USGA Tournament Management

USGA TM Association Features Released

As many of you saw this morning, key player profile, event registration, season points and team matches features were released this morning to your USGA Tournament Management Association sites.

While we recognize this does not included all of the needed functionality, we do believe this is a great step forward to prepare for the complete transition from TPP Association to USGA TM Association.

We strongly encourage you to begin reviewing and testing these features and provide feedback to your account managers if the features are not operating as expected.

To better assist you with validating and using the new features, a test environment is now available for your use. Any staff members with a login account on the production site will be able to log in to the test site,, with the same credentials.

Your association test club on GHP has been loaded with various golfers to aid in your testing and evaluation process. The golfers are a mix of men, women, juniors, low Handicap Index, higher Handicap Index and seniors. These golfers can be used to simulate the golfer experience when creating a profile and registering for an event.

A few items of note on the test site:

The following information can be used to simulate the credit card process.

  • Set up the following AFS credentials on your Test Account:
    • API Key       3fbD6U9732T9kqUWg2rM4QFJ8WuBF76T
    • Username   GolfGeniusTEST
    • Password    ggsusga1
  • Test Credit Card information to process transactions:
    • Visa                           4111111111111111
    • MasterCard             5431111111111111
    • Discover                   6011601160116611
    • American Express  341111111111111
    • Expiration Date      Any Future Date
    • CVV                           Any 3 Numbers (4 Digits for American Express)
    • Billing Address       Any Address
  • All email settings have been disabled.
  • Score posting has been disabled
  • The test environment will be accessible until January 12, 2018.

The test environment is a copy of your production site from the mid-November time frame. Any activities done in the test site do not impact your production association site.

For detailed information on the features released today, please refer to the product email release sent this morning or log into USGA Tournament Management,, and view the release notes.

Over the next 8 weeks, additional features and functionality will be released to the USGA TM Association site. Be on the lookout for the following releases:

  • January – Text messaging
  • February – Multi-Event Registration, Membership Programs, Donations, Invitation Lists and Team Match Playoffs

We are excited to have you start implementing these features as we continue the process to phase out TPP.

If you have any questions, please contact your account managers or the GHIN support team.


USGA Product Update Meetings

Starting February 13 & 15, 2017 we will be hosting bi-monthly update webinars open to all SRGA staff who subscribe to the GHIN Services. The objective of these sessions is to provide information on the USGA Product portfolio including USGA Tournament Management, Course Ratings application, new Admin portal, Golfer web/app/kiosk and API services such as VASP and ADAs.

Each session will be scheduled for 90 minutes to allow for the presentation of materials and opportunity for questions and answers. Monday sessions will be held at 11:00 am EST and repeated on Wednesday at 2:00 pm EST to accommodate multiple time zones.

We ask that you sign up individually for each session you would like to attend. Please click on the REGISTRATION LINK and select the desired session(s).


2017 USGA Product Update Meeting Schedule

Interactive Whiteboards by PolyVision

Month Monday 11:00 am EST Wednesday 2:00 pm EST
February 13 15
April 3 5
June 5 7
August 14 16
October 2 4
December 11 13


A brief agenda will be emailed to all registered participants prior to the meeting.

We hope that you will make this a priority to attend these webinars to stay informed. 2017-2018 will be exciting years as we look to improve the user experience for the golfer and provide SRGAs tools and actionable insights to drive golfer retention and increased participation in the game.

If you have any questions, please contact support at or (800) 940-8535 x1.

USGA Tournament Management – Important December Updates

As you prepare to introduce USGA Tournament Management to your clubs next week, there are a few reminders and information we would like to share with you.

In summary:

  • Product names will be changed to USGA TM Club, USGA TM Club Premium, USGA TM Association ahead of the January 3rd rollout.
  • The premium onboarding fee ($300) will be waived through March 31, 2017 to ensure that SRGAs have time to plan and communicate this to member clubs and to provide an incentive to clubs who upgrade in Quarter 1 2017 .
  • Standard upgrade pricing ($2500/yr for facilities up to 27 holes) has now been expanded ($2500/yr for facilities up to 36 holes).
  • USGA TM terms of use will be deployed shortly before January 3, 2017.  At that point, all users (SRGA staff and club officials) will be required to review/accept the terms of use upon their next login to the application.
  • Member clubs will be loaded by January 3rd (for any SRGAs who have completed the training requirements and submitted a comprehensive list of member clubs).
  • As a reminder, existing Golf Genius customers will be migrated to USGA TM upon their next renewal date.  Golf Genius will continue to provide Level 1 support for a period of time.  Revenue share payments will begin when Level 1 support is transitioned to the SRGA.
  • Upgrades from USGA TM Club to USGA TM Club Premium will be a manual process initially.

Please take a moment to fully read all of the details about the reminders and information using the link below and share with any additional staff as needed.

USGA TM December Reminders and Important Information

If you have any questions, please contact your Golf Genius account manager or USGA support, (800) 940-8535 x1 or

USGA Tournament Management Resource Material

As a follow up to the GHIN Users’ Meeting and subsequent training sessions, we have posted some information on the USGA Info Portal relating to the USGA Tournament Management program. You can find these documents at and selecting the menu item USGA Tournament Management on the left hand column within the GHIN tab.

Beyond the original FAQ sheet we provided with the announcement of USGA Tournament Management back in August, we have compiled a new list of FAQs which came out of the GHIN Users’ meeting. Please take a moment to review the information found HERE.

Available documents on the Info Portal:

  • FAQ Set 2
  • Quick Start Guide
  • USGA Tournament Management logo
  • 2016 GHIN Users’ Meeting binder

We have further broken down the GUM binder into separate documents to be able to easily digest this information section by section. These sections include:

  • Coverage Map and Contact List
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Fundamentals and Terminology
  • List of Guides
  • Product Matrix
  • Spotlight on Common Club Tournament Formats
  • SRGA Support Guide
  • Technical Requirements
  • USGA Tournament Management
  • USGA Tournament Management PREMIUM

We will continue to add material and information which will inform, enable and support the SRGAs as they adopt USGA TM for their own use and roll out to their member clubs.

If you have any questions, please contact Support at or (800) 940-8535 x1.

2016 GHIN Users’ Meeting Webinar Sessions

Over the next two weeks, the USGA and Golf Genius staff will be providing an opportunity to attend several webinars which will cover the material presented at the 2016 GHIN Users’ meeting specifically relating to the USGA Tournament Management Program.

The purpose of the webinars is to provide training on USGA TM for SRGA staff who were not able to attend GUM in person. For SRGAs who did not have a representative in attendance it is mandatory for you to attend before gaining access to the USGA Tournament Management program.

Individuals at different locations must register for each of the sessions using the links below. If several staff members will attend collectively in a conference room only one person needs to register.

USGA Tournament Management Program Overview and Introduction

In this session we will introduce the collaboration between the USGA and Golf Genius which will allow your SRGA use of USGA Tournament Management PREMIUM and the ability for your SRGA to provide USGA Tournament Management BASE to your member clubs as part of your GHIN subscription.

Monday, December 5, 2016 2:00 – 3:00 pm ET


USGA Tournament Management Scheduling, Creating and Running an Event

This session is a step by step walk through of running a basic event from pre-event preparation through game day including event roster, pairings, scorecards, scoring and reports.

Monday, December 12, 2016 1:00 – 2:30 pm ET


USGA Tournament Management Advanced Setup and Printed Materials

This session will focus on advanced event setup features of the USGA Tournament Management program, including flights, multi-round tournaments, event websites, and TV leaderboards, as well as printed materials.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016 1:00 – 2:30 pm ET



At the completion of these webinars the presentations from the GHIN Users’ meeting will be posted on the USGA Info Portal. If you have any questions regarding these session please contact GHIN support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or