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USGA Collaborates with Golf Genius Software

We are pleased to announce the collaboration with Golf Genius to offer tournament management software to your association and your member clubs in 2017.  Through the FAQ’s below you will learn what will be available, when it will be available to the SRGA and the high level plan to introduce your clubs to the software. A select group of SRGAs will be participating in a Pilot phase through October to aide in preparation for the official launch.

Along with contacting their current customers, Golf Genius will be posting the same FAQs on their website. Should any current Golf Genius customers who are also your SRGA member clubs have questions, they will be directed to you for information. Please feel free to use any of the language below if you would like to share this initial announcement with your membership.

Additional detailed information will be provided as we complete the Pilot phase and prepare for the November conference where extensive training and launch plans will be offered.

If you have any questions, please contact support at (800) 940-8535 x1 or


The USGA and Golf Genius Software have entered into a collaboration agreement whereby GGS will provide golf tournament management software to GHIN SRGAs and their member clubs. Beginning in early 2017, two distinct Tournament Management software products will be offered to GHIN customers as a replacement for the current Tournament Pairing Program (TPP®):


  • USGA Tournament Management, Powered by Golf Genius Software, will provide a feature set equivalent to TPP® plus additional capabilities including robust support for golf leagues
  • USGA Tournament Management PREMIUM, Powered by Golf Genius Software, will offer an upgraded set of tournament management features and capabilities


Why did the USGA enter into an agreement with Golf Genius Software?

The USGA’s GHIN service has been an important technology tool for SRGAs, clubs, and golfers since it was developed in 1981. One of the core products included with GHIN is the Tournament Pairing Program (commonly called TPP®). In recent months the USGA began to reimagine GHIN and explore opportunities to enhance its impact for the future. During this process the USGA decided to outsource the tournament management component to a software firm dedicated to the tournament management software market. The USGA selected Golf Genius Software because of the proven quality of the product, its acceptance among numerous clubs, the scalability of the Golf Genius cloud solution, and the Golf Genius commitment to providing outstanding service to the USGA and its GHIN customers.

What are the products that will be offered through this collaboration?

The USGA will offer two new products to its GHIN customers through this collaboration.  Both products are derivatives of the Golf Genius product that is already in use around the world.

  • USGA Tournament Management, Powered by Golf Genius Software, will be functionally equivalent to TPP® and will be offered exclusively by the USGA and SRGAs to their GHIN club customers through their GHIN service agreements. The price for this product will be included in the overall GHIN pricing structure.
  • USGA Tournament Management PREMIUM, Powered by Golf Genius Software, will be functionally equivalent to the Golf Genius product, will be available to all GHIN SRGAs for the conduct of association events, and will be an optional upgrade available to GHIN clubs for an additional annual upgrade fee. Clubs who elect to purchase the upgrade will enter into subscription agreements directly with Golf Genius and will benefit from reduced price for the PREMIUM product.

What are the differences between USGA Tournament Management and USGA Tournament Management PREMIUM?

USGA Tournament Management, Powered by Golf Genius Software, provides all the tools needed by the golf shop at a private club or public facility to set up and run member events, leagues and outings. It substantially reduces the workload in the golf shop and provides best-in-class printed materials including fully customizable scorecards, cart signs, bag tags, locker labels, tee sheets, alpha lists, etc.

USGA Tournament Management PREMIUM, Powered by Golf Genius Software, delivers all the benefits outlined above plus capabilities to improve the golfer experience via the GGS mobile app, live scoring, live TV leaderboards, online registration and payments, and a customizable website for each event, league or outing.

For details, please click HERE.

When will USGA Tournament Management products be available to GHIN customers?

The products offered through this collaboration will be available to GHIN customers in early 2017 as part of their GHIN service agreements. The USGA will work with its GHIN customers over the next several months to define a detailed rollout schedule and training process.  More specifically:

  • In early August the GHIN team will work with GGS in a Pilot Phase in which a small set of SRGAs and their member Clubs will be trained, utilize the products, and provide structured feedback to ensure the products and processes are ready for a large scale rollout.
  • In November, the products will be launched to GHIN SRGAs at the annual GHIN User Conference (Nov 10-12).  This will provide a robust training environment for SRGAs to prepare for releasing the products to their member clubs.
  • In January, a rollout plan will be implemented where SRGAs will begin activating their member clubs, taking into consideration the geographic region (local golf season), the number of clubs in the SRGA, and the pace at which the SRGA is able to smoothly roll out the new products.

Who are the SRGAs participating in the Pilot?

The following SRGAs will be participating in the Pilot from August to October to help assess the features of the USGA Tournament Management products and provide feedback on the training and support materials:

  • Florida State Golf Association
  • Massachusetts Golf Association
  • Minnesota Golf Association
  • Nebraska Golf Association
  • Oregon Golf Association
  • Texas Golf Association

How will the existing Golf Genius customers be impacted? Who will continue to buy Golf Genius products directly?

Existing Golf Genius customers that are GHIN clubs will benefit from the USGA pricing structure, and will switch from the Golf Genius product to USGA Tournament Management PREMIUM, Powered by Golf Genius Software when their subscriptions renew. Golf Genius customers that are not GHIN clubs will continue to subscribe to the standard Golf Genius product.

Golf Genius will also continue to address consumer markets, providing the Golf Genius product to individuals managing golf leagues and organizing golf trips.

Does Golf Genius provide its products outside of the United States?

Golf Genius is in use all over the world. Some countries outside the U.S. utilize GHIN services, and customers in those countries will be eligible to use USGA Tournament Management and USGA Tournament Management PREMIUM.  Golf Genius will continue to operate in other countries as it does today.

Will GHIN customers still be able to use TPP®?

To provide ample time to complete the rollout across all GHIN SRGAs and GHIN clubs, TPP® will continue to be operational and supported via the standard GHIN support process through Dec 31, 2017.

Who will provide product support for USGA Tournament Management and USGA Tournament Management PREMIUM?

As they do today with TPP®, SRGAs will provide Level 1 support (live chat and phone support) to their member clubs.  This support is an integral part of the value proposition provided by the SRGAs to member clubs.  Golf Genius will provide Level 2 support (escalation and further assistance) to SRGAs to support member clubs and direct support to the USGA and SRGAs related to the use of USGA Tournament Management PREMIUM.

With comprehensive online help (knowledge base, tutorials, videos, etc.) and a robust online user community, users can usually quickly find the information and answers they need.

For all other GHIN products, SRGAs will provide Level 1 support for their member clubs and the USGA GHIN support team will provide Level 2 support, as they do today.

Can GHIN SRGAs and clubs use a different tournament management solution?

Under the collaboration agreement, GHIN SRGAs and clubs will be entitled to use the Golf Genius powered products as part of their existing relationship with the USGA.  GHIN SRGAs and clubs can choose other tournament management solutions at their own cost – just as is the case today with TPP®.

TPP Database Server

GHIN will be migrating the TPP database to a new location Tuesday, February 25 starting at 2 am ET. The process may take up to three hours to complete. During this time there may be intermittent access to TPP Association and Club sites.

If you have any concerns about the timing of this because of tournament registration or an event, please email Fran Nee immediately so that we can reschedule this task.


Desktop Icons for GHP & TPP Now on InfoPortal

Desktop Icons (.ico format) for GHP and TPP have been uploaded to the InfoPortal for download.  8 colors choices were created for each product using the USGA/GHIN branding standards.  You can find the icons in the GHIN section of the InfoPortal (Documents –> GHIN Icons).  Each icon file stores images in the following pixel dimensions (16 x 16, 32 x 32, 48 x48 & 256×256) so it will scale to your specific needs. You can use the different colors to differentiate between “GHP Golfer” versus “GHP Club Management” and all of the various TPP Club site pages (Scoring, Golfer Registration, Admin, Clubhouse Viewer & OnCourse).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call GHIN Technical Support, (800) 940-8535 X1 or email at

TPP OnCourse for Clubs

GHIN is pleased to announce that TPP OnCourse for golf clubs has been released. A new button has been added to the TPP splash page for easy access. The direct website link is The club administrator will first need to add an OnCourse User through the Administration page by creating a user name and password.


TPP Splash Screen




For a review on TPP OnCourse, a recorded webinar is available online on the USGA Info Portal, select the GHIN Web Ed / Demos menu on the left, and then select TPP OnCourse – Scoring & Score Verification.

If you have further questions or need assistance please contact Tech Support at (800) 940-8535 x1.

TPP OnCourse Webinars

Following up on the release of TPP OnCourse Score and Verification, GHIN is pleased to offer two web educational seminars to introduce you to the products. These applications support real-time entry of hole-by-hole scores via mobile devices for association-level tournaments.  Real-time entry of scores means that leaderboard viewing sites like TPP Online Scoring and the TPP Clubhouse Viewer can display leaderboards that show the current status of a tournament while it is in progress.

The sessions will focus on the following:

  • Creation of OnCourse user accounts
  • Review of OnCourse Scoring options: walking scorers, green side scorers, and scoring stations
  • Tournament administration settings that affect OnCourse
  • Score Verification module
  • Overview of browser option versus app version

The first webinar will be Wednesday, April 17 at 11:00 am ET followed by the second one on Thursday, April 18 at 2:00 pm ET. For those of you unable to attend these will be recorded and posted on the USGA InfoPortal.


To attend the session on Wednesday, April 17 at 11:00 am ET

Go to

Call (877) 309- 2070  or (626) 521-0017

Enter the Access Code: 969-755-815


To attend the session on Thursday, April 18 at 2:00 pm ET

Go to

Call (877) 309-2073 or (224) 649-0001

Enter the Access Code: 976-737-767


Release of TPP OnCourse Scoring and Score Verification

GHIN is pleased to announce the release of TPP OnCourse Scoring and TPP OnCourse Score Verification.

These applications support real-time entry of hole-by-hole scores via mobile devices for association-level tournaments.  Real-time entry of scores means that leaderboard viewing sites like TPP Online Scoring and the TPP Clubhouse Viewer can display leaderboards that show the current status of a tournament while it is in progress.

TPP OnCourse Scoring supports entry of scores via walking scorers, green side scorers, and scoring stations.  TPP OnCourse Score Verification verifies scores entered via TPP OnCourse Scoring to make scores official (e.g., after a player signs his/her scorecard).

Both applications are available both as browser-based applications and as Android apps, with iOS apps to follow.

Before you can use the TPP OnCourse applications you will need to set up one or more OnCourse User accounts in TPP Online Admin.  You do this by going to “Other” at the rightmost side of the TPP Online Admin menu bar, highlighting “OnCourse”, and then selecting “OnCourse Users”.  Add at least one OnCourse User.  This will allow you to log in to the TPP OnCourse apps.

After you have created an OnCourse User account, you can start TPP OnCourse Scoring via a browser by entering the URL:{your_TPP}/oncoursescoring

where you replace {your_TPP} by the name of your TPP Online instance.  For example, to launch the GHIN version of TPP OnCourse Scoring enter:

You can start TPP OnCourse Score Verification via a browser by entering the URL:{your_TPP}/oncourseverify

where again you replace {your_TPP} by the name of your TPP Online instance.

Log in to either application using the OnCourse User account credentials you added via TPP Online Admin.

If you want to use the Android app version of TPP OnCourse, please note that we distribute the Android app via  We will need to give you permission to use our OnCourse release folder on so you can download the Android app.  To get the app please send an email to  We’ll send you complete instructions on how to use to download and install the app.

For those of you interested in more information about TPP OnCourse, please be on the lookout for a GHIN Blog post announcing a webinar later this spring.

Club versions of the TPP OnCourse apps will be available shortly after TPP Online for Clubs is released.

We hope you enjoy TPP OnCourse Scoring and TPP OnCourse Score Verification!

Association Logos within GHIN Products and Services

From time to time, GHIN receives updated logos from our golf associations to be propagated across all of our products and services.  We understand the importance of these images, as it is how each association presents a consistent brand to their membership and other constituencies they serve.  To date, our staff has endeavored to accommodate these requests upon receipt, but in recent years, as our product lines have expanded; this process has become quite involved.  There are currently eight versions of each association logo being used in 18 different locations.  For the GHP and TPP client software packages, a software update is required to “push” the new logos out to computers in the field.  With the new GHP Online Golfer (Kiosk) and with TPP Online Club launching in the not too distant future, this process will only become bigger, before it gets easier.

In order to ensure that each association is represented well within GHIN products, we are asking that you review your association’s logo throughout our platforms.  If there is an update needed please bring it to our attention.

The items that should be reviewed are as follows:

  • GHIN Handicap Program Client Software
    • Check the Management application
    • Check the kiosk screen to insure it works for resolutions 800×600 and up.
    • Check the default screen saver(s)
  • TPP Client Software – Check that is works for resolutions 800×600 and up.
  • GHP Online (Association and Club levels)
    • Login in screen for association, left of the association name.
    • Web Reports – Run a club roster and use the option to Include Logo.  It should appear in the top left corner of the report page.
    • Login as a club and check the right side of the banner/menu bar.
  • TPP Online banners
    • Administration Menu
    • Golfer Menu
    • Scoring Menu
    • Points Menu
  • eNewsletter (eRevision)
    • Logo in upper right of “eRevision” version of eNewsletter template
    • Handicap Card Image
  • eGolfer Login as a golfer and look in the myGame tab
  • eClubhouse –login as any user (admin or golfer) and check the upper right
  • GHIN Mobile App
    • Home and Background Images
    • Landing Page or QR codes

Please review the images and make sure they are your current logo and that it looks good within each product or service.  If there is any “fuzziness” or a “halo” (a color around the edge not intended to be part of the logo), please let us know and we will attempt to improve it.

If you have not done so recently, we are also asking that each association send your most current logo in the highest quality/resolution possible to us at — including information on any inconsistencies or places it needs to be updated.  If you do not have a current high resolution, full color logo, we would like to take the opportunity to strongly encourage you to have one made soon.  If you need assistance on how to proceed, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

We are going to perform our next software update to accommodate new associations and logo revisions early next month, so please let us know if your logo needs to be updated by September 28, 2012.

Thank you for your assistance!


TPP Online Update – 2/3/2010

A new version of TPP Online was put into production late yesterday afternoon. Please see below the program corrections that were addressed in this release. Read the rest of this entry »