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Release Notes page updated

All Release Notes of interest have been updated under the Release Notes page.

Master Player List – Merge Function Updated

After receiving feedback regarding the functionality of the new “merge player” feature implemented in the most recent TPP Online release, we’ve made some changes to assist the user in this process as follows…

We added more detail and messaging to ensure you are merging the correct golfers; we corrected an issue where the To/From box hung on the last player selected; and checks are in place to make sure that the ‘Merge To’ and ‘Merge From’ players cannot be the same.

Remember that “Merges” are an Admin feature and cannot be undone!!!  Please be extremely cautious as complete player information is being moved (profile, transactions, scoring & Points).  You don’t want to lose your POY!

TPP Online Performance – Have a second?

Have a couple of  seconds?  That’s how long it takes for the new web based course mgnt to display in the recent update to TPP Online.  Scoring performance issues?  No problem, how does a few seconds sound?  After re-engineering many of the stored procedures and functions for a true web application, performance results have been outstanding.  Client functionality is moving forward nicely.

TPP Online Solution: 2010 – October 19

A new version of TPP Online was put into production this afternoon. There were over 30 feature enhancements and program corrections contained in this release. Many of these new enhancements are for functionality that was only previously available via the client. New TPP Online Enhancements Include: Tournament Preferences, Hole Locations, Course Management, Reassign Tees, Create/Remove Teams, Player and Team Scoring and much much more... Read the rest of this entry »

Unassigned/Available GHIN Number Management

GHIN has just implemented a new process to assign and track unassigned or available GHIN numbers, allowing older GHIN numbers to be recycled and to record and archive GHIN number blocks that are assigned to each GHP club. Read the rest of this entry »

TPP Online Points Custom Stylesheets

TPP Online Points now allow for customizable stylesheets and include files.  Brand away…

GSI/GHP Online Multiple Golfer Lookup

Added Multiple Golfer Search/Lookup capabilities. You can add up to 50 GHIN Numbers!

GSI/GHP Online Golfer Search

Added Golfer Search/Lookup capabilities.  Golfer Search will allow lookup based on GHIN Number, Club Number, Active Status, Member Type, Name and Handicap Range.  Feature works great.