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Since the launch of the new Web site in January, GHIN has been receiving periodic reports of user confusion regarding how to post a score or perform a handicap lookup on the new site. A few associations felt that the login area for eGolfer was misdirecting attention, but we have come to believe this is not the case. Read the rest of this entry »

New and Improved eGolfer Coming Soon!

GHIN is excited to announce an upcoming enhancement to the website – a new and improved eGolfer! In the next few weeks the new eGolfer will be launched with many new features and upgrades to the existing functionality. Read the rest of this entry »

New Product Release: GHP Online™ Association (Beta)

Update (2/22; 9:19 PM): GHIN will be performing a "Walk-through of the GHP Online Features" via LiveMeeting. We hope that you will join us, but if you cannot, we will be recording the entire presentation which you can download shortly after the completion of the meeting. We will contact you via this post on the location and availability of that recording. Read the rest of this entry »

Router for Reduced Golfers

The router for Reduced Golfers failed to run during the revision this morning.  The failure was due to a switch being in test mode.  The router has been corrected and has now run successfully.

Depending on your club’s transmission schedule, the records will be received via the next successful transmission.  If you receive any inquiries regarding this, please instruct the club to transmit again for a quick resolution.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

GHIN Management

TPP Online Update – 2/3/2010

A new version of TPP Online was put into production late yesterday afternoon. Please see below the program corrections that were addressed in this release. Read the rest of this entry »