the proper “Post Score” page is called.

The course name now displays properly for your 2 lowest eligible Tournament Scores.

“Runtime” eClubhouse Platform

As you are all aware, we are currently in the process of a major eClubhouse redesign. Over the past few weeks we have been getting requests for new development and/or functionality enhancements to the existing eClubhouse platform. Read the rest of this entry »

TPP Online Solution: 2011 April 5th Update “Player Export Feature”

A new version of TPP Online was put into production this today. The most notable feature enhancement is the ability to export player data from the member's program, the master player list, the tournament player list, qualifier or wait list. Read the rest of this entry »

TPP Online Solution: 2011 April 5th

2366: TPP Online – Assign Playoff Winners not working

When using Team scoring the “Assign Playoff Winners” functionality has been modified and is now working as expected.

2367: TPP Online Player Data Export

A new Player Data export feature has been created.  The new page is displayed via the Admin menu – Admin > Export Player Data menu.  Similar functionality has been added at the tournamnet level where the admin role is not required.  It is displayed via the Players > Other Tournament Players Functions > Export Tournament player Data.  The Admin level provides the ability to filter across events where as the tournament level role provides access only to the tournament player related data.  The feature provides the following functionality:

• Provide the admin user of TPP Online Admin the ability to export player data via self service
• Provide admin the ability to determine which table to export data from (Member Program; Master Player; Tournament Player; Qualifier Participants; or Wait List Players)
• Export types to include are csv, html, tab, or xml
• Use similar navigation and layout as other admin pages
• Use Cookie session to remember list of fields and sort order
• Filter options include types of users, by season, by tournament/event, by date range and a feature to export just the players who did NOT participate in one of these filtered categories

2441: TPP Online – Data Token {Tournament Site} not updating when Default Tee changes

The data token for Tournament Site has been changed to be the Primary Course, and if there isn’t one set, the one used in the 1st round will be used.  If it is a mixed event or a mens event, it uses the mens tee, otherwise it uses the womens tee.

2449: TPP Online – Club Officials Golfer Registration

A new feature has been added to TPP Online Golfer Registration to configure registration exclusively for Club Officials or Team Captains, where the club official has the responsibility to register their members.  The club official enters players in the tournament and pays for the entry, and has receipts and notifications sent to them.  The club official may or may not be a player in the tournament.  Note: tournament registration eligibility is still applied to the players, not the club officials.  Events can be designated exclusive to Club Officials for club/team member registrations.  When a club official registration occurs, the club official is the only one allowed to make modifications to the players or teams once registered.

This was a association cooperative development initiative.

2450: TPP Online – Home Club Setting

The Home Club setting in a golfer’s profile has been modified to better differentiate when using the required vs show site configuration setting.  It was possible for the Home Club to be selected in the list box, but display an error message during the registration page denoting the Home Club is required to be selected.  Modification addresses player data that was imported.

2437: TPP Online – Vault Info from Member Program not available for Tournament Signup

An issue was addressed when a member registered for a Member’s Program using the Vault, but then had to re input their credit card information when registering for an event.  The Member’s Program is now generating the appropriate vault ID.

2240: TPP Online – Membership Program Management Editor

Addressed an issue with Membership Program Management Editor where styling and font customizations were not being preserved.

2354: Ad Hoc Points ->Select Player screen – Incorrect Behavior

An issue when navigating paging when adding Ad Hoc Award Points has been addressed.  This impacted the name lookup feature when the result returned several pages of the same name.  The paging has been fixed.

2385: Points Widget – Background Color setting

The background color attribute in TPP Online Points widget builder has been fixed.  Previously the background color attribute was being ignored and would always be gray.

eGolfer Release Notes (April 4th, 2011)

Yesterday afternoon the following eGolfer items were pushed to production. Read the rest of this entry »