2016 USGA Handicap System Changes

As you are aware, the USGA Handicap System has made a few changes which will go into effect on January 1, 2016. In order to comply with the changes which relate to Internet score type and Modified Handicap Index, GHIN will be making the following updates to its products.

Internet Score Type

The definition of a score type has been amended by removing Internet (I) designation as internet score posting is a means of posting and not a type.

To comply with this, all scores posted through the internet (mobile app,, GHIN widgets, eGolfer) in a golfers scoring record (including previously posted scores) currently identified by scores type I, AI, TI and CI will be changed to display as H, A, T or C only.

The display will change on GHP Association, GHP Club, GHP Golfer,, mobile app, GHIN widgets, eGolfer and any VASP retrieving score data.

The display change will be moved into production tomorrow 12/17/15. A notification will be sent once this is completed.

On GHP Client, any scores previously posted as Internet (I, AI, TI, CI) and are a part of the scoring record on client, will remain unchanged and display as an I score type. Any new scores posted via the internet and routed to the client will not have an internet (I) designation. If the client club performs a new database download, all previously posted I score types will display as H, A, T or C.

The change to client will be moved into production at a later date. A notification will be sent once this is completed.

Since reporting is a tool used for informational purposes, we have left some ability in place to allow club and SRGA officials to search for and sort scores posted via the internet. This includes both Web Reports and Data on Demand.

Modified Handicap Index

Decision 8-4c/1 Treatment of Player with Temporary Disability – allows the modified Handicap Index to be used outside the player’s home club (i.e., no longer a local handicap).

Decision 8-4c/2, Treatment of Player with Permanent Disability – A player with fewer than 5 scores in their scoring record may be issued a Modified Handicap Index.

Follow the instructions on issuing a Modified Index in the GHP Club Quick Start Guide found on the Info Portal.

If you have any questions please contact GHIN support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or

UPDATE: v1.5 Release – “Optional Questions” in Events Resolved

The issue related to adding “Optional Questions” to an event has been resolved.  Thank you for your patience during this exciting release to eClubhouse!

eClubhouse Manual Renewals and More (v1.5) Release in Production

GHIN is pleased to announce that the release of eClubhouse (Version 1.5) is now in production.  GHIN completed the release just after 4:00 am ET this morning.

Click here to view the full list of items posted in the previous blog.

Please Note: We are currently resolving an issue related to adding “Optional Questions” to an event.  We will let you know when that is completed.

Mandatory Service Maintenance – Completed

The migration of the website database was successfully completed this morning at approximately 7:15 am ET. All services and up and running as expected.


Thursday morning, March 7th, the database will be moved to a new hosting facility. The website will be taken offline beginning at 6:00 am ET Thursday. We anticipate a downtime of approximately 90 minutes. Services impacted for this downtime will be limited to (Post Scores, Handicap Lookup, eGolfer and eClubhouse) and CRP.

Thank you for your cooperation during this maintenance period.

Disallowing “Off-Season Score Posting” and other “Score Posting” enhancements

GHIN is pleased to announce that we will be moving 3 significant updates into production that are aimed at improving the user experience during the score posting process and to disallow off-season score posting.  Below is summary of each item that we plan to implement tomorrow, November 7th, 2012.  While GHIN will be handling the implementation of each of these enhancements on GHIN products and services you may have questions from either your website development group or any VASPs that may be providing services for your associations.  We recommend that you send these questions to our email account.

  1. Do not allow scores to be posted during the “off-season” – Golfers will no longer be allowed to post scores to golf courses that are currently out of season.  This functionality spans the following applications: all GHP Online products (Association, Club and Golfer site), Widgets(Association usage and and our web services.   The season dates are pulled from CRP, so a recommendation for associations with multiple season dates, make sure to set the range (in CRP) for the season to be the longest.  For instance, Utah has 3/15-11/15 and areas that are year-round.  Set the dates in CRP to year-round or full season.
  2. Score Posting Widget will now default to an individual golfer’s default tee  – This functionality applies to or any association website that is hosting our Score Posting widget.  The enhancement works as follows, if a golfer has an individual default tee defined, when they authenticate through the widget the tee will automatically be set for them with the score type equal to “Home”.  If the round was played on the current date at the golfer’s default tee at their home course, they will only need to put in their score and click post.  Assuming the course being played is in season.  For golfers who are active multimembers (and have default tees defined for each club) we will populate the tee information from the club that comes first numerically.
  3. Score Posting Widget not supports a default “State” parameter – If you are utilizing the GHIN Score Posting widget on your association site and would like to have the State default to a particular state this can now be included as part of the query string that is used in calling the widget.  If you do implement this functionality, golfers that do not have a default tee defined will have the first portion of selecting a tee defaulted for them.  This will eliminate the need for them to select the state as part of the tee selection process.

So, if you have just taken the Score Posting widget that GHIN has provided and put it on your website you will not need to do anything unless you plan on incorporating a default state selection for the posting process.  This will require that you add a parameter = “state” that is equal to a valid state abbreviation that GHIN recognizes.

Please if you have questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact GHIN Technical Support or for technical inquiries email

Thank You

CRP Integration & GHIN Products: Update

The CRP integration piece was released yesterday as noted in the June 12, 2012 Blog Post entitled: (CRP Integration & GHIN Products: Initial Rollout). Read the rest of this entry »

CRP Integration & GHIN Products: Initial Roll-out

As GHIN moves forward with our development initiatives it is imperative that we continue to integrate our products and service solutions to ensure that we build value and strengthen our relationships with our SRGAs. While this will be an ongoing effort. GHIN is extremely excited to offer our associations, clubs, and golfers the ability to post scores to all tees that are published in the USGA Course Rating Program application. This not only includes clubs, courses and tees rated by GHIN associations, but any tee information that is published to the NCRDB. GHIN will be looking to release this updated functionality the week of 6/18/2012. Read the rest of this entry »

Revision Performance 6 p.m. Update – May 15, 2012

Revision Performance 6 p.m. Update - May 15, 2012 As reported this morning, we have been monitoring performance to determine the root cause of our network latency. Through a measured process beginning at 1:00 am this morning, we controlled processing, and then selectively suspended various services and operations which helped to isolate significant pieces of the network and GHIN functionality. Based on the gathered metrics, a configuration change was identified and put in place at approximately 10 a.m. EDT. Not only were eRevisions successfully distributed before 5:00 a.m. this morning, overall performance returned to normal levels after the configuration change and GHIN services were quickly reactivated. Read the rest of this entry » Score Posting Issue identified…

GHIN technical support has received a decent number of calls in recent weeks regarding user's not being able to post scores via GHIN was able to diagnose this issue and determined that it is isolated to users of IE7 who have received a recent priority update from Microsoft. Read on for details and resolutions... Read the rest of this entry »

GHIN® Launches New Mobile Site…

To all smart phone users, check out the new and improved mobile site. It has been optimized and enhanced to provide a streamlined experience for users of all types of mobile devices. Read the rest of this entry »