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USGA Collaborates with Golf Genius Software

We are pleased to announce the collaboration with Golf Genius to offer tournament management software to your association and your member clubs in 2017.  Through the FAQ’s below you will learn what will be available, when it will be available to the SRGA and the high level plan to introduce your clubs to the software. A select group of SRGAs will be participating in a Pilot phase through October to aide in preparation for the official launch.

Along with contacting their current customers, Golf Genius will be posting the same FAQs on their website. Should any current Golf Genius customers who are also your SRGA member clubs have questions, they will be directed to you for information. Please feel free to use any of the language below if you would like to share this initial announcement with your membership.

Additional detailed information will be provided as we complete the Pilot phase and prepare for the November conference where extensive training and launch plans will be offered.

If you have any questions, please contact support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or


The USGA and Golf Genius Software have entered into a collaboration agreement whereby GGS will provide golf tournament management software to GHIN SRGAs and their member clubs. Beginning in early 2017, two distinct Tournament Management software products will be offered to GHIN customers as a replacement for the current Tournament Pairing Program (TPP®):


  • USGA Tournament Management, Powered by Golf Genius Software, will provide a feature set equivalent to TPP® plus additional capabilities including robust support for golf leagues
  • USGA Tournament Management PREMIUM, Powered by Golf Genius Software, will offer an upgraded set of tournament management features and capabilities


Why did the USGA enter into an agreement with Golf Genius Software?

The USGA’s GHIN service has been an important technology tool for SRGAs, clubs, and golfers since it was developed in 1981. One of the core products included with GHIN is the Tournament Pairing Program (commonly called TPP®). In recent months the USGA began to reimagine GHIN and explore opportunities to enhance its impact for the future. During this process the USGA decided to outsource the tournament management component to a software firm dedicated to the tournament management software market. The USGA selected Golf Genius Software because of the proven quality of the product, its acceptance among numerous clubs, the scalability of the Golf Genius cloud solution, and the Golf Genius commitment to providing outstanding service to the USGA and its GHIN customers.

What are the products that will be offered through this collaboration?

The USGA will offer two new products to its GHIN customers through this collaboration.  Both products are derivatives of the Golf Genius product that is already in use around the world.

  • USGA Tournament Management, Powered by Golf Genius Software, will be functionally equivalent to TPP® and will be offered exclusively by the USGA and SRGAs to their GHIN club customers through their GHIN service agreements. The price for this product will be included in the overall GHIN pricing structure.
  • USGA Tournament Management PREMIUM, Powered by Golf Genius Software, will be functionally equivalent to the Golf Genius product, will be available to all GHIN SRGAs for the conduct of association events, and will be an optional upgrade available to GHIN clubs for an additional annual upgrade fee. Clubs who elect to purchase the upgrade will enter into subscription agreements directly with Golf Genius and will benefit from reduced price for the PREMIUM product.

What are the differences between USGA Tournament Management and USGA Tournament Management PREMIUM?

USGA Tournament Management, Powered by Golf Genius Software, provides all the tools needed by the golf shop at a private club or public facility to set up and run member events, leagues and outings. It substantially reduces the workload in the golf shop and provides best-in-class printed materials including fully customizable scorecards, cart signs, bag tags, locker labels, tee sheets, alpha lists, etc.

USGA Tournament Management PREMIUM, Powered by Golf Genius Software, delivers all the benefits outlined above plus capabilities to improve the golfer experience via the GGS mobile app, live scoring, live TV leaderboards, online registration and payments, and a customizable website for each event, league or outing.

For details, please click HERE.

When will USGA Tournament Management products be available to GHIN customers?

The products offered through this collaboration will be available to GHIN customers in early 2017 as part of their GHIN service agreements. The USGA will work with its GHIN customers over the next several months to define a detailed rollout schedule and training process.  More specifically:

  • In early August the GHIN team will work with GGS in a Pilot Phase in which a small set of SRGAs and their member Clubs will be trained, utilize the products, and provide structured feedback to ensure the products and processes are ready for a large scale rollout.
  • In November, the products will be launched to GHIN SRGAs at the annual GHIN User Conference (Nov 10-12).  This will provide a robust training environment for SRGAs to prepare for releasing the products to their member clubs.
  • In January, a rollout plan will be implemented where SRGAs will begin activating their member clubs, taking into consideration the geographic region (local golf season), the number of clubs in the SRGA, and the pace at which the SRGA is able to smoothly roll out the new products.

Who are the SRGAs participating in the Pilot?

The following SRGAs will be participating in the Pilot from August to October to help assess the features of the USGA Tournament Management products and provide feedback on the training and support materials:

  • Florida State Golf Association
  • Massachusetts Golf Association
  • Minnesota Golf Association
  • Nebraska Golf Association
  • Oregon Golf Association
  • Texas Golf Association

How will the existing Golf Genius customers be impacted? Who will continue to buy Golf Genius products directly?

Existing Golf Genius customers that are GHIN clubs will benefit from the USGA pricing structure, and will switch from the Golf Genius product to USGA Tournament Management PREMIUM, Powered by Golf Genius Software when their subscriptions renew. Golf Genius customers that are not GHIN clubs will continue to subscribe to the standard Golf Genius product.

Golf Genius will also continue to address consumer markets, providing the Golf Genius product to individuals managing golf leagues and organizing golf trips.

Does Golf Genius provide its products outside of the United States?

Golf Genius is in use all over the world. Some countries outside the U.S. utilize GHIN services, and customers in those countries will be eligible to use USGA Tournament Management and USGA Tournament Management PREMIUM.  Golf Genius will continue to operate in other countries as it does today.

Will GHIN customers still be able to use TPP®?

To provide ample time to complete the rollout across all GHIN SRGAs and GHIN clubs, TPP® will continue to be operational and supported via the standard GHIN support process through Dec 31, 2017.

Who will provide product support for USGA Tournament Management and USGA Tournament Management PREMIUM?

As they do today with TPP®, SRGAs will provide Level 1 support (live chat and phone support) to their member clubs.  This support is an integral part of the value proposition provided by the SRGAs to member clubs.  Golf Genius will provide Level 2 support (escalation and further assistance) to SRGAs to support member clubs and direct support to the USGA and SRGAs related to the use of USGA Tournament Management PREMIUM.

With comprehensive online help (knowledge base, tutorials, videos, etc.) and a robust online user community, users can usually quickly find the information and answers they need.

For all other GHIN products, SRGAs will provide Level 1 support for their member clubs and the USGA GHIN support team will provide Level 2 support, as they do today.

Can GHIN SRGAs and clubs use a different tournament management solution?

Under the collaboration agreement, GHIN SRGAs and clubs will be entitled to use the Golf Genius powered products as part of their existing relationship with the USGA.  GHIN SRGAs and clubs can choose other tournament management solutions at their own cost – just as is the case today with TPP®.

TPP Association Points Widget and Reports

The reports and widget generation tools in your TPP Association sites are currently not functioning properly. The team is aware of the issue and working towards a resolution.

If you are currently using the widget on your website the user will see a server error. We would ask your assistance in disabling the widgets from your individual websites (i.e., comment out the code, remove the link) while this is being worked on.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will report back when this has been resolved.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or

TPP Viewer – Enhancement Release III

Good Evening,
Tonight GHIN successfully deployed to production our third iteration of our TPP Viewer application for both SRGA and Club usage. This is a major release as we are introducing the support for both individual and team match play, as well as added enhancements for stroke play events. For match play, the most notable change for the end user will now be an additional option to select match play scoring from the configuration step and the addition of new themes that support the display of matches.
As with Stroke Play, the application is still dependent on what the user has selected within “Scoring Website Setup” via the TPP Online Admin module. So for a user to be able to display match play results, the proper settings need to be configured in the ‘scoring options’ tab.
New themes include:
– 4 matches per page – No Detail
– 4 matches per page- with Detail
– 8 matches per page – No Detail (*Note that this theme will move to 4 matches per page once Quarterfinal matches begin)

The stroke play enhancements include:
TPP Viewer now supports and will display the “Projected Cut” and “Failed to Qualify” for all stroke play themes. This will link directly to the scoring website setup within TPP Online administration module.
For Projected Cut – configure via Scoring Website Setup > Projected Cut tab
For Failed to Qualify – configure via Scoring Website Setup > Display Options > Separate Cut players checkbox

As resources allow, GHIN will continue to build out this product incorporating more and more functionality. Our next phase of development will focus on match play formats.
If you have any questions, please contact our GHIN support group at

We hope that you are continuing to enjoy the simplistic approach this product offers.

TPP Club Documentation

GHIN has published supporting documents for the recently released TPP Club Viewer and Reface. On the info portal,, webinars have been uploaded covering TPP Viewer and the changes made to TPP Club with the refacing project. These items can be found on the GHIN tab, using the left menu to select GHIN Web Ed / Demos.

The files are located under TPP Online Club:

TPP Online – Viewer  (this includes instructions on using the viewer program with your TPP Association site)

TPP Online Club – Reface


Web Ed

In addition to the webinars GHIN, has created a TPP Club Quick Start Guide and TPP Viewer User’s Guide. These documents can be found on the GHIN tab, using the left menu to select Documents, TPP Online Club. Each file is in PDF and word document format. For those wanting to use their association branding, use the word file format to make the necessary changes.

TPP Club Info Portal

If you have any questions, please contact GHIN support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or

Web Ed: TPP Club – Reports

We have scheduled a webinar for association staff on the reorganization of TPP Club Reports. The GHIN support team will review the enhancements including the ability to search by report name, description or tag. Over 100 new reports have been added to the library.

In order to participate you must register for the session. If you are unable to attend the session, it will be recorded and posted on the Info Portal for viewing at your convenience.

Webinar Schedule

Thursday, April 2 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm ET

As a reminder, all previous TPP Club webinars have been recorded and are available for viewing on the USGA Info Portal.

If you have any questions please contact GHIN support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or

Web Ed: TPP Club – Reface

We have scheduled a webinar for association staff on the new reface of TPP Club. The GHIN support team will review the changes to be made enhancing the look and usability of TPP Club. Changes include a responsive design (screen will adapt to the device being used), improved navigation and clean-up of terms and navigational elements.

In order to participate you must register for the session. If you are unable to attend the session, it will be recorded and posted on the Info Portal for viewing at your convenience.

Webinar Schedule

Thursday, March 26 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm ET

As a reminder, all previous TPP Club webinars have been recorded and are available for viewing on the USGA Info Portal.

If you have any questions please contact GHIN support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or

Scheduled TPP Deployments

Due to a server environment issue at our hosting facility, we have been advised not to deploy any applications at this time. As such, the planned TPP releases for this week have been pushed back until next week.


As a follow up to our Blog Post on March 6, GHIN will be releasing into production the enhancements previously discussed for TPP. We encourage you to take a look at the enhancements in the UAT site prior to deployment.

The updated deployment schedule is:

Monday, March 23 9:00 pm TPP Club Reface –  this will require a brief downtime during the deployment. There may be a slight disruption in services between 9 – 9:30 pm.

Wednesday, March 25 TPP Viewer for both Association and Club – the link on the splash page for TPP Club will be replaced pointing to the new TPP Viewer application.

For clubs wanting to use the existing Clubhouse Viewer, please direct them to:

Once TPP Viewer has been successfully moved into production notification will be sent to the associations.

Associations will use<AssociationInstanceName>/membership/login/ to access the new TPP Viewer.

For associations wanting to use the existing TPP Clubhouse Viewer, continue to access the same site as you have been.

Monday, March 30 TPP Club Reports – this will require a brief downtime during the deployment. As soon as the time has been confirmed an update will be sent.

Once released into production there will be an online overview of the changes made available to club officials when logging into the TPP Club site (see the What’s New link on the login page). In addition, webinars have been scheduled (separate Blog Post) and a User’s Guide for TPP Viewer will be distributed.

If you have any questions, please contact GHIN support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or

TPP Enhancements Advanced Look

While GHIN continues to plan for the future with the modernization initiative well underway, specific development items were identified to help bridge the gap between the current GHIN products and future GHIN. These initiatives include the refacing of TPP Club, the report management and designer project, and the new TPP Viewer option. The development work on these items is now in a pre-production release state which we have moved to their respective UAT environments.  Going forward enhancements, and addressed issues or changes in these products will land in these outwardly facing UAT sites for SRGA review.  So, we encourage you to take a look at them prior to our target release date(s) starting on or about March 16, 2015 for full production availability.

The purpose of the reface of TPP Club was to bring a modern look and feel to the product along with a responsive design. So if the user is working on a desktop or tablet the screen will scale to fit the device. Navigation has been improved with a left handed menu bar highlighting the selected focus area. Clean up was done on verbiage to ensure standardization of terms and navigational elements and lastly GHIN has removed menu options that are not relevant to Club usage.




Phase 1 of the report management and designer project takes the familiar report tree on the left to a user friendly searchable menu across the top. Reports can be searched for by name, frequently run, or by name/tag/description. For those users that still like to follow the logical flow in order to gain access to a report, you can filter the reports down by Category and Report Type.  (Hint: Category = highest level of the previous report tree structure, Report Type = second/third level in the tree structure)


Report Search


All of the standard reports have been tagged and while these reports will not allow for changing of the report information, a user who imports their own reports will have complete control of defining the Name, Description and Tags.


Report Tag


TPP Viewer has been redesigned for both the club and association as an alternative to the current TPP Clubhouse Viewer program. Many of you at the association level have spent time and energy customizing your clubhouse viewer screens to align with your branding. Because of this the new TPP Viewer will be an alternative tool for those who are currently running the viewer via TPP Association or TPP Client.

The new TPP Viewer has simplified the setup process by walking the user through a 3 step process that can have them displaying scoring results on a professionally designed screen within a significantly shortened period of time. The initial production rollout will be for individual stroke play events only but the viewer has the ability to display both gross and net scores on the same display! (work is currently being done on team scoring) Simple customization allows the user to load and build out their personal background image and logo libraries for quick retrieval for future events.

Also check out in Step #1 the Most Relevant tournament selection option. We are sure that this will make finding the tournament you are currently running much simpler.


TPP Viewer



To access the UAT site for TPP Club you can use either your SRGA or Club login credentials from the production site.

Club Reface and Reports Project:

To access the UAT site for the TPP Viewer site there are a few assumptions that need to be made in order to make this a suitable review.

  1. At the club-level you MUST have an OnCourse account set up in the TPP Club Admin site in UAT.  (this can be found under the “Other” menu option)
  2. The most relevant filter will only show events where tournament dates are greater than or equal to today.  So the initial tournament selection page may not have any events listed, if that is the case you can use either the Seasons or the Search filter options to find a tournament to display results.

Club TPP Viewer Product:

To access the TPP Viewer site for associations use the link below and where the red text is (AssociationInstanceName) replace with your TPP Association folder name. You must have an OnCourse account set up in your TPP Association site.

Association TPP Viewer Product:<AssociationinstanceName>/membership/login/


Webinars will be scheduled on these development initiatives with details to follow. If you have any questions please contact GHIN support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or

GHIN Strategic Project Development Update

While the re-platforming effort is exciting and dominates many conversations, both inside and outside the USGA, there is other development being executed for GHIN. An update on the re-platforming effort is forth coming, but a dedicated group of staff and consultants are focused on the execution and delivery of our strategic project initiatives that were selected in late 2014 as a needed bridge for users prior to the completion of the new platform. The strategic projects and their current expected delivery dates are as follows:

Handicap Infrastructure Relocation – March 9, 2015
Enterprise Email Delivery Service – Production: Completed
TPP Club Reface – UAT: Complete; Production: March 16, 2015
TPP Club Reports – UAT: Match 2, 2015; Production: March 16, 2015
TPP Viewer – UAT: Complete; Production: Week of March 16, 2015
GHIN Mobile – Club Functionality – UAT: March 16, 2015; Production: March 30, 2015

We are pleased to provide an outline of each of these projects and their current status.

Handicap Infrastructure Relocation

The GHIN Service central handicap database (DB2) and supporting data services currently reside on servers that are located on the USGA campus, however many applications, such as TPP Online, and eClubhouse are located in an offsite hosting service. The USGA needs to ensure the performance and reliability of the core GHIN services are maintained while the re-platforming development is accomplished through mid-2016. In addition to more robust storage and processing capabilities, the offsite hosting service provides advanced full-time monitoring and improved redundancy capabilities.

Originally targeted to be accomplished in January, this extremely complex environment has proven to be very challenging to replicate, while implementing more acceptable industry standards. Two previously planned attempts have been cancelled, when final performance testing failed to exceed the minimum acceptance criteria. It is our belief this migration is important to be able to ensure delivery of high quality performance and reliability. That said; an alternate operations assurance plan will be utilized if we are unable to complete the relocation in March.

Enterprise Email Delivery Service (SendGrid)

Though the new Enterprise Email Delivery Service is now in production, two troubling issues continued to be experienced. The first is an intermittent failure in the creation of about eight percent of the 1.1 million scheduled revision eNewsletters. The development team continues efforts to discover the root-cause of this problem. In the mean-time, active monitoring of this process is performed and all failed emails are being resent.

The other troubling issue is that when an email is rendered and delivered through SendGrid some links within eNewsletters are broken. The previous method in which we sent the emails masked a combination of issues. The WYSIWYG editor currently utilized for eNewsletter seems to hide, as one consultant put it, “very unpleasant html code.” Even when it appears that you have removed content or changed the formatting of text, orphaned HTML code is left behind. Over time, this leftover code builds up and can cause havoc. Even though the eNewsletter looks great in the advance preview, when sent through SendGrid it may render differently and result in broken hyper-links or other erratic formatting issues.

TPP Club Reface

This project solely targeted the TPP Online Clubs application to enhance the look, feel and overall experience for the end user. As of early February we completed the process of updating all 120+/- pages that make up the application. The current status of the application is that we are finalizing our internal QA (Quality Assurance) testing, but have also released to our public UAT (User Acceptance Testing) environment. Our plan is to allow all SRGAs access to this site so that they can begin the process of becoming familiar with the platform or to make presentations to clubs.

Highlights of this project include:

  • Responsive Design – Whether accessing via desktop browser or mobile phone the application detects the screen resolution and adapts accordingly
  • Improved Navigation – We have removed the top menu bar and replaced it with a more modern left-hand navigation pane. Note: While in smaller resolution, the menu is hidden to take full advantage of the screen real-estate
  • Aligned with Club Usage – While much of the functionality between the Association and Club application can be shared, there was a significant amount of functionality that would not apply to clubs, so we made sure to remove these in order to clean up the menu options


TPP Club Reports

This was truly a two-part project that encompassed both a redesign of the Reports page and the first iteration of an internally built report designer. Since we merged these projects into a single product, it has pushed back our delivery time slightly. Currently the project is being developed in alignment with the strategic reface project (above) and they will be release altogether.

Highlights of the new Report Menu page:

  • Add over 100 new reports, mainly aimed at club usage
  • Added descriptions and tags to each report that will now allow the user to simply search across all reports to easily identify the report that they wish to run
  • Simplified the favorites selection process
  • Removed the tree structure view, however users can still filter reports down to a certain report group

Highlights of the Report Designer:

  • Ability to edit a report’s description and tags
  • Ability to edit, via our report designer page, specific functions, such as font styling, changing a data field from one to another
  • Saving and running these reports
    (NOTE – Some functionality is available only on reports that are imported by the user.)

TPP Viewer

This is a true replacement application for both the Association and Club versions of TPP Online and we are pleased to announce that the first iteration of the project is now in the UAT environment. While this first iteration only supports individual stroke play events, GHIN plans to enhance the support additional scoring methods in very short order. Since we built this application from the ground up, we were able to utilize feedback from a variety of users, while placing the emphasis on ease of use and improved, professional looking templates.

Highlights include:

  • Simple to use 3-step wizard that has a user up and running in under a couple of minutes, highlighted by a tournament selection filter for most relevant tournaments
  • 4-8 templates that are pleasing to the eye with the ability to run with stock backgrounds or if preferred, upload custom backgrounds
  • Additional branding via the utilization of 2 logos
  • Ability to build out a personal library of backgrounds and logos

GHIN Mobile – Club Functionality

As part of a cooperative development initiative with Metropolitan Golf Association, GHIN engaged the GHIN Mobile app vendor, New Start Mobile, to incorporate optional fee-based club functionality into the GHIN Mobile app as well as develop an updated and more robust management console.

The Club app enhancements to GHIN Mobile provide a highly customized club experience to both GHIN members and non-GHIN members, while maintaining all existing app features for diehard golfers. Associations can strengthen their relationship to clubs by providing a valuable and unique mobile experience for their membership.

The management console is be expanded to provide a single point of control for GHIN staff, association staff, and club staff to customize all aspects of GHIN Mobile. In addition, associations will have the ability to add YouTube videos to their app, creating a rich multimedia channel for their golfers.

The App has been received by GHIN for regression testing and QA evaluation, but most new feature testing is on hold until the new management console is received; expected the last week of February.

Features include:

  • Robust Management Console
  • Club Branding Customizations
  • Integration of Club Providers such as Jonas, FourTees, NorthStar and others
  • Club Directory & Contact Information
  • Club Alerts & Push Notifications
  • Club Photo Gallery
  • Club Social Feeds
  • Club Weather
  • Association Videos


eNewsletter New Enterprise Delivery Service – SendGrid

As was discussed at the GHIN Users’ meeting in November and review webinar in December, we have completed the implementation and testing of our new enterprise email delivery service (SendGrid) that will be utilized for eNewsletters and other ad hoc email delivery needs.  Production eNewsletters for two SRGA’s were sent via SendGrid on January 15th and the process worked flawlessly.  All production ad hoc emails (TPP, eClub, web reports) are now being sent via this service and starting on February 1st, all eNewsletters will also be sent via SendGrid.

This change to an outside service will allow for reliable delivery and will include SendGrid’s expertise on:

  • Manage whitelisting
  • IP address reputation score
  • Email authentication/validation

Please note that this does not impact how you create or schedule your eNewsletters, and does not change the portal to view newsletter statistics.

If you have any questions please contact GHIN tech support, (800) 940-8535 x1 or