Release Notes

GHIN Development: eClubhouse/eGolfer Bug Fix Release 06-30-2014

On Monday, June 30th, 2014 at (5:00 a.m ET.), GHIN will be deploying some back-end changes and bug fixes into production for eClubhouse/eGolfer.  As a result,, eClubhouse and eGolfer will be down for approximately 1 hour.  This will also impact widgets on association sites for Score Posting and Handicap Lookup.  We will post a message on during the downtime.

eClubhouse has gone through a major source tree reorganization which now allows development and maintenance of the product to move along at a much quicker rate.  

In addition to the source tree improvements, this release will also include resolutions for the following bugs:

  1. The Username entered on the profile already exists within eClubhouse”.
  2. Server Error *(Exception of type ‘GHIN.GHPOnline.BusinessLayer.Golfer+GolferUpdateException’ was thrown.) when approving golfers.
  3. “Display Name” will be used instead of “Club Name” on the “Find a Club” search and the “Manage Clubs” page. 
  4. Broadcast Email “Status = error” issue.
  5. Invalid Zip Code issue when using “Find a Club”.
  6. Event Title changes will now be reflected in the calendar view.
  7. Invitation Email issue which copied content from one club to others with the same club # will no longer happen.
  8. “An Error has occurred while processing this request” when running the “Find a Round” report due to Penalty Scores.
  9. The logged in golfers contact information no longer displays in the modal window when viewing information for non-eGolfers.
  10. Permission issues with Club Admin user.
  11. Added validation to birth date field to ensure birth date is not a future date.
  12. Other minor bug fixes.

GHIN will notify you once the release is completed. If you have any questions, please contact GHIN tech support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or



GHIN Development Update: GHIN Mobile App (Android)

The next set of enhancements to the GHIN Mobile App are now available on Google Play.

As noted in the recent iOS release notice, this round of enhancements will include:

1)      Display of the golfers GHIN Number under their name.  (Ability to see and edit certain contact information will be coming in a later version).

2)      Golfer’s most recent handicap card is accessible via a new button on the homepage.  The idea is to use it like a boarding pass on a smartphone for occasions when the golfer is required to show a card (e.g., for tournament entry). In addition to score, score type and the “*” ( if it is used for the current USGA Handicap Index® Calculation), the month & year that the score was posted will also display.   Lastly, columns and rows with shading have been added to improve readability for the end-user.

3)      The “Handicap Calculator” label has been changed to a more appropriate label “Calculator”.

4)      Improved messaging to alert user that a task can’t be performed when an internet connection is not available has been added. “No internet connection.  Task cannot be completed at this time.  Please try again later.”  The original message was, “Network Error – Unable to connect to GHIN.”

5)      Other minor bug fixes.

Release Notes: GHP Online – Rapid Score Entry (10/2013)

Changed verbiage of the “Transfer” functionality to “Add to Club”:
GHP Online Association & Club
As part an on-going request to clear-up the “transfer” button confusion — GHIN has changed the “Transfer” button on the Golfer Maintenance (Association) and the Golfer View (Club) pages to read “Add to Club”.

Add ability to use Golfer Default Tees:
GHP Online Club Only
GHIN has added the function of using a golfer’s default tee to the main setting page.  If this function is checked, any golfer that is brought up in RSE will automatically populate the tee with the golfer’s default tee as opposed the tee defined on the settings page.

Add ability to post scores for either gender
GHP Online Club & Association
The Rapid Score Entry settings page has added the ability to select “All” for the Gender setting.  This will allow the club official to add scores for both Men and Women without having to return to the settings page.

Add ability to change tees on the fly from Score Entry screen:
GHP Online Club & Association
Users can easily switch tees from the Rapid Score Entry input page without having to return to the settings page.  Next to the “Tee” display box we have added the ability to “Select Tees”.  If the user clicks the Select Tee button, the appropriate Tee listing will display.  This Tee Listing will be based on the tees from the course which was selected on the settings page and gender defined.

Add ability to post Internet Scores:
GHP Online Club & Association
Added the ability to define at the settings level that all the scores being posted will be “I” scores.

Default the “Select Tee” box on the Settings page
GHP Online Club Only
With the understanding that a majority of the club officials using the rapid score entry option will be posting scores to “Home” course, we have made that the default listing of course to select from via the settings page.  The user still has the option to search for courses and enter courses manually, but the default list of tees to select from will be based on the a club’s “Home” courses.

Enhance the flow of Entering Scores
GHP Online Club & Association
If the user chooses to change the tee on the fly during the posting process once they complete selecting a tee the cursor will default to the score entry box.

Add the Gender to Tee Listed box
GHP Online Association & Club
The Tee listing box now displays an “M” and “F” to help the user indicate the gender of the tee that is selected.

Add Default filter for State parameter when searching Courses:
GHP Online Club Only
The course search screen that is called from both the Rapid Score Entry settings page and the Score Input page now defaults to the “State” in which the club has defined in Club Service Maintenance.  Now the user can quickly search for clubs without having the manually set the State parameter.

Add Manual Course Entry
Manual Course Entry can now be done via the main score posting page.

Web Reports: Release Notes for Web Reports (v2.2)

New Report – Club Shaft Labels

The Shaft labels report allows a club to print labels that contain data that would assist a golfer when they lose or find a golf club on the course. The maximum number of fields that can be added to the shaft labels are 4. The report was designed using the template that is available in the client application. However, the fields available per line include: – Name
– Address (Player primary address data)
– City, State Zip (Player primary address data)
– Email Address
– Club Name
– Club Address
– Club City, State Zip
– Club Phone #

New Report – Handicap Revision Scores Report

The Handicap Revision Scores report displays a two column report that has some static data for each golfer as part of the header, followed by the score details for the revision selected. Both the static data in the grouping header and the scores that are displayed will be dictated by the revision filter selected. This report was designed off the client revision scores report.

Club Roster Report – Add data field “Date of Birth”

GHIN has added the “Date of Birth” field to the club roster report. This information will display when the fields is “selected” and the GHIN number that is being displayed is tied to a date of birth.

9-Hole Scores Posted Report – Add data field for Uncombined 9-hole score

The ability to see whether an 18-hole golfer golfer has a 9-hole score waiting to be combined can now be seen via the the 9-hole Scores Report. If a golfer has a valid 9-hole score waiting to be combined, it will be displayed in the first row of a golfer’s listing on the report output page. When displaying the 9-hole score waiting to be combined, the First Nine and Second Nine will blank and the the 9-hole score will be displayed in the third column in bold and italic font style.

Web Reports – Add Up/Down Arrows to Selected List (where needed)

The following configuration page for the following reports have been modified to include the ability for a user to move up/down fields in the selected list. This was not consistent across all reports so we made this change on the following pages:
– Handicap Index/CH (Arrows Needed)
– Handicap History (Arrows Needed)
– Scores Posted (Arrows Needed)
– 9 Hole Scores Posted (Arrows Needed)

All Reports – Should not allow end dates earlier than start date

GHIN addressed an issue where reports that allowed for custom date ranges to be defined allow “Start Dates” prior to “End Dates”.

“9 Hole Scores Posted” report missing the “Name Format” option

GHIN added the the formatting option for the Name field as this feature existed in all other reports that the display the name on the report.

Web Reports – Select Golfers throws error when selecting all

GHIN addressed a “Server Exception” error. The issue occurred when trying to run the report after using the “Select Golfers” funtion to select all golfers.

Reduced Golfer report – Report cutoff last columns when paper size = “export”

Addresses an issue with Reduced Golfer Report, where columns were being cut-off if the paper layout option was set to “Export”. This is not longer happening and you will get all column information when exporting.

Headers Not Displaying Properly on All Pages

GHIN did some additional work on the ensuring that the Header area of the reporting displays consistently and accurately across all reports.

Release Notes: GHP Online – Service Maintenance

Add drop-down box to better define club/service usage of GHP Software Type

Association Site will allow SRGA to define what GHP product the service will be utilizing.
GHIN has replaced the “Use GHP” check box and replaced with drop-down option with 3 choices: Paper, GHP Client and GHP Online.
On the Club site this will be a read-only field in Service Maintenance.
Selection will determine the following on both Association and Club Sites:
GHP Settings – if GHP Online then Online Settings, if GHP Client then Client Settings
Transmission History – GHP Client option will only display the link to Transmission History
Club Password – if GHP Client then not changeable, if GHP Online then changeable


Service Maintenance Search – Update GHP/Paper Filter

Association Site Only:
The Club/Service Search page has been updated to allow the user to filter their result set based on GHP Type.  This will allow them to see services that are defined as:
Paper Only
GHP Client
GHP Golfer


GHP Club – Service Maintenance: Additional Addresses Link

Added to the Service Maintenance Page for GHP Online Clubs the ability to add additional address information for individuals associated with a club that are not golfers.


GHP Club – Service Maintenance: Home Courses Link

Added to the Service Maintenance Page for GHP Online Clubs the ability to navigate directly to the Home Courses page.  This was an existing page in GHP Club, but being able to navigate to the directly from Service Maintenance is new.


GHP Club – Landing Page: Quick Link to Service Maintenance

Added to the Landing Page of the GHP Club’s Page the ability to quick link to Service Maintenance for the services the user has access to modify.


GHP Club -Service Maintenance: Edit Messages Link

Added a link to the service maintenance page for accessing edit messages.  The edit messages will coordinate with the service that you are currently managing.


GHP Club – Service Maintenance: Name/Address tab

GHP Club users now have the ability to change and modify the following fields on the Name/Address Tab within Service Maintenance:
Service Name
HCP Chair
UPS Address
Mailing Address


GHP Club – Service Maintenance: Club Settings

GHP Club users now have the ability to change and modify the following fields on the Club Tab within Service Maintenance:
Allow Internet Posting
HCP Limit (Men)
HCP Limit (Women)
Men’s Service Default Tee
Women’s Service Default Tee
Clubs PW*  (Only if club is set to GHP Online or Paper)
Service PW


GHP Club – Service Maintenance: Billing Address Tab

GHP Club users now have the ability to change and modify the all fields associated with Billing Contact and Address information.


GHP Club – Service Maintenance: Club Technical Contact

GHP Club users now have the ability to change and modify the all fields associated with Technical Contact and Address information.


GHP Club – Last Transmission/Download Information: Re-design to display relevant information

Association & Club Sites:
Information regarding to Transmission and Last Download date will only display for clubs where the GHP Type is equal to GHP Client.


HBH Entry for Rapid Score Entry and Score Maintenance

GHIN has added the ability to add new and modify existing score with HBH score information.  This functionality exists in both Rapid Score Entry and Score Maintenance.
In order to allow this type of entry the tee being played must have HBH data defined in the scorecard area under Course Maintenance.

TPP Club v1.1 Release Notes

Move Add/Remove from Club List to first item under Players Menu

Moved the menu item “Add Players from Club List” to the first menu item in the “Players” drop down menu.


Make the number of players in tournament stand out more

In an effort to make the number of players in a tournament stand out more, we have added a “Players XX” under the name of the event. This makes it easier to see how many players are entered in an event.


Clicking anywhere on Menu item activates the menu item

Clicking anywhere on the menu now activates that item. You no longer have to be on the “words” of the menu item. Clicking anywhere on the menu item will activate that menu.


Allow Players to have a default tee assignment per course

Allows each player in the master player list to have a default tee assigned for each course in their course management system


Allow 9 hole rounds to ignore Default Side

Added a check box to both the Tournament Setup and the Course Reassign tees to tell the system to apply the default tee, but ignore the default side. This will assist Round Robin events, allowing users to put players on their default tees, while allowing them to put the players on the side of their choice.


Allow Add Player from Club List to get Default Tees

Check box added to allow or not allow Add Player from Club List to pull in the players default tee from GHP if the golfer is not in the master player list already.


Filter option: Add player from club 

Added a search by name feature to find golfers using Starts With filter option.


Service filter/ Local Number display: Add from Club List

Local number added as a display option. Entering a service number will keep combined clubs from loading the combined player database.


Basic Setup – Add Create Season Button

Create Season Button has been added on the Basic Setup screen allowing for quick placement of event into desired season.


Team Rapid Entry Defaults

The default fields when accessing Rapid Team Entry are now First Name, Last Name, Gender, and Handicap Index.


Change Defaults when Assign Teams/Players to Skins

Warning message has been updated to reduce confusion as to which round is being viewed.


Default Value for Number of Flights from 6 to 2

When creating flights for a new event, the number of flights will now default to 2.


Course Import from CRP – Matching by name

If a course is entered manually and then try to import the same course with the identical name the values from CRP will override. If the check box is unmarked “match by name” the course will display as “Course Name (2)”. When the club name matches identically — it will not create a second instance of the course.


Pairings Management – Relabeled button

“Change Criteria” button has been relabeled to say “Select Pairings” offering a better descriptive of functionality.


Create Team from Rapid Team Entry

Team Group info will be prompted for if going to Rapid Team Entry without a team.


Scorecard Defaults to Blank Cards when Pairing Don’t Exist

Warning message displays when accessing the scorecard menu when pairings have not been created.


Provide ability to return to TPP Club home splash page

Home menu added which will return to the TPP Club home splash page,


Substitute Players – Rename button

When “Club Roster List” is selected as the source for substitute players, the “Get Club Roster” button was renamed to “View Available Players”


Scorecards for Team Event default to Team Group

Team group now populates in the Scorecard Menu when teams exist.


Losing Focus when selecting a report in a Report Group with a scroll bar

Report Menu no longer loses focus when selecting a report at the bottom of the group. Selected report will be highlighted and visible.


Error Message doesn’t accurately display the number of players selected

Error Message has been updated and is more descriptive as to the number of players selected on the page.


Golfer Shown Season Information for all Clubs

If a golfer is associated with a club that is not in TPP Online Clubs, then they no longer see all of the seasons/events/member programs for all the other clubs within that association. They only see association level seasons/events/member programs.


Unable to import players via Tournament Player Import

Resolved an issue when trying to import players through Tournament Player Import.


Shotgun Allocation not allocating to holes when pairings already exist

Resolved an issue displaying the Shotgun Allocation whether pairings exist or not.


Server Error when withdrawing from Golfer Registration and on Pre Approval List

Resolved an issue when trying to withdraw from an event through Golfer Registration.


Release Notes: Web Reports v2.1

Web Reports (v2.1)

Club Roster Report – optional field’s columns widen to handle phone number

GHIN has improved the optional field displays to better accommodate such data as telephone number.  While there is a balance on the amount of space you want to define each field, GHIN was able to ensure that telephone numbers do not cause the field to wrap.

Revision Golfers Report – New Report Creation

GHIN has added a brand new report that originated via UserVoice entitled Revision Golfers Report.  This report provides a club roster of “active” golfers from a given revision date.  Since many SRGAs utilize revision dates for their club billing, they would like to use this report as a resource that can be provided to the club official with the number of active golfer and a listing of those members per a given revision date.  We will provide the latest 26 revisions dates as possible filtering options.  This will be a rolling 26 revision periods which gives the SRGA and club official access to an active roster from the past year.

Club Roster Reports – Add Data Field: Handicap Index

The Club Roster report has been enhanced to include the Handicap Index field.  This field will be a available for selection and will display the golfer’s current Handicap Index as of the most recent revision.
Inactive golfers as well as active golfers who have not established a valid Handicap Index as of the last revision will display as an “NH”.

Address Labels – New Report Creation

GHIN has adde3d Address label reports that will allow a club administrator to produce mailing labels for defined members.  These labels support the multiple address functionality, so the user will be able to select the “Address Type” they wish to print. GHIN has chosen the following most popular Avery label sizes to print mailing labels:
Avery 5262 – 1 1/3  X 4 – This is two column label sheet that supports 7 rows of data or 14 labels.
Avery 5161 – 1 X 4 – This is two column label sheet that supports 10 rows of data or 20 labels
Avery 5160 – 1 X 2 5/8 – This is three column label sheet that supports 10 rows of data or 30 labels

Course Handicap Table Report – New Report Creation

GHIN has add the “Course Handicap Table” report for club officials to run so they can provide Course Handicap values based on an upper and lower range of Handicap Indexes.
This report will closely replicate the report that is available in the USGA CRP program as far as layout and data displayed.
Users have the ability to print multiple tables at once by ensuring the tees they want printed are in the available list.
Additionally, users will be able to print the tables based on gender and the holes filtering option.
The report will default to print a club’s “Home Course”, but the user will have the ability to select tee(s) that are supported by the data from the USGA CRP Data.

Server Error running Handicap Index/CH report

Fixed a Server Error relating to a scenario where the club user logs in after setting up the Course Handicap/HI report with no course/tee selected.

Handicap Index/CH Report: Club selection doesn’t display Course name

GHIN fixed an issue as in related to the display of ‘Course Name’ when selecting a club other than your “Home Courses” for the Handicap Index/CH Report.  Course Name now displays as expected when the selected facility has more than one course associated with it.

Web Reports v2.0 Release Notes

Select Course to Use for Handicap Index/CH Report

The Handicap Index/CH report now allows users to select tee information and calculate Course Handicap values based on any tee that is currently available via the USGA CRP data platform.
The user now has the ability to select course/tee information based on 2 criteria, their “Home Courses” or “Select other Courses”.  By choosing the “Select other Course” option as a filter the user will be prompted with a modal form that resembles the way users select courses from other points in GHP.  Once the course is select, you will see that course’s tee information be listed in the available column selection box.  Choosing Home Courses will default to the typical view and selections that user currently utilizes.


Add Total Differential to Handicap Index/CH Report

GHIN has added another field to the Handicap Index/CH report of “Total Differential”.  This is very useful to when multiple golfers have the same Handicap Index value displaying.


Ability to remove all Page Header Information

GHIN has added to all applicable reports a new item in the reports appearence area captioned: “Page Header 1st page only:”.  If you check this option, only the first page of the output report will contain the information on the report header.  This would primarily be used for the exporting of data as you will have no page information interrupting your data based on each page break.
The Page Header Information mostly includes:
Report Title
Club Name – Club Number
Service # (where applicable)
Revision Date (where Applicable)
Column Headers


Allow Selection of Custom Date Range for Reports (Low HI and Rounds Posted)

The Low Handicap Index Report and the Rounds Posted report have been enhanced to allow the setting of “Custom Date Ranges”.  Instead of the limiting the user to the 3-4 stock options they now have the flexibility to select a “Begin” and “End” date for these reports.


Format Changes to Handicap Index/CH Report When Using Trend

GHIN has cleaned up the display of the Handicap Index/CH report when the user sets the “Current Revision” option to “Trend <next revision date>” option.  The labels have now been changed on both the configuration page and the output column page to be “Trend Handicap”.  Additionally, the display of the output pages will have the numerical value with a trailing “L”, indicating that it should only be used in local competitions.

Add Round Count to Scores Posted Report

GHIN has added the “Round Count” data field to the existing Scores Posted Report. Now users can get quickly the number of rounds that a specific golfer has posted without having to count each individual line of detail that is displayed by this report.  This data field will only display once for each golfer that has posted a round, during the time period identified.


Add Score Type to Rounds Posted Report

GHIN has added the “Score Type” filtering option to the Rounds Posted Report.  Users can now filter the number of scores based on the following score types:
All – any score type
Home Only – scores that are denoted as “H”
Tournament Only – scores that are denoted as “T”
Away Only – scores that are denoted as “A”
Internet Only – score that are denoted as “I”

The filter functionality of Score Type is consistent across all reports that allow “score type” as a filter option.


Add Gender to Club Roster Report

GHIN has added the Gender field to the club roster report as a field that will display on the output pages.  The report configuration allows the user to select “Gender” as a selectable column and the output will display either an “M” or “F” based on the golfer record.


Add Low HI and High HI to Handicap Index Range Report

GHIN has added the availability of putting the Low Handicap Index and the High Handicap Index values on the Handicap Index Range Report.  The values foe the Low and High HI are based on the golfer’s record at the club and the time-frame used to filter the report.
These are helpful values when looking at a golfer’s handicap index over a certain period.


Handicap Label Report – Added the ability to individually select golfers

GHIN has now added the ability to select an individual or group of golfers to print handicap labels for on-demand. This will allow the club official to print handicap label(s) for golfer with out having to print the entire service or create a print group solely for them.

TPP Online: Club Solution: 2013 – May Release I

Round Robin Flight Name Changes

GHIN modified the way that Flight Names are handled in Round Robin events.  If Flight Names were changed they now are carried through the various areas of TPP Admin, including reports, match creation, etc…

Scorecards – Shade Whole Column

GHIN has added a new feature to score cards that enhances the “Shade Starting hole” option.  Users now have an additional option to shade the entire column that represents the starting hole for where the player will begin their round.  Check the option “Shade Column” under the score cards menu to utilize this functionality.

File Builder for Header and Footer Files

GHIN has developed a easier way to handle Header and Footer files as they relate to the scoring sites.  You will notice that there is a new function under scoring called “Scoring Include File Builder”.
This will launch an WYSIWIG editor which will allow the club/SRGA to build out Header and Footer files using the Visual or HTML editor.  Once the files are built and saved, they can be added to the scoring pages via browse option that will list all available Headers and Footers available to that club.  This should allow maximum customization for the scoring pages.

Copy Tee – change the process for how information is copied

GHIN modified the way the copy tee function works in TPP Online Club.  Now only the items that are checked will be copied from the “From” tee into the “To” tee.  Meaning, if you leave “Yardage” unchecked and the yardage for the “To” tee is populated then this data will stay intact and only the data that is checked will copy/overwrite based on the “From” tee.

Added “Drag and Drop” functionality to Flight Management

GHIN added the ability to now exchange teams/players within Flight Management.  Instead of having to add a team/player to another flight and then manually move that team/player, you can now use “drag and drop” functionality.

Add a visual notification to indicate when a player is selected in Flight Management

GHIN added a feature in Flight Management, where if the user clicks on a player to move or transfer them you can now clearly see who was selected.

Add a visual notification to indicate when a player is selected in Team Management

GHIN added a feature in Team Management, where if the user clicks on a player to move or transfer them you can now clearly see who was selected.

Issue with Add Players from Club List and Entry Number

GHIN has addressed an issue where if golfers were being added via the Club list the entry number was not being preserved.  This has been addressed.

Default “Show” option – Copy Players from Existing Tournament

The “Copy Players from Existing Tournament” page now default the “Show” option to use “Handicap Index”

Scorecard Menu Pages: when changing scorecards options, the first card in the list is highlighted

GHIN addressed an issue where changing any scorecard option, would reset the focus of the scorecard to the first score card in the list.

Prompt to “Add Course Information” if no Courses are defined and user tries to Create Tournament

GHIN has put in the following messaging for new club sites where the user attempts to create a tournament when not course data has been set up:
“There are no courses set up for this club.  Please Click here to import your club or Click here to enter your club manually.”

Report Menu pages – When making a report selection, focus moves to top item in Report Tree

GHIN addressed this issue and now the focus remains with the last item selected within the report menu.

Creating Teams in Rapid Team Entry for mixed event, Gender was not being handled properly

An issue in mixed events using the Rapid Team Entry or Custom Player entry was not persevering the Gender field as it was being inputted.  This has since been resolved.

Add Players from Club List – Error when adding more golfers

An issue has been addressed where if you initially added golfers via the “Add from Club List” and then attempted to add more golfer’s from the Club list an error would occur.  This has been addressed.

Scoring Widget Preview displays blank

GHIN addressed an issue with the Build Scoring Widget function where, when you tried to preview the widget it was coming up blank.  This issue has been addressed.

Add/Remove from Club List Available Players list does not scroll when using Google Chrome

GHIN addressed an issue where scroll bars were not functioning as expected in Google Chrome (26.0.1410.64).  The following pages and their respective scroll bars have been fixed:
Scroll bar in Select Players from Club List
Scroll bar in Select Players from Existing Tournament
Scroll bar in Field Selection (both Available and Selected) in Custom Player Entry
Scroll bar in Players -> Update Handicap Index via Inquiry

Test Widgets —