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GHP Online™ Association: 2011 March 30 Update

A new version of GHP Online™ Association was put into production this afternoon. There were over 20 feature enhancements and application corrections contained in this release. Many of these new enhancements are for functionality that was not previously available via the existing GSI application.  Click Here to read the release notes.

GHP Online™ Association: 2011 March 30th

2379: Update Association Logos

We have updated all association logos to their latest version.

2431: Club/Service Information Current & Previous Balance

The Current & Previous balance information is now being pulled correctly into GHP Online.

2388: Club_Rate changes – Update Golfer’s Membership Type

GHIN has changed the way in which it handles membership type changes and deletions.  If a membership type is changed or removed, GHP Online will now prompt you (only when there are golfers in that service assigned to that type)to determine which valid membership type theses golfers should be switched to.

2391: Last Transmission / Download Information

The Last Download Date now displays the most recent date/time the club was downloaded.  This will be reflected at all clubs if they are combined.

2402: Billing Rate – Allow for Alpha Numeric values for Membership Types

Added the ability to use numeric, as well as, alphabetical characters to define Billing\Membership types.

2380: State / Zip verification – USPS Integration

GHP Online – is now using a direct service provided by USPS that allows for state and zip code verification dynamically.  This means that only valid state and zip code combination that are officially defined by the United States Postal Service will be permitted to be saved to our DB2 database.  This verification has been applied in all areas of GHP Online where state and zip codes are saved.

2329: Ability to “Force” a score in that is below the low limit

In Score Maintenance, just as a user can post a score that fails a sigma check the same is true now if a score fails a min/max value check.  The messages are slightly different to indicate what the score failed, but the user has the right to overwrite this and post the score.

2349: Ability to Inactivate CRDB Club and CRDB Courses in Course Rating Mgt

GHP Online now has the ability to “inactivate” a CRDB Course, which will remove the course from the CRDB on the GHP client.  If all courses at a CRDB Club become inactive, that will remove all reference to that CRDB club on the GHP client.

2415: Ability to Control a Club’s Ability to Transmit to GHIN

GHP Online now has the ability to stop a club from communicating with GHIN.  This is a club-level setting that can be accessed via service maintenance.  The “Stop Transmission” will immediately stop a club from communicating with GHIN.  Once this has been set, the button’s label will read “Allow Transmissions”, which when clicked will allow that club to start transmitting again.  This will allow you to stop a club’s transmissions without having to inactivate services and\or golfers.  For combined clubs, if one of the club’s has been set to “Stop Transmissions” all clubs that are combined will also be prevented from transmitting.

2406: Additional Addresses – Misc Field

The Misc\Information field is now displaying as expected in the additional addresses modal form.

2348: Club Add – Auto-fill the GHP Club Name field

During the Club Add process, we are now auto-populating the GHP Club Name based on the Club Name.  If you want a different name to display in GHP Score Entry, you can change that display via the GHP Club Name.

2331: PRINT button – returns Server Error

There were specific scenarios where trying to print a golfer’s summary report from golfer maintenance produces a server error.  This has been addressed.

2253: Clubs/Services: Edit Messages: Server Error

Addressed an issue where certain club edit messages were returning a server error.

2254: Birthdate text box issues

In golfer maintenance, the earliest year that a birth date can be set to is 1900.

2383: Club\Service Search using “State” produces page issue

Fixed an issue in the club/service search function, where if the “State” filter was being utilized a server error was generated.  This is no longer happening and it has been confirmed that the “State” filter is functioning as expected.

2404: Change Golfer Statuses: Service # Not Required

When using the “Change Golfer Statuses” under the Golfers menu, a user can now “bulk” inactivate or reinstate golfers within a club by leaving the service # box empty.

2423: GHP Settings: Handicap Label Printer

Fixed an issue, where we were not displaying the correct printer driver information in GHP Settings.

2403: Ending Date Filter – Include the ending date

Throughout the program when filtering by dates is an option, the “ending” date will not always include items that occurred on that date.  Certain filters only included items up until that date.  Now it is consistent across all date filtering options.

2330: Using the “%” wilcard in Course Name Filters

Addressed an issue where the wild-card character (%) was not producing consistent results within some of our string related filter options.  Affected various fields, but now are working as expected.

2347: Rapid Score Entry – Auto-Advance in IE

Addressed an issue with auto-advance feature in Rapid Score Entry.  IE7, IE8 and FF 3.6+ have been confirmed to be working as expected.

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GHP Online Production Release & GHIN Support Interface (GSI) Sunset Date…

We are pleased to announce that GHP Online – Association™ is now released for production. The official “sunset” date for the existing GSI system will be Thursday, April 14, 2011. Read the rest of this entry »

eGolfer: Release Update – 2011 March 16

Since the initial release of eGolfer, a mere 9 days ago, 21,300 user accounts have been created! The vast majority of these user accounts were from the successful migration from the previous eGolfer solution, though some are new accounts created. At this time, GHIN is still receiving support related emails directly via the GHINNewProducts email account, where approximately 2,500 emails have been received with a successful reply with directions given. Read the rest of this entry »

New Product Release Update: eGolfer

The new eGolfer solution was re-launched successfully on March 8th. To date over 14,500 members have successfully reset their passwords and accessed their eGolfer accounts. Read the rest of this entry »

New Product Release: eGolfer

GHIN is pleased to announce the launch of the new eGolfer application!!! Email notifications are being sent to existing eGolfer users so they can transition to the new platform. Read the rest of this entry »

eGolfer Upgrade Will Begin Tonight

eGolfer migration will begin tonight. The eGolfer login form on the website has been turned off and a notice has been put up in its place indicating that the upgrade has begun. Read the rest of this entry »

Improvement on eNewsletter Delivery Rate

GHIN is pleased to communicate that several key practices were recently completed to improve the delivery rate of your eNewsletters! Read the rest of this entry »

TPP Online Gateway Account Inactivity

We have learned from a couple of associations experiencing commerce problems when attempting to open their events for registrations. If your association has a period of inactivity, the NMI gateway site itself automatically sets the gateway to an inactive status. Read the rest of this entry »

GHP Online Demonstration is Now Available

The GHP Online Demonstration is now available in GPAR.  Once logged in you will see a new article and a link to the demonstration.