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eGolfer Data Migration Update!!!

On Thursday, December 16, 2010, GHIN learned that all “eGolfer” data obtained from Runtime has successfully been uploaded into the new eGolfer platform. This information includes, Golfers, HBH scoring data and advanced HBH statistics. Read the rest of this entry »

eClubhouse Invalid User ID

Wednesday, December 15, reports surfaced regarding an “Invalid User ID” error within eClubhouse.  This error occurred anytime the profile information was touched (Registration process, approval process or simply updating the profile information). The actual error displayed is “[user_id] does not have the correct value: [null]”.  The vendor(s) that provide the eClubhouse service have been working on the issue throughout the night and we were notified this morning that the error was resolved.  We have since verified that one specific condition still exists which the vendor is now working to resolve.

Thank you for your patience while a complete resolution is provided.

Development Status – “New” eGolfer Platform & Redesign

On Wednesday, December 8th, the newly redesigned and eGolfer application will complete its successful migration to our new server environment featuring the Ektron platform. While this is the initial deployment to the new server environment, GHIN has been working with our vendor, Clock Four Inc, to ensure functionality and requirements are continuously being met. Read the rest of this entry »

TPP Clubhouse gets some traction…

All existing functionality is being migrated to a web application.  Enhancements?  Of course!  Here are a few… 1) themes can now be saved for later use; 2) different themes can be applied to any event supporting multiple events running concurrently, each using its own theme; 3) Stableford Points are now supported (just heard a scream for joy); and maybe a couple of surprises!  Good time to use some GHIN Idea chips…